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Chapter 146: Synthesis, New Imperial Technique! Tathagata Divine Palm!

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That caused Ye Xiao to turn his head and look at Yang Xi.

What was she doing


She actually folded her arms and was practicing her punches by the window!

Although her arms were not thick, her muscles were especially toned!

Was that really a womans arm

Why did it feel so much stronger than Ning Yuhens


Compared to Ning Yuhen, she was practically a man among men!

“Arent you supposed to be taking inventory Why are you practicing”

Ye Xiao could not help but ask.

Yang Xi stopped what she was doing and immediately replied,


“I got used to it when I was in the military camp.

Before I do anything, Ill practice my punches first.

Is that not allowed Then I wont do it.”

“Its fine.

As long as you dont make any noise, its fine.”

“Thank you, Supervisor.”

At that moment, Ye Xiao felt that the people around him were really weirder and weirder.

From the beginning, Gu Hai was not serious.

Gu Hai went to Red Romance all day and was swept by the garrison team!


Ning Yuhen was a feminine beastman!

Now, there was Yang Xi.

She looked okay, but her personality was somewhat manly.

‘Well, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Could it be that… Im also a weirdo

No way…

No way!

‘My worldview is so mature, my talent is so strong, and Im so handsome.

How could I be a weirdo

Ye Xiao shook his head.

There were too many weirdos around him, it made him a little nervous, and he began to doubt himself.



It was better to read the book first.

After reading the last palm technique, he handed it over to the Golden Book divine soul to cultivate on his own.

Then, Ye Xiao could go and look at other cultivation techniques.

The Golden Book divine soul very quickly cultivated the last palm technique to perfection.

That way, all of Ye Xiaos palm techniques would become a pure golden color.

They could be synthesized anytime, anywhere.

However, he had to wait until he got off work, because if he synthesized them now, they would release golden light.

When he got off work in the afternoon, Ye Xiao could leave first.

The job of mopping the floor would naturally be taken care of by Yang Xi.

Ye Xiao went straight home to start synthesizing.

The Golden Book was overflowing with light, condensing all of the basic palm techniques.








Those words were so familiar.

They were the Buddhist six-word mantra.

Ye Xiao remembered that when he watched the TV series in his previous life, those were the words that Tathagata was muttering on the top of the Five Elements Mountain!

In the next second, the six big words directly combined to form a huge golden Buddhist palm technique.

Tathagata Divine Palm!

“Its actually the Tathagata Divine Palm!”

Ye Xiao could not help but exclaim.

Previously, Fa Zheng had said that the Tathagata Divine Palm was the most masculine and yang-like Buddhist technique with the strongest lethality.

At that time, he was not talking about palm techniques, but cultivation techniques.

In other words, the power of the Tathagata Divine Palm was not only in the palm technique world, but in the entire martial arts world!

Moreover, Fa Zheng had also said that the Tathagata Divine Palm had been lost for many years.

He did not expect that it was actually synthesized by his own Golden Book divine soul.

He was really lucky that time.

He did not know if it was brought by Yang Xi.

If it was, she would really be a Koi!

Ye Xiao immediately had the Golden Book divine soul start cultivating the Tathagata Divine Palm.

Such a powerful technique was something that Ye Xiao could not wait to display and see its power.

However, looking at the progress, it did not seem to be too fast.

He estimated that he would only be able to completely cultivate it by tomorrow.

Ye Xiao was not in a hurry either.

He would take it slow.

He would sleep first.

The night gradually darkened.

Jianghai city fell into silence.

The people had basically already started to fall asleep.

At that moment, a yellowish-brown light quietly flew to the top floor of the library.

It was an extremely fat old hen.

After she arrived, she first glanced around and saw that there was no one on the street.

She immediately spread her wings and glided down to the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal.

Then, she transformed back into her human form.

It was Ji Feng!

‘It should be here.

After she transformed into her human form, she immediately lay on the ground and used her spiritual energy to communicate with Norfis below the ground.

“Senior Norfis.

Are you down there”

In the darkness, Norfiss clone, who was cultivating, suddenly paused after sensing that spiritual energy.

Then, he asked in puzzlement,

“Who are you”

“Senior, I Am Ji Feng of the Phoenix Earth Chicken clan.

I heard that you were here, so I came to help you.

I will save you and lead our star beast clan to restore our glory and destroy the humans!”

“I see.”

“Senior, this junior will shatter the array formation and let you out.”

“Shatter the array formation Wait a moment!”

Norfis hurriedly shouted for a halt.

What a joke! That was an Imperial Array!

He could sense that Ji Fengs cultivation level was only at the Xiantian seventh grade divine grandmaster rank.

With tats cultivation level, it was absolutely impossible for her to shatter the array formation in one go.

However, if she could not break the array in one go, she might attract that human monster.

Not only was that guys cultivation strong, but he was also a vicious and merciless guy.

He had not even blinked when he cut him down.

If he came over and saw that someone was saving him, he would be angry.

If he broke the seal and cut him down, his clone die without a burial place.

That was absolutely impossible!

He wanted to keep that clone and wait for it to be used to save his main body, which was imprisoned in the 72 Demon Caves of Shaolin.

The risk was too great.

“Senior Norfis, why dont you let me save you Dont you want to come out”

Norfis was silent for a moment.

After thinking for a moment, he immediately said,

“I will explain the situation to you.

In this city, there is a divine grandmaster of the human race.

This venerable self is worried that you wont be able to break the array and will instead lure him over.

“You know, if I was outside, dealing with him would be a piece of cake.

I could easily kill him.

“But you cant.

Your cultivation isnt high enough.

“Im worried that while youre breaking the seal, you might lure him over and ambush you.

You might die, and I wont be able to go out and save you.

“So, we cant alert him yet.”

“Oh So thats how it is.

Then what should this junior do”

“How about this, you go find him first and see if he is in this city.

“If he is in this city, dont be in a hurry to make a move.

If he isnt in this city, it wont be too late for you to make a move.”

“As expected of Senior Norfis.

You are indeed formidable.

Even under the seal, you have already thought of a countermeasure beforehand.

If we can save you, we will definitely be able to lead our star beast race to glory.”

Norfis laughed dryly.

He actually only wanted Ji Feng to test it out first.

Whether or not he could break the seal was secondary.

The most important thing was that he must not provoke Ye Xiao.

If that happened, he would really be finished.

“Senior Norfis, this junior will go and look for him now.

However, what does he look like Senior, can you explain to this junior”

“Ive only seen him once by chance.

Hes a young human martial arts expert.

He used a powerful sword technique that Ive never seen before, and he can even set up an imperial array.

“I dont know who he is.

The only thing I remember is that hes very handsome.

He was wearing a black jacket and long pants, but Im not sure about the rest.”

Ji Feng was instantly stunned.

“Senior, you are too vague.

There are many handsome human males.

How can I find him”

“He is different.

He can be considered a very rare high-quality male.

“But you are right.

It is not easy to find him just by looking at his appearance.”.

“How about this I will place a strand of my spiritual sense on you.

If I see him, I will alert you.

“This way, itll be easier for you to find him.”

Ji Feng was overjoyed.

“Senior is indeed worthy of being a senior.

Your courage surpasses others and your plan is well-executed.

This junior admires you.”

Very soon, Norfis forced out a strand of his divine thought from below.

It was only a strand and did not have any lethality.

Only in that way could it be separated.

Ye Xiaos array was really too strong.

With just a little bit of a powerful energy medium, it was impossible to escape.

After obtaining Norfis divine sense, Ji Feng immediately bade farewell.

“Senior, this junior will go look for that fellow now.

Please wait a moment.”

“Yes, go.”

Ji Feng immediately transformed back into her star beast form.

With a flap of her wings, her body immediately soared into the air and transformed into a stream of light that swiftly circled the entire Jianghai city.

Her sharp gaze scanned the entire Jianghai city, but she still could not find Ye Xiao.

Originally, it was very difficult to find someone above the grandmaster rank who could conceal their aura.

Only existences whose strength far exceeded the grandmaster rank could find them.

Ye Xiaos cultivation had already reached the divine grandmaster rank.

In addition, he cultivated a spiritual cultivation technique.

Unless he himself willed it, no one else would be able to find him.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, it was already morning the next day.

After Ye Xiao woke up, the first thing he did was to take a look at his Golden Book divine soul.

Not bad.

The Tathagata Divine Palm had already been cultivated to completion.

Feeling the extremely overbearing and strong lethality contained within the Tathagata Divine Palm, Ye Xiao felt rather excited in his heart, and he felt incomparably at ease.

In the future, he would have another powerful move that could save his life.

At the same time, he checked his cultivation.

His cultivation of Xiantian seventh grade was already halfway to Xiantian eighth grade.

In other words, it would not be long before his cultivation would advance again and reach Xiantian eighth grade.

Based on that situation, it was estimated that he would not need a years time to advance to Xiantian ninth grade, the peak of the divine grandmaster rank.

There were still four years before the next beast calamity.

In other words, once he reached the peak of the divine sect, he could still continue to live in the library for three more years.

Three years was enough.

Although he did not know how much cultivation was needed to advance to the king rank, Ye Xiao believed that even if he could not advance, with three years of accumulation and so many imperial techniques, it was enough to save his life when the next beast calamity came.


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