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Chapter 136: Library Reform

Ye Xiao did not plan to use King Els beast skin to refine a single armor.

King Els beast skin was extremely tough, but compared to a few hundred pieces of black-scaled snake skin stacked together, it could not be said to be too strong.

That would be a little over the top.

Although the black-scaled snake skin was strong, it was easily sliced by the imperial-level long-handled saber that he had refined.

Therefore, he should refine King Els beast skin and merge it with the black-scaled snake skin.

That way, the benefits of merging the two would definitely far exceed the benefits of refining a single armor.

Ye Xiao took advantage of the fact that he had not returned to work yet and spent another day and night to completely refine the armor.

The outer appearance of the armor was still that of a black coat with black trousers.

The head can be broken, blood can be shed, the cool feeling cannot be lost.

After refining it, Ye Xiao used the long-handled saber to try cutting it.

He realized that it was much better that time.

He only made a scratch and did not completely cut through the armor.

It seemed that the black-scaled snakes skin was still not enough in front of King Els horn.

No matter how much the product was condensed, it was still a substandard product.

However, now that he had King Els skin, Ye Xiaos defensive strength had greatly increased by another level.

It was still pretty good.

What happened next was much simpler.

Ye Xiao refined King Els star core into a medicinal pill and swallowed it.

When the medicinal pill entered his body, the spiritual energy instantly became violent like lightning and thunder.

King Els spiritual energy cultivation was about the same as Ye Xiaos.

The powerful energy contained in its star core was needless to say.

Although its energy was not all of King Els, it still possessed a powerful spiritual energy reserve.

Fortunately, Ye Xiao currently had many cultivation techniques.

With so many cultivation techniques operating at the same time, he quickly brought the violent spiritual energy onto the right track.

Following Ye Xiaos meridians, it continuously circulated, washing through his meridians and increasing his cultivation which increased by quite a bit.

‘Eating pills to increase cultivation is indeed much faster.

‘No wonder everyone says that if you want to increase your cultivation faster, you should take a trip to the starry battlefield.

There were too many star beasts on the starry battlefield.

Through hunting star beasts, one could obtain a lot of star cores and battle merits to exchange for pills.

If he could consume more pills, his cultivation would definitely increase much faster.

However, the starry battlefield was too dangerous.

There were many martial arts experts there, and there were probably many divine grandmasters.

It was better to wait for his cultivation to increase a little before thinking about it.

In the Golden Book, the ultimate healing technique had finally been cultivated to perfection.

The three pieces of paper that recorded the three healing imperial techniques began to emit a pure golden color.

That made Ye Xiao even more pleasantly surprised.

He could synthesize it!

He did not know what kind of powerful cultivation technique would appear in an imperial-level synthesis!

However, when he controlled the divine souls Golden Book and wanted to synthesize the cultivation technique, he was surprised to find that the Golden Book did not have any reaction.

What was going on

The Golden Book usually gathered cultivation techniques and produced a golden color when they could be synthesized, right

Why had it not succeeded

Ye Xiao refused to believe it and used his will to tap on the Golden Book a few more times.

However, the Golden Book still did not have any reaction.

It was not until Ye Xiao tapped on it for the fortieth time that the Golden Book seemed to have finally lost its patience.

It showed him ten large words.

His cultivation was too low and his authority was insufficient.

Ye Xiao was stunned speechless.

‘That was too much.

If you couldnt do it, you should have said it earlier.

You made me tap so many times for nothing, wasting my time.

However, that also made Ye Xiao somewhat wary.

He was already at Xiantian seventh grade cultivation now, and that cultivation was actually said to be too low!

Heavens, then how strong would a true martial artist be

‘Looks like I still have to keep a low profile.

This world is too terrifying.

After all of that was done, several days had passed.

The seven stars alignment had finally come to an end.

Jianghai city had managed to survive without any danger.

It was probably the only city in the world that had managed to survive without any casualties.

At the library, they had finally received the notice to start work.

Ye Xiao saw from the news that the star beasts in the other cities had been mostly cleared out, and each city had started to return to the right track.

He did not care.

During the entire seven stars alignment period, the others had suffered heavy losses.

Not only was he fine, but he had also even earned a huge profit.

His cultivation had risen to Xiantian seventh grade and the divine grandmaster rank.

He had refined an imperial-level long-handled saber, strengthened his armor, and gained an imperial technique, the ultimate healing technique.

It could be said that he had earned a huge fortune.

Furthermore, King Els meat had already been eaten up by him.

Barbequed mutton kebabs, mutton hotpot, boiled mutton, mutton soup, mutton giblets soup, salt-and-pepper mutton chops, mutton keel…

As long as it was something edible, Ye Xiao had prepared a dish from King El.

At the end of the meal, he had saved some of his leftover calf bones for Huan Liuli, and she would lick them with the sauce every day.

Ye Xiao seriously suspected that she had been bitten by a husky, causing her IQ to drop drastically.

She had become almost like a Husky.

However, because the seven stars alignment had already ended, it would not cause any special magnetic field changes to her.

Therefore, Ye Xiao did not need to bring her along at all times now.

He went to work normally in the morning.

When Ye Xiao bought breakfast, he bought large bags of vegetables.

He had eaten too much meat in the past two days, so he ate too much oil.

After eating breakfast, he went to the library.

Ouyang Yunzhong held her morning meeting as usual.

“Everyone has been very nervous these past few days due to the seven stars alignment.

To us humans, it is not a small disaster and impact.

“But it is also a test for us humans.

“It is precisely because of so many tribulations that we humans are able to constantly improve ourselves and become more prosperous and strong.”

The director was indeed worthy of being the director.

Having been in a high position for decades, her bureaucratic tone was extremely smooth.

Regardless of what it was, she would just give him some chicken soup.

However, based on Ye Xiaos understanding of the director, under normal circumstances, once the director started to give him chicken soup, there was an 80 percent chance that something bad would happen.

As expected, Ouyang Yunzhong immediately said,

“The second thing is to pass on the instructions issued by the Zhong province.

“In view of the destruction of many important libraries in the nine provinces, some of the important books of the libraries will be moved to other libraries that havent been damaged.

“Our Jianghai city library will also welcome a new batch of cultivation techniques.

“At present, we havent confirmed what kind of cultivation techniques there are, but the scale of the expansion of the library has to be carried out.”

Everyone immediately discussed animatedly.

“Its going to be expanded again”

“Isnt our library a little too good In such a short period of time, it has been expanded twice in a row.”

“Isnt expansion good If its expanded, there will definitely be many more good posts.”

Many people started to get excited, their eyes turning green.

Ye Xiao did not have any inclinations toward that.

On the contrary, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

Indeed, if the library expanded, it would bring more posts, especially management posts, such as the manager of a small area and the supervisor of a large area.

However, the current expansion was different from the previous expansion.

The last expansion was because the library had expanded under the support of the Jianghai Citys local governors manor.

It was an increase in their own organization.

The library also recruited locals, and most of the recruits were newcomers.

In short, those with a bit of experience would be promoted.

He, for one, was very lucky to be promoted.

However, that expansion was obviously because the other libraries in the nine provinces had suffered severe disasters.

As a result, they had no choice but to move a batch of books over.

In addition, Ye Xiao seriously suspected that Zhong province knew that he was in Jianghai city, so they wanted to use him to protect Jianghai city.

Jianghai city was relatively stable, so they wanted to protect some of the more important books in the library.

Many grandmaster-level cultivation techniques for instance.

Even perhaps… Imperial techniques

Of course, that was only Ye Xiaos guess.

After all, imperial techniques were something that could not be casually placed in the library.

No matter what, the librarys upgrade and expansion would definitely take the route of strengthening.

It was 80 percent impossible to raise ones position through mixing qualifications.

In fact, some people might even lose their original positions because of it and hire some high-level talents!

In other words, they would hire stronger martial artists.

As expected, just as everyone was excited, Ouyang Yunzhong coughed lightly and spoke again,

“Ahem… Its like this.

After the expansion of the library, there will be some more powerful cultivation techniques.

Therefore, the requirements for the librarians, including the management positions, will be higher than now.

“The Zhong province means to conduct an assessment for the current library staff.

It will be divided into two parts, the written examination, and the combat examination.

“As for the written examination, everyone knows that it will naturally be a test of ones grasp of the librarys work.

“The combat examination will be even simpler.

It will test everyones cultivation.

“As long as one passes these two aspects of the examination, or in other words, if ones results are particularly outstanding in one aspect of the examination, one will be retained and continue to hold a position.

“However, if you dont pass the exam, you may be assigned to another work unit.”

As soon as these words were said, everyone felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on them, causing an uproar.

“Oh my God, why is this happening”

“Thats right.

I came to the library to apply for the position of a librarian because my cultivation wasnt good.

Now, the exam is starting again, and I have to transfer my position.

Whats the difference between this and a layoff”

“Im finished.

Im definitely going to be kicked out.

My cultivation is only Houtian first grade.

Just based on this, I dont think Ill be able to pass.”

The crowd was in a state of mourning, just like the students who were told by their teacher to take the sudden exam.

Ouyang Yunzhong comforted them by saying,

“Everyone, dont be discouraged.

Ill do my best to ensure that everyone can stay.

As for those colleagues who really cant stay, Ill try my best to use my connections to arrange better positions for you.”

Everyone naturally did not believe those words.

It was an order issued by the Zhong province.

It was different from the last expansion.

It was no longer something that she could decide.


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