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Chapter 145: The Final Basic Palm Technique

“Hiss! Senior Norfis! The magnificent martial arts expert!”

The other star beasts could not help but suck in a breath of cold air at the same time.

Joy appeared in their eyes.

“Not bad!”

The female star beast who spoke, dressed in a chicken fur coat, smiled and nodded.

“Senior Norfis has been famous for a long time.

A thousand years ago, he had already stepped into the domain of the divine sect.

Later on, he reached the peak of the divine sect and was only a step away from advancing.

“If we can save his split body first, we will have a way to save his main body.

“At that time, with the help of a peak divine sect martial arts expert, our chances of success will be much higher.”

The star beasts lips curled up, and excited smiles began to appear on their faces.

“Foolish humans actually moved a powerful divine grandmaster like Norfis to a small place to be sealed.

They really dont know whats good for them.”.

“Could it be that they think that Senior Norfis is a trash like King El”

“Enough, stop wasting time.

Quickly recover your strength.

Ill personally make a trip to Jianghai city to save Senior Norfis.”

“Since thats the case, Ill have to trouble Ji Feng.”

Under the starlight, a yellowish-brown light quickly flew in the direction of Jianghai city.

A night quickly passed.

In the blink of an eye, it was daybreak.

Ye Xiao woke up in the morning.

The quilt was still the same as before.

The slope was too high, and it was getting stronger and stronger, gradually becoming higher and higher.

Previously, when Ye Xiao was training, he did not actually increase its height.

He only increased its rigidity.

After that, he ate the Black-scaled Snake, Black Tortoise saint emissary, King El… The altitude became higher and higher.

Could it be that eating those star beasts would bring about changes to his body

However, after thinking about it carefully, it seemed to be the same.

The blood essence of star beasts was on average higher than that of humans.

The blood essence of humans was the weakest.

After eating a powerful star beast, Ye Xiaos own blood essence would continue to increase.

Therefore, the quality of his body in all aspects would be much better than before.

That could also be considered a good thing.

That was because as the blood essence in his body increased, Ye Xiao would become stronger on the path of cultivation.

Blood essence was also very helpful for absorbing the heaven and earth spiritual energy and for the quality of his body during battle.

After Ye Xiao woke up, he measured his height again and felt that he had grown another 0.8 inches taller.

That made Ye Xiao slightly worried.

Could it be that his height would also continue to grow taller

At that time, would he become a giant

If that was the case, it would be bad.

If he became a giant, Ye Xiaos heart was very conflicted.

He was a normal person and only liked the proportions of a normal persons body.

However, it should be alright.

There were many people who ate star beasts.

He had never heard of anyone who had a mutation because they ate the meat of star beasts.

On the other hand, if he were to directly eat the star core, there would be some changes to his body.

However, he did not eat the star core.

Ye Xiao measured it slightly.

The meat of Norfis from last night had provided him with about one percent of the increase in his cultivation.

After all, it was only a part of Norfis, not the whole thing.

In fact, to say that it was complete, it was only a small corner of a part.

To be able to increase his cultivation was already pretty good.

From the looks of it, star beasts were really treasures to humans.

Star cores could be used to refine pills, and they could also be used to extract cultivation techniques.

Star beast meat could also be eaten, and consuming it could also increase ones cultivation a little, although it was not much.

The star beasts fur, scales, horns, bones… Could all be used to refine artifacts.

In the future, after his strength reached a peak of the Xiantian realm, he would definitely consider going to the starry sky battlefield.

When Ye Xiao arrived downstairs and was preparing to go to work, he could not help but be slightly stunned.

On the sofa, there was a 47 cat-eared girl lying down.

It was Huan Liuli!

She had grown a lot taller!

Most importantly, her cultivation had advanced!

Xiantian fourth grade, great grandmaster rank.

After reacting, the corners of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

Not bad, as expected of a dragon-class bloodline.

After eating so much high-grade star beast meat, she had grown very quickly.

Based on the current rate of progress, it was estimated that Huan Liuli would not be long before she could grow into a divine grandmaster.

At that time, including Ye Xiao, there would be two divine grandmaster martial arts experts.

Should he remove the seal on Norfis Dig It out and eat it whole

In that case, be it him or Huan Liuli, their cultivation should increase a little more.

However, after thinking about it, Ye Xiao still rejected that idea.

Norfis was used to raise the spiritual energy of the entire Jianghai city.

If he were to dig him out, everyone in Jianghai city would not be able to receive the spiritual energy because of it.

That would be a little too much.

However, there was no need to be too anxious.

Well, that was what the news station said.

That time, the seven stars were aligned, causing several divine-level star beasts to escape.

If they could capture and eat all the divine-level star beasts, they would also be able to increase their spiritual energy.

“Oh! Master, why are you looking at me”

Huan Liuli got up from the sofa in a daze and started stretching.

She took a deep breath and the buttons on her clothes were sent flying because she had outgrown them.

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh.

That little kitten has really grown up!

Following that, he took out some money from his pocket.

“Im going to work.

In addition, you should go buy some new clothes.

This outfit is too small and doesnt fit.”

Huan Liuli looked at the few red notes that Ye Xiao handed over and did not reach out to receive them at all.

“What clothes can you buy with a few hundred dollars Its not even enough to buy a pair of stockings.

Keep the flowers for yourself.

Ill let my online friend buy my clothes for me.”

Ye Xiaos expression was a little displeased.

“Dont always let online strangers buy clothes for you.

You dont know anyone and you dont date anyone.

Its not easy for others to earn money either.

Its all hard work.

What youre doing is very immoral.”

What was the difference between that and fishing

Ye Xiao hated that kind of woman very much.

Naturally, he did not want Huan Liuli to do such a thing either.

He was someone who had experienced the edification and education of socialism.

His worldview still had to conform to the correct values.

It could not be said that because he had come to that world and cultivated for a little more than a year, he had become a divine sect martial arts expert.

He became a bully who bullied the weak and arbitrarily bullied ordinary people.

What was the difference between him and a devil who opposed humanity

Of course, there was another point.

Huan Liuli was not smart.

He was seriously worried that Huan Liuli would be deceived.

Huan Liuli shrugged her shoulders.

“Dont worry.

Although I dont have money, the sale of my products is still guaranteed.

I only chat with those rich second-generation children.

I definitely wont scam those ordinary people.

I only scam the rich.”

“The money of rich people is also earned by others through hard work.

You cant scam them either.”

“Then Ill go steal it.”

Ye Xiao silently placed his hand on his belt buckle.

After feeling a strong killing intent, Huan Liuli was so frightened that she trembled.

She immediately put away her careless appearance and took the money.

“Master, dont be angry.

Ill go to the roadside stall to buy a few clothes later.”

Only then did Ye Xiao schooled his expression and left to work at the library.

When he arrived at the library, there was another batch of new people today.

They had completed their training and could start working.

Ouyang Yunzhong arranged for one for Ye Xiaos side.

She was also about to retire, so she took advantage of the fact that she was still in the position to arrange for one of Ye Xiaos subordinates to be in her own area so that she could have someone to use.

At the very least, there was no need for Ye Xiao to do the dirty work like cleaning.

Ye Xiao came to the fourth floor.

After he arrived at his area, a woman in her twenties immediately came in front of him and stood up straight.

She had an oval face, short hair, and was about 55.

She looked very capable and stood up straight.

Her aura was not low either, and she was on par with Qin Yuyan.

“Nice to meet you, Supervisor.”

Ye Xiao nodded and glanced at the other party.

He was slightly surprised.

Houtian sixth grade, almost reaching Houtian seventh grade.

That fellow was quite capable.

Moreover, there was a faint killing intent coming from her body.

She had killed many star beasts.

Could it be that she had retired from the starry battlefield

Not entirely.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel that there was a bloodthirsty aura in her body that did not have much rationality.

It was a little like a tiger demon, but it was not a tiger demon.

That feeling… She had eaten a star core before!

A star core could not be swallowed directly.

A star core was different from the flesh of a star beast.

A star core was the essence of a star beast.

At the same time, it also contained the violent and bloodthirsty feeling of a star beast!

Once a human ate it, even a purebred human would gradually turn into a beastman until it was completely devoured by the bloodthirsty star beast.

Finally, it would completely turn into a star beast that had lost its rationality.

It seemed that the person in front of him had quite a story to tell.

“Whats your name”

“Replying to the supervisor, my name is Yang Xi.

Im a retired soldier.”

To be expected, his guess was right.

“There isnt much work in the library.

You just have to clean the floor once every night.

Before you get off work, check if the books have been returned and if they are damaged.

Also, you have to register the information about the books that have been lent out.

The rest of the time, you can freely use them.

“Of course, this freedom is within the boundaries of our vicinity.

Dont leave our vicinity for long periods of time during office hours.”

“Yes! Thank you for your explanation, Supervisor.”

“Well, theres nothing else.

Youve just arrived.

Go take stock of the books first and familiarize yourself with them.”


Yang Xi went to take stock of the books.

Her style was very capable.

Which was to be expected of a retired soldier who had been to the starry battlefield.

That kind of capable style was not something that ordinary people could do.

Ye Xiao did not pay too much attention to her.

He could not even be bothered to look at women.

His current interests were only reading, eating, sleeping, and fighting star beasts.

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that he had just arrived today.

He had just read the first book when he found the last basic palm technique.


Feeling the Golden Books excitement, including the cultivation technique, Ye Xiao could not help but be a little stunned.

Was it Yang Xi, or was it a koi with good luck


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