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Chapter 134: Dying at Your Hands Is Not an Injustice

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The Big Dippers Grand Mystery was activated, and Ye Xiao instantly sensed King El resurrecting behind his back, taking form.


An earth-shattering roar sounded behind Ye Xiao.

King El, who had just resurrected, gathered all the strength in his body and punched Ye Xiaos back.

The corner of King Els mouth curled up into a proud arc.

With this punch, he used an imperial technique that had the effect of beating a bull across a mountain and shaking a tiger, and was designed to defeat all kinds of imperial armor.

It was a move created to deal with people like Ye Xiao who wore imperial artifact armor.

With that punch, even if ye Xiao did not die, he would be heavily injured.

However, before his fist could land on ye Xiaos body, he disappeared from the spot in an instant.

That caused King Els pupils to shrink once again.

It was a movement technique.

That human even had the ability to practice a movement technique at the same time.

Looking at his speed, it was so fast that he could not keep up.

It was yet another imperial technique!


Just how many things did that human learn

Although humans were powerful and could learn the abilities of various races, he had never seen a human who practiced these things at the same time, yet every single one of them was incredible.

At that moment, an imposing aura suddenly appeared above his head.

It was Ye Xiao!

However, King El, who was originally punching out, suddenly emitted a shocking shock wave from the two horns on his head.

“Hahaha… You didnt expect this, right This king has another unique skill, which is to be able to instantly change the direction of attack at any time.

Any part of this kings body can be attacked!”

The sudden change was too fast.

In the moment of change, King Els two horns had already attacked Ye Xiao.


Another violent explosion sounded, and the shockwave turned into a wild wind once again.

The river below had already been flattened, and the soil on both sides of the river had actually started to move backward, forming a huge circular pit with a diameter of more than 6,000 feet.

King El was extremely excited.

In the end, the older the ginger, the spicier it was.

That hidden ultimate skill of his, coupled with the imperial technique that was specially created to break through armor, was enough to turn the tide of the battle and easily take down Ye Xiao.

However, in the next second, his neck was in intense pain.

Following closely behind, King Els gaze could not help but begin to rise.

His neck had been cut off.

His head was already spinning in the air involuntarily.

When his gaze landed on Ye Xiaos body, the sheep was completely dumbfounded.

Inside that guys armor, there was actually a set of body refining techniques.

Imperial technique again!

Defensive imperial technique!


How was that guy the stronger

He was simply omnipotent and the strongest!

At that moment, King El suddenly began to feel regret.

He regretted why he had sought death so much to go against that fellow.

The moment their eyes met, he had already understood his own ending.

Ye Xiaos attack was like raindrops, smashing down crazily, directly stripping away his physical body and soul.

At that moment, King Els strength was reduced little by little.

Ye Xiao already had experience.

At the Instant King Els soul was stripped away, he directly used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and used his mental energy to fill and seal it within a certain space, forming a confined space.

King Els soul was instantly locked up by Ye Xiao.

At the final moment, he suddenly smiled.

Sometimes, relief was in an instant.

When he knew that he was completely powerless to resist Ye Xiao, he no longer had any unwillingness or thoughts of resisting.

At that moment, he suddenly recalled what the elders in the clan had said when he was young.

When an incredible martial arts expert appeared in the human clan, it was very likely that he would become an emperor in the future!

Being able to die in the hands of a future emperor of the human clan was not considered shameful.

A burst of light flickered and filled the heaven and earth.

Everyone could not help but close their eyes.

When they opened their eyes again, the heaven and earth had already returned to their original silence.

The radiance emitted by the stars in the sky was already very faint.

The eastern sky was also suffused with a layer of white.

Du Changfeng and the others looked at each other.

As if they had made an agreement, they quickly stepped forward.

When they arrived at the riverside, Ye Xiao and King Els figures had long disappeared without a trace.

What replaced them was a scene of devastation and traces of battle.

Everyone stood by the river and watched this shocking scene.

They did not leave for a long time.

On Ye Xiaos side, when he returned home, Huan Liulis eyes were emitting green light.

Saliva flowed down from the corner of her mouth.

The star beast prodigy of the first generation, King El, had died just like that.








“Master, are we starting a fire now”

Ye Xiao smiled and nodded.

“Take out the barbecue tools I bought online.

Is the beer ice ready”

“Its already ice-cold.

I was just waiting for Master to come back.”

“Wait for me to peel off the skin and pull out the tendons.

Ill take care of it.”

“Alright, Ill start a fire first.”

The master and servant duo were extremely busy.

Ye Xiao used Godly Craftsmanship to completely peel off King Els skin.

That was because King Els skin was the skin of a divine star beast.

If he used it to fuse with the black-scaled snake armor, he would definitely be able to create an even more powerful armor.

Next was King Els horns.

His pair of large horns were very long, exceeding 200 to 220 feet.

Ye Xiao felt that he should be able to create two imperial-grade short knives.


Moreover, it was a very good imperial-grade short knife.

Next was the star core.

King Els star core was very big, bigger than an egg.

It could at least be comparable to a duck egg, or even a slightly smaller goose egg.

Those three valuable materials should be kept well for now.

Unfortunately, he could not repeatedly resurrect and then have Ye Xiao peel off a few more skins.

Even a top-tier healing technique like Mending the Heavens and Morning Star Method needed a special medium.

That was the soul.

Only living beings with souls could be resurrected一spiritual energy would attach to the soul and use it to resurrect.

Without a soul, no matter how strong a person was, they would not be able to resurrect.

That was also why Ye Xiao had not been able to resurrect the two beastmen grandmasters who had come to capture Huan Liuli because their souls had also been completely shattered.

There was no other way.

No matter how powerful the healing technique was, it was impossible for it to be overly heaven-defying.

Otherwise, who would use the resurrection technique to revive all the dead big shots It would be utter nonsense if they could revive even without souls, right

Then how powerful would he have to be

Moreover, if he did not shatter King Els soul, he would continue to attack him.

It was impossible for a divine grandmaster to be as spineless and unambitious as Huan Liuli and become a slave so easily.

After dealing with King El completely and storing the precious ingredients into his storage space, Ye Xiaos gaze landed on the fresh mutton, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

To make kebabs, the freshest and most tender mutton was often needed.

The mutton was cut into cubes and made into pieces.

Then, a bamboo skewer was used to skewer the meat piece by piece.

Between every two or three pieces of lean meat, it was best to insert a piece of fat meat.

That way, during the roasting process, the mutton oil that emerged from the fat meat would be absorbed by the other lean meat to ensure that the taste of the lean meat would not become excessive.

The next step was to marinate it with oil, salt, sauce, and other ingredients.

After marinating, the taste would be more uniform and first-class.

Finally, according to the taste of the individual, after roasting the golden kebabs, according to their own taste, they would sprinkle the chili powder and cumin appropriately.

The golden kebabs had a bright and bright color.

With a bite, the rich fragrance exploded in the mouth.

Coupled with the burst of mutton oil, an incomparably comfortable sense of satisfaction rushed into ones mind.

It was simply irresistible.

Fresh, tender, mellow, and spicy!

If Ye Xiao had a neighbor, he could make the child next door cry with hunger.

Along with a glass of cold beer, he was very satisfied.

As for the good things like the lamb kidneys, Ye Xiao did not let them go.

He sent them to his stomach perfectly.

Then, he turned off his cell phone, took off his clothes, and went to bed to rest.

A day of sleep was called fulfilling.

When Ye Xiao woke up in the evening, the blanket seemed to be taller than before.

Very good.

His body is getting better and better.

Its even better!

Ye Xiao sensed that the strength in his body had increased by quite a bit.

After all, he was a divine grandmaster-level star beast.

The blood essence in his body was too vigorous, helping him to completely stabilize his divine grandmaster rank.

Moreover, his cultivation had also increased by quite a bit.

The battle yesterday had also provided quite a bit of help to Ye Xiao.

He had originally adapted to his cultivation advancing by leaps and bounds, and it was a process of gradual and circular progress.

However, along with the intense battle, he constantly felt how strong his cultivation was, so his body and mind had long become one with his cultivation.

It directly solved the problem of him being unable to adapt to the change of becoming very strong in a short period of time.

Ye Xiao turned on his phone, and there were dozens of missed calls.

Most of them were from Gu Hai.

That guy must have gone to the library and seen that he was not there, so he called him in such a hurry.

Other than that, the director, Ms.

Wang, Qin Yuyan, and the other two were from the garrison team.

It seemed that the others could not find him and reported him to the police.

They must have realized that he was not in the library, so they called him in such a hurry, right

On Ye Xiaos side, he quickly replied to a message one by one, telling them that he was safe so that everyone would not worry.

Very soon, everyones messages were sent back one by one.

The director said, “Its good that youre fine.

It hasnt been safe for the past two days.

Try to stay in the library and dont go out and run around.”


Wang said, “Its good, its good.

If anything happens to you, our library will be in ruin.”

Qin Yuyans reply was the shortest.

She only replied with a few words.

“Its good that youre okay.”

As for Gu Hai, Ye Xiao called him back.

The two of them had the best relationship, and Gu Hai called the most.

He should have called him back to tell him that he was safe, not just send him a text.

“Hey, Old Ye, Whats going on Ive been calling you all day, but your phone is off.”

“My phone is broken.

I just fixed it.”

Ye Xiao lied casually.

“Its good that youre fine.

But you scared me to death.

I was just saying that the star beasts didnt really barge in yesterday, so why did something happen to you It was a false alarm.

I still have work to do, Ill talk to you later.”


“Boss, no more fire paper, and no more dolls.”




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