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Chapter 132: Ive Been Waiting for You for a Long Time, Life

Is that… The divine sect

Just by relying on pure cultivation, it was so powerful that no one would have the slightest thought of resisting it.

How could they resist it

How could they fight it

Was that the enemy they were going to face

They were on completely different levels!

Everyones chest seemed to be stifled, and they could not say a word.

At that moment, King El glanced at them.

With just a glance, in an instant, everyone felt as if they had been sentenced to death, tied to the gallows.

That kind of powerful pressure and pain was completely unspeakable.

It was over, they were definitely going to die.

King El had been suppressed for a full 56 years.

As a divine grandmaster, being imprisoned by a group of ants for more than 50 years, the fury in his heart was probably unimaginable, right

However, to everyones surprise, King El actually did not kill them.

He only took a glance at them before turning around and leaving.

He left!


Completely ignoring them, as if they were a group of ants that were not worthy of his attention at all.

“What should we do now”

Du Tianyu gulped and could not help but ask.

Though he was the governor, the martial arts experts before him were the ones who had the right to speak.

The few great grandmasters looked at each other and said,

“We have to follow him.

We cant defeat him, but we are the ones with the strongest cultivation state in this city.

Even if we die, we should die before the others.”

“Thats right! Lets see what he plans to do.

We should try our best to calm him down and not make him angry before the major sects arrive.

“As long as we try our best to prevent him from killing people or killing fewer people before the divine sect arrives, it will be the best outcome for us.”

“We will split into two groups.

The great grandmasters will follow him.

Those below the grandmaster rank will quickly go out and pass down orders to all the people along the way.

Dont provoke him, and agree to whatever he plans to do.

Even if he kills you, you are not allowed to say a single word.

“Otherwise, once he gets angry, the seven to eight million humans in Jianghai city will definitely be in danger.”


Everyone followed the plan.

Very quickly, an extremely strange scene appeared in the entire Jianghai city.

A stout divine sect star beast was walking on an empty street, followed by a few human great grandmasters.

Neither side moved.

They just walked on the road as if they were filming a movie.

It was extremely unbelievable.

“Where is he going”

“Im not sure.”

“Dont speak.

The hearing of a divine grandmaster is very sensitive.

If you say the wrong thing, people will die.”

Everyone immediately kept quiet.

Not long after, King El finally stopped moving forward.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

He actually went to the library!

What was that fellow doing in the library

Was his brain damaged

Could it be that the seal had been placed on him for too long and damaged his brain

Just as they were wondering what was going on, King Els voice suddenly sounded.

“Hey, those rascals over there, get your asses over here.”

Everyone trembled in fear.

He was calling for them!

Everyone glanced at one another, and seeing the other partys face, they could not help but turn pale.

“Lets go.

Whether its a blessing or a curse, we cant avoid it.”

Du Changfeng let out a long breath and took the lead to walk over.

The other great grandmasters gritted their teeth and walked over as well.

The few of them came in front of King El.

They thought that King El might do something to them, but they did not expect King El to only speak indifferently,

“Ill give you one minute to bring out all the books related to delicacies in this library.

If youre a second late, Ill wring your heads off.”

Hearing those words, everyone was stunned.

Bring out books related to delicacies

Why did he want books related to delicacies

In less than two seconds, one of the great grandmasters suddenly exploded into a ball of blood mist.


The warm blood splashed onto the faces of the others, jolting them back to their senses.

Without any hesitation, they rushed into the library and began to search for books.

D*mn it, why were their brains so sand-like in that instant

He was King El, a star beast that could kill people, and a deity that could easily kill them.

They only needed to do what he wanted.

After thinking so much, they were courting death.

Then again, they could not be entirely blamed.

King Els actions were simply too unbelievable.

He was clearly a star beast that could kill without blinking, but first, he had not killed a single person.

Then, he ran to the library and asked them for books about delicacies.

It was truly too unbelievable, which made their minds… Well, they could not quite wrap their heads around it.

Soon, everyone found a pile of books and carefully placed them in front of King El.

Then, they respectfully retreated to the side, afraid that King El would suddenly attack them.

King El only gave them a disdainful look.

A bunch of idiots, he was a divine-level star beast!

He could kill whoever he wanted.

He did not care whether these humans would listen to him or not.

Whether he wanted to kill them or not was entirely up to him.

If he wanted to kill them, he could kill them.

If he did not want to kill them, he would not kill them.

He seemed so respectful and pretentious.

Could it be that he did not know how to kill people


However, at that moment, he really did not have any desire to kill people.

The great grandmaster that he killed just now was just him trying to make an example out of them.

Those guys were too weak.

They were so weak that he did not even have the desire to raise his hand.

His only interest now was that d*mn brat from the library.

He had already used his spiritual energy to scan the area earlier.

The other party was not in the library.

The Silver Fox clan kid that he possessed previously was also gone.

Nevertheless, it did not matter.

He could run away from the monk, but he could not run away from the temple.

King El knew that he would definitely come back, so he only needed to wait here.

Taking advantage of that free time, he happened to read books on human food.

That was because later, he was going to chop that human brat into pieces and make a delicious meal.

Salt and pepper… Not bad, roast first and then add salt.

It was fragrant, crisp, and delicious.

The oil on the skin would all be roasted to a golden color, and the texture was very crisp.

Making soup… That did not suit his taste.

He liked something stronger.

Eh, large intestine sashimi

Good stuff!

‘Eat it raw, definitely eat it raw.

hahaha, I like this taste!

‘Spicy heart… It was also a good dish, but it was not very appetizing.

‘Eh, insect wine Thats good.

Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff.

He had to pull the insect out alive when it was conscious to make it feel incomparable pain.

Humans were indeed geniuses.

Not only did they have great brains in learning, but they also had great brains in inventing and creating dishes.

At that moment, even King El could not help but praise humans.

When he opened a book about the cuisine of Ying state, his bell-like eyes were wide open.


That human from Ying state was too cruel.

If not for the fact that he knew that the other party was a human, he would have suspected that the other party was as brainless as the dirtiest star beasts, he could only have a low-quality nature.


When the fish was still alive, he would slice off the fresh meat from the fish and eat it with soy sauce.

Wow, that was too exciting.

It suited his heart too much.

He had to eat it that way.

The dish was called fish sashimi, and it was his new method of eating.

Once he decided, he decided to call the brat, Life!


At that moment, he seemed to have sensed something.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at the square in front of him.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Ive been waiting for you for a long time, Life!”

The other great grandmasters were all dumbfounded.

They followed his gaze but did not see anything.

However, before they could curse in their hearts, a golden light suddenly appeared on the square where King Els gaze landed.

Everyone was overjoyed.

It was the senior!

It was that senior from Jianghai city!

He had finally arrived!

They were finally saved.

A sense of happiness after surviving a disaster filled everyones hearts.

The few of them quickly landed beside Ye Xiao and bowed to him together.

Ye Xiao was in a golden light so they could not see his appearance clearly.

Thus, Ye Xiao did not need to hide anything.

“Senior, youre finally here.

Weve been waiting for you for so long!”

“Senior, King El killed one of our companions.

Please, senior, uphold justice for our fellow humans.”

Ye Xiao within the golden light was a little surprised.

He had not expected King El to come out so quickly.

What was even more unexpected was that King El did not kill many people after he came out.

He only killed a great grandmaster.

That was not like him.

However, the moment his eyes met King Els, he understood what King El meant.

That sheep was waiting for him.

His current target was only him.

He was not interested in the others at all.


Ye Xiao raised his hand slightly and executed the Morning Star Method.

Golden light spread out from his palm and landed on the spot where he died.

The blood mist that had yet to disperse in the air and the fresh blood that spilled on the ground quickly gathered together.

In the blink of an eye, the great grandmaster was restored.

The great grandmaster who had been healed stood on the spot with a dumbfounded expression.

“I… Wasnt I killed just now Is this hell”

That miraculous scene caused everyone present to suck in a breath of cold air.

All the hair on their bodies stood on end as if they had been struck by lightning.

Heavens, senior is so strong!

So strong that it made people want to cry.

Instantly repairing the great grandmaster who had been blasted into a bloody mist.

That technique was simply at the peak of perfection!

Even the top healers of the human race would not be able to do that so easily.

Amongst them, the most experienced and knowledgeable Du Changfeng was so excited that he was trembling.

“Its an imperial technique! The legendary imperial technique!

“Only those top-tier aristocratic families would possess a top-tier cultivation technique that can allow one to surpass the divine sect!”


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