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Chapter 144: Senior Saber-sword Immortal, Just How Strong Are You

By the time Ye Xiao finished his work, the sun had already set.

Although using his strength and the divine sects powerful magnetic field effect would cause the camera to be unable to operate, if he worked too quickly, he would also attract the attention of others.

After tidying up his things, Ye Xiao kept quite a number of books in his storage ring.

He would continue reading them at night when he returned home.

He would return them early the next morning.

Ever since he had the storage ring, Ye Xiao realized that it was indeed much more convenient for him.

After leaving the librarys entrance, Ye Xiao was just about to return home when suddenly, a shocking bloodthirsty aura erupted from under the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal at the librarys entrance.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He saw a tentacle that was as large as a black-scaled snake quickly drill out from the ground under the statue.

“Hahahaha… The main body has finally come out.

The main body has come out!

“Shaolin, just wait to suffer the fury of the main body!

“The suppression of more than300 years, the main body will use the blood of all of Shaolins disciples to pay for it.

“And this Jianghai city, the main body will make the blood of Jianghai city flow like a river.

I will make all of the humans in Jianghai city become nourishment for the main body to recover its strength!”

Just as he finished speaking, the tentacle sensed Ye Xiao.

“Snacks are delivered to my doorstep.

It just so happens that this venerable self hasnt eaten human flesh for more than 300 years.

Ill use you as an appetizer!”

The huge tentacle ruthlessly lashed towards Ye Xiao.

The suckers on the tentacle seemed to be opening their mouths wide, wanting to suck Ye Xiao dry.

However, just as the tentacle landed, before it reached Ye Xiaos side, a shocking sword ray shot towards the sky like an ultra-high-pressure laser cannon.

In an instant, the tentacle was cut off.


What was going on

A human youth who looked very young had cut off his tentacle in one move

Although he was only a split body in Jianghai city and was not a complete body, he had the cultivation of a divine grandmaster.

Divine grandmaster!

Not just a grandmaster!

That powerful cultivation was enough to make humans tremble in fear in any place.

In the end, it was directly cut off by the other partys sword ray

The other party was also a martial arts expert above a divine grandmaster rank

Before he could react, Ye Xiao suddenly stretched out his large hand.

Spiritual energy quickly formed an Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array in the air and directly imprinted itself on the spirit-gathering array.


In an instant, a large portion of Norfis body was once again suppressed.

The entire ground, apart from a long octopus tentacle and a large hole, was completely still, it was as if nothing had happened.


He was still in a dumbfounded state.

He had been sealed again

Moreover, the aura of that array was so strong, and it was an imperial array

He had been severely injured by an extremely young human divine grandmaster with a sword, and then he had been sealed by an imperial array!

“Holy sh*t!”

“Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!”

He had encountered a super abnormal and heaven-defying human martial artist!

It was over, it was over, it was over.

That time, it was really over.

He had originally thought that the clone would have a chance to escape from a small place like Jianghai city.

In the end, he had met an even more terrifying existence.

He would not be able to escape for the rest of his life unless his main body in Shaolin escaped and came over to save him.


His main body could not come over, and he definitely could not come over.

That fellow was so powerful, so monstrous, and so terrifying.

If his main body came over and was beaten to death, he would be unable to even cry.

It seemed like he could only think of a way to save himself.

Even though that person was formidable, there was no guarantee that he would stay there at all times.

He would first secretly raise his cultivation.

Then, when his strength was sufficient, he would think of a way to break through that array and reunite with his main body.

He had decided to cultivate it for 500 years first!

After 500 years, he would break through that array and reunite with his main body!

After sealing Norfis, Ye Xiao immediately stored his tentacle into his storage ring with joy.

He did not expect such a good thing to happen after work tonight.

He had obtained the octopus tentacles that he had been dreaming of.

Looking at the amount, it was definitely enough to make a lot of delicacies.

Octopus braised pork, octopus meatballs, iron plate octopus… Adding a little onion, it would be awesome.

At that moment, a few auras quickly flew over from afar.

Ye Xiaos mind moved slightly, and he directly used the Divine Intent technique to leave that place.

Very soon, the two great grandmasters Fa Zheng, Du Changfeng, and a few other grandmasters quickly arrived here.

“What happened just now What happened here Why does that sword strike look like the senior Saber-sword Immortals”

Fa Zheng landed on the ground and looked at the huge dent on the ground.

His expression was extremely grave.

However, after he inspected it, his entire person could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Master Fa Zheng, whats going on”

Du Changfeng was a little anxious.

Fa Zheng said with a solemn expression,

“Just now, the sealing formation in the spirit-gathering array was broken.”

Du Changfengs pupils constricted.

“Could it be that Norfis escaped”

Fa Zheng shook his head.

“He didnt escape because now, another imperial-level star beast-sealing array has been added to the spirit-gathering array!”

“What did you say”

When everyone heard that, they could not help but feel their hair stand on end.

Imperial-level star beast-sealing array

Heavens, that was way too crazy!

What kind of powerful array master was he to be able to do such a thing

Fa Zheng spoke again,

“If my guess is correct, the situation should be like this.

“Norfis almost escaped from the underground, but Senior Saber-sword Immortal discovered him and severely injured him.

He also used the imperial array to seal him again.”

Everyone fell silent, and the air fell into a dead silence.

Everyone looked at the statue of Saber-sword Immortal with shock and respect.

How powerful was the Saber-sword Immortal

He had a powerful cultivation base at the level of a divine grandmaster, and he had mastered both saber and sword martial arts, as well as the healing technique at the level of an imperial technique.

In addition to that, he had mastered an imperial array!

No one knew what words to use to describe him.

At that moment, he was gradually deified in everyones eyes.

Fa Zheng also raised his head and stared at the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal.

He was very curious about the Saber-sword Immortal whom he had never met before.

It was said that the sword saint from the Han state and the saber art expert from the divine sect from Ying state were going to challenge the Saber-sword Immortal.

Previously, it was because the seven stars were aligned, so they had to defend their own country.

Now that the seven stars were no longer aligned, they had already calmed down.

They should be coming soon, right

Would Senior Saber-sword Immortal come out to fight them

‘I really hope that I can see an incomparably spectacular battle.

On Ye Xiaos side, after returning home, he immediately took out Norfis tentacles and quickly filled the entire courtyard.

Some places in the storage ring had already been squeezed to the point of deforming due to space problems.

Ye Xiao felt that he still had to buy some obsidian.

He had to properly expand the space in the storage ring.

Otherwise, it would not be enough.

Those powerful star beasts were too huge.

Any random tentacle could fill up the entire storage space.

What if he met the whole thing

He could only watch anxiously.

When Huan Liuli in the room smelled that scent, she immediately rushed out of the room like she had gone mad.

A cats nature could not resist the smell of fish.

There was an old saying that there was no cat in that world that did not enjoy seafood.

If it did not enjoy seafood, then it would not be called a cat.

“Wow! What a big octopus! Im going to get lucky again tonight!”

Ye Xiao threw a stack of red notes to Huan Liuli.

“Ill take care of this tentacle.

Go get some oil and onions.

Remember to pay.”

“Dont worry, Ill be back soon.”

Huan Liuli took the money and ran out quickly, rushing toward the nearby supermarket.

Ye Xiao began to take care of the tentacle.

First, remove the suction cups from the tentacle.

There were sharp teeth inside, so it was not edible.

After taking care of it, only the fresh meat of Norfis was left.

The meat was very tenacious and chewy.

After being cooked, it was very fragrant.

When it was chewed in the mouth, the oil immediately exploded.

It was simply irresistible.

There was also the delicious taste that was unique to fish.

At the same time, in a hidden forest in a corner of Chu province, a few rays of light quietly arrived and lit up a small patch of forest.

The colors of each ray of light were different, but their auras were extremely terrifying.

They were actually not weaker than divine grandmaster rank martial arts experts.

When the rays of light faded, several figures appeared.

Some were tall and sturdy, some were delicate and charming, some were old, and some looked like children.

However, each figure more or less had some other strange characteristics.

Some had strange pupils, some had tails, and some had scales on their bodies.

There were also some who wore chicken fur coats.

They seemed to be one and the same as if they grew on them.

Those martial arts experts were all star beasts!

“Its been decades, and weve finally met again, everyone.”

“Looks like in these past few decades, everyone has been tortured by the human race.

Not a single one of them is unscathed and uninjured.”

“Hmph! The human race is despicable and shameless, using numbers to bully the weak.

If we were to fight one-on-one, we might not lose to the human race.”

“Being able to find the humans is also a kind of ability.

In the end, its because we are too weak.

If the Tiger God descends, the humans will be wiped out.

Its only a matter of time.”

“According to the plans of the Beast Gods, they will rush over and completely destroy the humans in this world.”.

“Right now, we need to create some danger for the humans in this world before the beast calamity starts and reduces their strength.”

“Weve used the seven stars to break out of the encirclement, and many of us have died.

Its impossible for us to counterattack the humans in such a short amount of time.

We can find some helpers to increase our cultivation.”.

“I heard that the humans have started to build some large cities in order to find the holy sons and maidens.

Many more powerful divine sect star beasts have been assigned to other cities to be used as the core of the spirit-gathering array.”.

“And theres one in Jianghai city, a clone of Senior Norfis!”


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