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Chapter 131: King El had descended!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He immediately used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan the area.

As his spiritual energy increased, the range of his search had also far exceeded the previous standard by several times.

In the blink of an eye, he had found it.

‘I really did hit something.

Ill quickly go down and use Mending the Heavens to save them.

However, before he could go down, he saw the American Star Spangled Banner printed on the fighter jet.

‘Eh… Its an American jet Then forget it.

Ye Xiao turned around and left.

Martial arts did not have national boundaries, but martial artists had nationality.

The Americans bullied people everywhere every day yet they would talk about benevolence and righteousness with them.

Ye Xiao decided not to try for the time being.

The advancement to another major sect and the leap in strength was too large.

In a short period of time, it was really difficult to achieve perfect control so easily.

Otherwise, the gap between a divine grandmaster and a great grandmaster would be a little too small, right

He was worried that if he cultivated for too long, King El might pop out from the ground.

Judging from the strength of the martial artists in those cities, they would definitely not be able to defeat him.

At that time, it would not be good to let him wreak havoc in the cities he stayed in.

It was better to return first.

At the same time, on the ground, after King Els clones were freed from the seal, they seemed to have made an agreement and quickly approached Jianghai city.

Several beams of light collided above Jianghai city.

In an instant, a dazzling light shone like a solar flare, illuminating the night sky of the city and making it as bright as day.

Everyone could not help but close their eyes.

After a while, they slowly opened their eyes, but they still did not dare to look directly at the beam of light in the sky.

They could only search through the gaps between their fingers.

“What is that”

“Its so blinding! Ah! My Eyes!”

“Im going blind!”

The townsfolk still did not realize what that light meant.

Only a few people had solemn expressions.

They felt a heart-palpitating threat of death.

Among them, the ones who felt the most intense were Du Changfeng and the others.

At that moment, Du Changfeng, Qin Shenglong, and the other martial arts experts from Jianghai city had gathered together.

As they looked at the blazing white light in the sky, they could not help but reveal fear and confusion.

“What exactly is this”

Nangong Ling could not help but ask.

Du Changfeng, on the other hand, spoke with a solemn expression,

“If Im not mistaken, this should be King El.”

“What did you say”

When the others heard those words, they could not help but shiver, their pupils involuntarily constricting.

Although they had never fought against King El, the name resonated within many of them, a nightmare from their childhood!

“How is this possible Wasnt King El sealed How did he break the seal”

Du Changfeng took a deep breath.

“He was indeed sealed.

However, dont forget that King Els map was stolen by Yang Zhengyi from the library.

He even released one of King Els clones.

“Although that senior from Jianghai city had already killed him, King Els map wasnt retrieved.

“It just so happens that the seven stars are aligned.

With all the bloodshed, it would make sense for him to be unsealed.”

As soon as he finished speaking, several figures flew over from the direction of the wind.

Each figure had differing grades of cultivation.

The weakest was above that of a grandmaster and the strongest one was even a great grandmaster!

“Professor Du, Principal Qin, long time no see.”

Everyone greeted them from afar.

Du Changfeng immediately said,

“Brother Zhang, brother Liu, you are all martial grandmasters from your respective cities.

Why didnt you guard your own cities Instead, you came to Jianghai city”

Everyone looked at each other and quickly said,

“The star beasts in our city were all killed by a swordmaster.

There should be news about this on the forum.”

“Is that so I was too careless.

Everyone was too anxious today, and I didnt have time to read the news.

Speaking of which, did you come here”

He pointed at the light ball above his head, and everyone nodded.

“Everyone, is that really King El”

Nangong Ling could not help but ask, and everyone nodded solemnly.

“Its King El! After that senior killed the star beasts, King El used their blood to recover a lot of strength and took the opportunity to break the seal.

“We originally wanted to stop King El from fusing with his clone before he did, but we were a step too late.”

Hearing everyones confirmation, Nangong Ling and the others could not hold it in anymore, and their foreheads broke out in cold sweat.

King El!

It was really him!

If it was him, the seven to eight million citizens of Jianghai city would probably die without a burial ground.

They still remembered that 56 years ago, King El led a million star beasts and focused on Jianghai city, Wanghai city, Jiangdong city, Lingnan city, Jiangxia city… The number of people who participated in the battle in several human cities exceeded ten million.

Just that battle alone had killed more than a million human warriors.

The death rate was based on the fact that the human race martial arts inheritance there, and there were divine sect martial artists participating in the battle.

If there were no divine grandmasters participating in the battle, the death rate would not only be ten to one, but it would even be possible for the entire army to be wiped out!

During that battle, the river water that ran through several cities was dyed red with blood, and corpses were everywhere.

In the following ten years, the fish in the river became fatter and fatter, yet the commoners in several cities did not dare to eat fish for ten years.

The strength of a divine grandmaster was already far beyond what an ordinary martial artist or star beast could withstand.

That was an existence comparable to a god!

Their existence was an insurmountable mountain.

An existence that people could not even look up to.

“Then what should we do now Should we evacuate the commoners first”

Du Tianyu could not help but ask, while Du Changfeng shook his head.

“Evacuate the people Youre too naive.

Even if the people are all Xiantian first-grade grandmasters, they would not have a chance to escape even if they start running now.”

“Is it that scary”

Du Changfeng smiled bitterly.

“The divine sect is already an existence that transcends the secular world.

Their power can not be comprehended by ordinary people.

“To put it bluntly, with your status as a Xiantian realm martial artist, you feel that we great grandmasters are existences that can not be surpassed.

However, in front of the divine sect, we great grandmasters are merely ants.”

Du Tianyus heart trembled, and a look of despair appeared on his face.

The most desperate thing in the world was that the heavens had cut off all your paths, not even leaving you a trace of hope.

“Oh right, where are the senior martial art experts Where are the seniors from Jianghai City Their strength is extremely mysterious, far from what we can easily guess.

They should be qualified to fight King El, right”

Du Changfeng took a deep breath.

“I dont know about that, but the fact that they havent come out yet means we should not be too optimistic.

“We dont know their cultivation, but from the information we have, a few of them should be great grandmasters.

“Currently, the one with the strongest cultivation should be senior swordmaster.

Its probably possible for him to reach the divine sect.

Whether or not hes a divine sect, its hard to say!

“However, Senior Sword Immortal hasnt appeared since he came out the first time.

In addition, he destroyed the star beasts of several other cities.

At this moment, its still uncertain whether or not hes here.

“Therefore, we can only prepare for the worst.”

Du Tianyu sat down on the ground.

His eyes were dull and he could not say a word.

The other grandmasters said,

“We have already informed the higher-ups.

There should be divine sect martial artists coming soon.

“However, the seven stars are aligned.

The other cities might have star beasts causing trouble.

If divine sect level star beasts are also released, reinforcements might not come.”

These words were like adding frost to snow.

For the first time in his life, Du Tianyu felt that it was so difficult for him to be the governor.

He almost sounded like he was crying.

“Everyone, isnt there any way

“I beg you, save Jianghai city, save the citizens of Jianghai city! There are seven to eight million people.

With so many lives, we cant let them be harmed by King El!”

The crowd did not answer him directly, their expressions grave.

“Governor, dont be anxious.

At this point, we can only take one step at a time.

“None of us can resist King Els strength.

However, there might be a turning point in this matter.

“Jianghai city clearly doesnt have his clone anymore, but he still came.

Its very likely that he has some motive.

Perhaps he wont make a move against Jianghai city.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the light in the sky began to fade away, revealing a large, muscular humanoid star beast!

It had pale white fur and a pair of giant horns on its head.

It was even larger than its head and was filled with magnificence.

The most terrifying thing was the aura it emanated.

It was an aura that completely surpassed the imagination of humans.

It was a powerful aura that could dominate all at once!

In front of him, everyone felt like cows and sheep that were waiting to be slaughtered.

They did not even have the chance to fight back.

Darkness once again enveloped Jianghai city and everyones hearts.

It made them so nervous that their breathing froze.

In the sky, a dark cloud drifted over, blocking out the starlight and moonlight.

It made everyones already depressed mood sink into an even more depressing situation.

A moment later, his body slowly descended, landing not far away from everyone.

As he descended, everyone even felt as if there was a mountain pressing down on them..

The surrounding spiritual energy seemed to freeze, making it difficult for them to mobilize the energy in their bodies.


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