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Chapter 148: The Battle of a Thousand Years!

Since ancient times, in the land of the nine provinces, an incomparably resplendent martial arts culture was born.

It also gave birth to countless martial arts experts who were as stunning as the river of time and as immortal-like.

They were all the glory of the nine provinces.

Even after a thousand years, they were still the most brilliant stroke in the history and civilization of the nine provinces.

Today, the legend was still going on.

The number one on the World Dragon List, Azure Dragon Sword Emperor!

The number one on the World Phoenix list, Vermilion Bird Fire Saber!

The sword saint Lu Qingshan in front of them was the glory of the nine provinces.

It was because of them that the nine provinces were able to successfully resist so many beast calamities in the past 200 years, and they were also able to resist the top martial arts experts of the barbarians.

If not, the dazzling martial civilization of the nine provinces would have long been snatched away by those greedy scoundrels.

Now, he was able to witness the honorable appearance of an expert like Lu Qingshan with his own eyes.

He truly had no regrets in this life.

“Senior Sword Saint, those star beasts of the divine sect have only just escaped and have yet to harm the innocent.

The nine provinces wish for you to head over as soon as possible to prevent them from harming the innocent.”

Lu Qingshan nodded.

“I understand.

Go back and report to me.

Leave the star beasts to me.”

As he spoke, Lu Qingshans incarnation turned into a ray of sword light and disappeared into the clouds.

His original body disappeared again.

Just like how he came quietly, he also left quietly without a trace of wind or clouds.

Lu Qingshans disciple, Xuner, also turned around and left the way of the sword.

The envoy could not help but sigh.

‘Is this senior sword saints strength Its too strong! Im a Xiantian second-grade grandmaster, and I can be considered a person with some achievements.

‘Facing a sword saint, Im afraid Im not even as good as an ant.

Soon, he laughed happily again.

The sword saint is of the nine provinces, he is also of the nine provinces, is that not also a great honor

If he was from another state, he would be crying.

On the other side, Ye Xiao finished his meal in the city and walked toward his home in the suburbs.

He did not look very happy.

Since he had eaten the flesh of the star beast, he now ate these ordinary meals, often without much taste.

Especially the meat of the divine-level star beasts.

Whether it was King El, Norfis, or even the Black Tortoise saint emissary or the Black-scaled Snake, they were all many times better than these ordinary dishes.

The meat of the divine-level star beasts was fresh and tender.

When one took a bite, not only did it have the tendons, softness, and delicacy of fresh meat… At the same time, they also had extremely powerful blood essence and spiritual energy.

After that bite, the spiritual energy exploded in their mouths.

The satisfaction brought by the rich spiritual energy, as well as the refreshing feeling that washed their bodies, was incomparable to any dish.

That was probably the reason why martial artists no longer liked to eat after their cultivation reached the divine grandmaster rank, right

Eating ordinary food was already unable to satisfy the needs of the Xiantian realm, so they might as well not eat it.

That also made Ye Xiao even more determined to capture more grandmaster-level star beasts to eat in the future.

Not only could it satisfy his appetite, but it could also eliminate the harm to the human race.

Speaking of which, he had always wanted to understand a problem.

Why did the Xiantian realm not eat and the star beast did not degenerate and disappear

According to the theory of normal biological evolution, if a person did not eat, then the intestinal digestive system should be useless, right

Later on, Ye Xiao thought of a reasonable explanation, and that was, the high martial world itself was unreasonable, so it was understandable that there would occasionally be a little unreasonable.

Just as he was thinking about that question, he suddenly stopped and raised his head to look at the rooftop in the distance.

There was a murderous intent hidden there.

Although it was well hidden, it could not hide from his perception.

He activated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and instantly found out about her appearance.

Her figure was enchanting and she was wearing a feather coat.

If it was not Ji Feng, who else could it be

When he raised his head, the other party had obviously noticed him.

The wisp of Norfis spiritual energy hidden under her feather coat immediately exclaimed,

“Its him! Its him! Its him!”

A cold glint flashed across Ji Fengs eyes.

“So its this human.

Senior Norfis, please wait here.

This junior will go and destroy him now.”

Norfis spiritual energy hurriedly said,

“Dont, stop! Dont act recklessly.

We only need to know that hes in Jianghai city.

We should avoid the sharp edge for now and plan ahead.

“What if you cant beat Him The star beast clans plan will be ruined.”

Ji Feng smiled.

“Senior, dont worry too much.

Its understandable that you dont know my strength.

Although I, Ji Feng, only have a divine sect level, I have never been afraid of anyone in a one-on-one battle!

“Not to mention that the other party is only a human.

Even if hes a divine grandmaster, its impossible for him to beat me.

“Furthermore, even if I really cant kill him, its not difficult for me to escape with my life.

“Senior, just wait and see.”

Norfis wanted to say something, but Ji Feng had already jumped down from the roof.

That made Norfis speechless.

Ji Feng was probably overconfident.

Are all the young star beasts nowadays so arrogant


It was a pity now.

It was not easy for someone to come and save him, but now, he was going to send it out again.

The next time he wanted to wait for a powerful divine grandmaster-level star beast to come over, he did not know how long he would have to wait.

He only hoped that Ye Xiao would not vent his anger on him.

However, thinking about it, it should not be to that extent.

After all, that strand of the spiritual sense of his was well hidden.

As long as Ji Feng did not expose him, he would not have much of a problem.

“To actually be able to discover my location.

As expected of Senior Norfis, the person who made me wary.”


Ye Xiao looked at the other party, and a hint of understanding appeared in his eyes.

“I thought it was a caterpillar that jumped over from somewhere.

I didnt expect it to be an octopuss subordinate.”

That made Ye Xiao somewhat displeased.

That Norfis was a little dishonest.

He had already been sealed underground by Ye Xiao, yet he still dared to do these little tricks.

He was simply courting death.

It looked like it was necessary for him to go and talk to Norfis, then conveniently cut him to get some octopus meat.

Ye Xiao was still not satisfied with the octopus takoyaki and octopus barbecue from before.

“You actually dare to call Senior Norfis true form.

Human, youre courting death.”

A fierce look flashed across Ji Fengs eyes.

There was an unwritten rule among star beasts, which was to prohibit others from casually discussing their true forms.

It was just like how humans did not like others to say that they were ugly or beautiful.

That was an extremely disrespectful matter.

Ye Xiao directly called her respected senior, Norfis an octopus in front of her.

That was no different from calling her idol dog two in front of a human girl.

However, just as she finished speaking, Ye Xiaos thoughts also shifted from Norfis to her.

“Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster, your meat should also be pretty good.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Xiao raised his hand and struck out with his palm.

That seemingly gentle palm was instantly magnified in Ji Fengs eyes after it was struck out.

At the same time, it was accompanied by tremendous pressure that even Ji Feng was unable to resist.

In an instant, it made Ji Feng feel as if she had turned into an insignificant ant at that moment.

She was so insignificant.

“Not good!”

At that moment, she suddenly understood why Senior Norfis had told her not to be so reckless.

How could that fellow be an ordinary human divine grandmaster

With his cultivation, even if Senior Norfis clone came personally, he would not be able to defeat him, right

‘Senior Norfis, why didnt you tell me earlier Why

Ji Fengs final thought was filled with endless hatred.

She hated her own stupidity and hated Norfis even more for being such a scammer!

Unfortunately, that thought did not even last for a second, because at the next moment, Ye Xiaos Tathagata Divine Palm had already mercilessly imprinted itself on her body.


A palm print that was even bigger than a large truck smashed the thick cement ground ten feet deep!

Dust and smoke surged, and broken rocks flew in all directions.

Ji Fengs body had already revealed its true form.

It was a hen that was more than three feet tall.

Beside her, there was also a broken eggshell.

It was probably scared out of its shell a second before it died.

“Its actually an old hen.

Im pretty lucky today.

I was just about to drink some soup.”

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly.

He directly used his storage ring and stored Ji Feng into it.

Then, he used the Divine Intent technique and instantly disappeared from the spot.

When the surrounding residents heard that scene, they quickly poked their heads out of the windows.

“What happened What Happened”

“My God, who was the one who left such a huge palm print on the street”

“Isnt this a little too terrifying This technique definitely surpasses that of a grandmaster.”

“Grandmaster You think too highly of grandmasters.

This palm strike should have at least the lethality of a great grandmaster!”

On the roof, Norfis spiritual power could not help but tremble violently.

‘D*mn it, this kid actually has such a terrifying palm technique

‘Its definitely an imperial technique!

‘This kid was clearly only at Xiantian seventh grade, but he could instantly kill people of the same level.

Could it be that he could skip a level in battle

‘Fortunately, he didnt discover me.

Otherwise, this spiritual sense of the original body would have been completely destroyed.

‘Now, it seems that his strength is much, much stronger than my original bodys split-body.

‘No, my original body cant just randomly release a seal like this.

I should still cultivate more.

‘Ive decided.

Ill cultivate for 1,000 years first!

‘After 1,000 years, Ill break the seal and reunite with my original body.

It wont be too late.

At that moment, he sensed a few auras rushing over.

He immediately turned around and left without stopping for long.

In reality, Ye Xiao had naturally discovered him long ago.

With a sweep of the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, who could avoid Ye Xiaos scan at such a close distance

However, Norfis had colluded with Ji Feng, and Ye Xiao was already prepared to settle the score with him in private.

After all, he had to drink the old hen soup first today!


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