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Chapter 138: The Legend of the Emperor

When Ye Xiao returned home, he saw Huan Liuli trying on the new silk stockings she had just bought.

There were several bags beside her, all brand new.

Ever since Huan Liulis cultivation had risen to the level of a Xiantian third-grade grandmaster, her height had increased by quite a lot.

She was already 4 feet tall.

These could still be worn.

However, Ye Xiao took a glance and realized that they were all luxury brands.

The prices were not low.

What Balenciaga Family Each one of them cost 1,000 to 2,000!

Even slightly cheaper silk was not cheap.

It was not something that an ordinary working-class girl could afford.

Not to mention, Huan Liuli was a silly cat who did not even have a job.

Ye Xiao could not help but frown slightly.

“Huan Liuli, did you steal something again”

Huan Liuli glanced at him.

“Who stole something I dont do those kinds of things anymore”

“Then where did you get these famous brands Dont tell me that you just happened to have picked them up.”

“Of course I didnt just pick them up.

These were all bought for me by my online friends.”

“Online friends”

On Ye Xiaos face, he could not help but have some doubts, while Huan Liuli continued to say,


Recently, I went online and met a lot of internet friends.

As a result, I once complained that I couldnt afford clothes and had been wearing the same socks for more than a year.

They insisted on buying a new one for me and then asked me to send them the old one.”

“… They wanted your old ones”

“Of course.

They were still fighting over it and insisted on buying new socks for me.

I thought that they werent willing, and then they even wanted to send money to me.”

“What happened after that”

“I said that they didnt have that many and only had one pair.

Then they bought several pairs for me so that when they got dirty, I would mail them to them and they would wash them for me.

And they even paid for the postage.

“I thought,Ill get money, free clothes, and socks, and someone will wash them for me, so I dont even have to wash them myself. So I agreed.

“Hey, master, in the future, I can earn money too.

You dont have to buy breakfast for me anymore.

Each time, you only buy one big beef bun for me which is really too stingy.”

Ye Xiao was simply speechless.

How could there be such strange people in existence

Moreover, from what Huan Liuli said, there were still quite a few.

He was really… Convinced.

However, he could not be bothered to care too much about Huan Liuli.

He only said indifferently,

“Dont keep messing around with such nonsense, youre a star beast, you should focus on your main role, cultivation.”

After saying that, he went upstairs.

Huan Liuli rolled her eyes behind him.

‘The main role of a star beast is to eat people.

Did you let me do so Im now earning my own money to support myself.

Yet, youre still here nagging.

Dont think that I will listen to you just because youre the owner.

‘If you make me angry, I will put the socks that you wore into your teacup every day!

Early the next morning, Ye Xiao went to work as usual and took part in the assessment.

The assessment was divided into two parts.

The first part was the literary test.

The literary test was only an hour long, and it tested ones understanding of library work.

Occasionally, some tricky and strange questions would be added.

One of them being,if you found male and female readers doing something against the public moral order in the library, what would you do

A: Peek!

B: Ask colleagues to come over and peek!

C: Take photos and post them on the Internet!

D: Get Involved!

If you look at it carefully, you will fall into a big misunderstanding.

First of all, all the answers must be wrong.

Some people, because they do not know how to answer, and do not want to give up the score of the question, will make a wild guess.

If that was the case, that question would definitely not be scored.

That was because the question was actually testing everyones ability to judge right and wrong.

If it was purely for the sake of the score and they randomly chose one, their sense of responsibility would be seriously doubted.

Only those who did not choose would score.

The answer card was a machine score so one could directly throw the answer card in and get the score on the spot.

Without a doubt, Ye Xiaos score was ranked tenth.

Originally, he could have been ranked first, but being first was too eye-catching.

Being paid too much attention to by others was not suitable for Ye Xiaos lifestyle.

Therefore, after he used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan everyones test papers, he directly crossed out a few correct answers to ensure that his ranking could be ranked tenth.

That result was basically not a problem in the theory examination.

Next was the combat examination.

It was not a competition or a fight.

They were all colleagues and were afraid of hurting others.

Therefore, it was fine as long as he tested his cultivation.

Ye Xiao suppressed his cultivation to Houtian third grade.

No more, no less.

According to that cultivation and the result of the theory examination, his chance of staying was 99.999 percent.

He did not care about the remaining 0.0001 percent.

If there really was that 0.0001, then the small probability of him winning the lottery meant that even the heavens did not want him to stay.

However, reality proved that Ye Xiaos analysis was very perfect.

In the entire library, only one-third of the people who had been laid off were left.

He just happened to be in fourth place at the end.

Even if he could pass the test, it would not cause people to make too many guesses.

What Ye Xiao did not expect was that the one who had worked for 10 to 20 years, Ms.

Wang, had actually failed and was being transferred to another position.

Her martial arts strength was Houtian fourth grade, and it should not be to the extent that she did not know how to answer the questions in the theory examination.

However, she was still rejected.

That really surprised Ye Xiao.

“Congratulations! Ye Xiao, youre really a dark horse.

I didnt expect that you could pass the examination.”

Ye Xiao replied indifferently,

“Thank you.

However, Ms.

Wangs results are quite regrettable.”


Wang smiled.

“During the theory examination, I deliberately didnt do well.

Im about to get married, so I dont want to fight with you kids anymore.

Ive already discussed this with the director and asked her to use her connections to transfer me to my future husbands unit.

In the future, we might not be able to see each other again.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Then I wish you two to grow old together.”

“Thank you for your kind words.

Im going to go handle the transfer procedures.

But you have to work hard too.

After the expansion of the library, Im afraid it wont be as easy as it is now.”


After the two of them bade farewell, Ye Xiao went to handle the stay-behind procedures.

His job did not change.

No matter what, he was still an old man in the library.

Moreover, his score in the theory examination was relatively good, so Ouyang Yunzhong reserved his position for him.

Many of the others had fallen from being in charge to the position of a librarian.

After those arrangements, the only thing left was the expansion of the library.

Even though the buildings in that world were built very fast, it still took quite a bit of time to expand a large library after all.

Hence, Ye Xiao obtained about a weeks vacation.

So annoying!

Ye Xiao was not interested in holidays at all.

Compared to holidays, he preferred reading.

That was because that way, he could raise his cultivation faster.

Since it was a holiday, he could only stay at home.

During that period, Ye Xiao noticed that many companies had expanded and set up stronger arrays.

In the suburbs of Jianghai city, some new communities and companies had started to be established.

There were even construction companies next to Ye Xiaos house that had started to encircle the land to build houses.

It seemed that it was not just the expansion of the library.

The entire Jianghai city had to participate in the expansion.

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

The library was the foundation of a city.

The scale of the library was also built according to the size of the city.

Since the library had been expanded, the city would definitely expand.

However, Ye Xiao was not interested in those things.

The expansion of the city would only increase the housing prices.

The only thing he was interested in was what kind of good books the library would bring.

Before the library opened, Ye Xiao went to some small bookstores that required payment.

He first read the books, recorded some more basic cultivation techniques, and then prepared to synthesize new ones.

Small bookstores naturally could not compare to the storage capacity of the library, but small bookstores also had their own advantages.

Just like high-end salons and small street-side shampoo shops, although their standards were far apart, who could guarantee that they would not find some surprises in the shampoo shop

However, the abalones in high-end salons were as numerous as cow hair, while the scallops in the small shampoo shop were like a fleeting glance.

It all depended on whether one had the luck to find them.

In that world, there were often people who found grandmaster-level cultivation techniques in a small bookstore and became a martial arts experts of a generation.

Ye Xiao was not interested in grandmaster-level cultivation techniques.

All he cared about was the basic cultivation techniques.

As long as it was the foundation of the cultivation technique, it would be accepted by the divine souls Golden Book.

To him, it was more than a hundred times better than a grandmaster-level cultivation technique.

After reading for two to three days, Ye Xiao also obtained the foundation of a strike technique and the foundation of a palm technique.

It was not considered a loss.

However, while Ye Xiao was reading, he would occasionally flip through other books that were not related to cultivation techniques to rest his mind.

Among them, he had discovered a martial arts legend that surprised him.

As everyone knew, there were emperors in the world.

However, one would ask how could an emperor become an emperor

One had to know that since ancient times, there had been very few emperors.

The emperors mentioned here did not refer to those who had inherited the throne.

Most of them were miraculous existences that could lead the human race and turn the tides.

Some examples being, the three emperors and five sovereigns, the Great Qins ancestral dragon, Emperor Sui, and the Tang sect…

Were they simply talented, or did they have a deep enough cultivation base

Obviously not.

From ancient times until now, there had been quite a number of martial arts experts whose cultivation bases were comparable to emperors.

Bai Qi, the god of killing, and Xiang Yu, the king of kings for example… They were all magnificent figures.

Their cultivation speed and even their cultivation bases were comparable to the emperors.

Even so, why did only a small group of people become emperors in the end


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