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Chapter 130: Advancement to Xiantian Seventh Grade, Divine Grandmaster!

‘Strange, why do I feel like all this blood essence belongs to the star beasts What are these idiots doing Could it be that they didnt kill humans on a large scale Instead, they killed themselves

King El raised his eyebrows.

‘Looks like humanity has developed very quickly these few years.

After all, they are the strongest race among the ten thousand races in the universe.


After a light snort, he shook his head.

‘Forget it, no matter what, let me first accumulate energy and unseal myself.

As long as I get out, even if some ants die, it will be worth it.

As he absorbed the energy from the fresh blood, his strength continued to grow.

An extremely powerful aura gradually erupted from within his body.

All of a sudden, a faint cracking sound could be heard from a few sealed areas.

An evil power was revealed, and the sky above Lingnan, Wanghai, Jiangdong, and the other cities began to be covered by black clouds.

The starlight and moonlight covered the sky.

“Whats going on”

Before the martial artists in the center of the cities could celebrate that the star beasts were all killed, in the blink of an eye, they were suppressed by that strange, intimidating power, and their hearts began to beat faster.

“What a powerful force.

This aura probably wont be lower than a peak great grandmaster.”

“Could it be that there are others from divine sects coming D*mn it, even a divine grandmaster is coming”

“Thats not right.

This aura is King El! Hes sealed in a few big cities!”

A few old men had already realized that it was King Els aura.

The lifespan of the world of martial artists was a little longer.

Furthermore, some of the great grandmasters had even experienced the beast calamity 56 years ago!

That was why they remembered King Els aura.

“Quick, go to the sealed area.”

However, just as they were about to move, the earth began to tremble violently.

Rumble… The huge tremor caused countless citizens to fall into panic.

“Whats going on Is it an earthquake”

The tremor did not last for a few seconds before a pure white light suddenly rose from the center of the city and shot into the sky.

At the same time, an extremely loud roar was heard by everyone around.

“Hahahaha… 56 years, 56 years! I, King El, have finally come out!”

In the next second, several rays of light rapidly gathered in another direction.

“King El wants to reintegrate.

His clone only has the strength of a great grandmaster.

If he reintegrates, he will truly recover his cultivation at the level of a divine sect!”

“Martial arts experts above the great sect master level, chase after him! The rest of you, quickly report this matter to the higher-ups.”

On the other side, in the canyon, Ye Xiaos body had already begun to gradually emit rays of golden light.

That was not the light emitted by the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art.

Instead, the spiritual energy in his body had already broken through a limit, almost exceeding the zero boundary point that his current body could withstand, causing the energy to be overly concentrated on the surface of his body, as a result, it formed a golden light.

At that moment, after Ye Xiaos body suffered a huge impact from the spiritual energy, his entire body underwent some fundamental changes.

Every single cell in his body underwent an earth-shaking change.

In order to be able to control and withstand a stronger power, his cells directly fused with the spiritual energy, and it had already become a manifestation of almost half spiritual energy.

According to the manifestation of that kind of energy, Ye Xiao should have directly turned into spiritual energy itself, but he did not.

That was because his divine soul had also become stronger and his spiritual energy had become stronger.

Even if he did not use a spiritual technique like the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, his spiritual energy was also released as if it was corporeal, forming a net that firmly locked every cell that had already turned into half-spiritual energy within it.

Previously, Ye Xiao knew that when he was a great grandmaster, his spiritual energy would already be manifested, but it would not be corporeal.

Instead, it would be attached to his attacks.

Therefore, great grandmasters could eliminate spirit bodies and deal with special existences like evil spirits.

During the divine grandmaster era, his spiritual energy had already condensed into corporeal form, allowing him to directly use it to launch attacks.

Only now did he know that this explanation was not very correct.

To be more precise, it was because the physical body required the control of spiritual energy, so his spiritual energy had no choice but to rise.

When he was at the grandmaster rank, the spiritual energy in his body was not too much.

It was only released outwards, and an ordinary persons body could withstand it.

When he was at the great grandmaster rank, his physical body had already begun to find it difficult to bear the burden, forcing the human body to undergo the process of spiritual energy evolution.

Eventually, the physical body underwent a complete mutation or evolution at the divine sect.

Then, spiritual energy was once again enhanced, condensing into a solid substance to firmly solidify the bodys cells and prevent them from vaporizing.

Spiritual energy was not an additional enhancement from the divine sect.

Instead, it was something that the divine sect had no choice but to enhance.

Just like a good horse with a saddle and a good car with a good tire, if the divine grandmaster wanted to fully display their strength, they had to raise their spiritual energy as well.

Ye Xiao finally understood why the Xiantian realm was divided into three ranks, grandmaster, great grandmaster, and divine grandmaster.

In short, it was a process of life evolution.

A process of evolution from a human to a higher life form.

It was also not difficult to understand why humans called the final rankdivine grandmaster!

It was very simple.

Humans liked to show off and call themselvesgods.

Otherwise, why did had they not call themselvesghost sect,beast sect, or human sect Why did they have to call themselvesdivine sect

Most likely, the first martial artist who came up with that name back then to cultivate to the divine sect rank was also a deep-seated idiot, right

Well, who cares about them Anyway, his cultivation had increased.

That was something worth celebrating.

Moreover, the surrounding cities were not damaged by the star beasts.

The mutton skewers were probably about to come out.

Everyone was happy!

At that moment, the divine souls Golden Book flickered.

Ye Xiao calmed his mind and swept a glance.

It was the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array.

It had already been completely grasped by the Golden Book and had been perfected.

Then, just like the Mending the Heavens and the Morning Star Method, the two imperial-level healing techniques were emitting golden light that attracted each other.

The Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array and the Heavenly Creation Array were also emitting golden light that attracted each other.

That meant that the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array and the Heavenly Creation Array had different origins.

That means that they could be fused together after adding a different imperial array, right

That was good news.

“Its time to return to Jianghai city first.

The mutton skewers should be waking up soon.”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

With a thought, he instantly transformed into a golden light that shot straight into the sky.


In an instant, the entire earth trembled violently, as if it could not withstand that huge force.

Waves of violent tremors were also emitted in the air.

That was because Ye Xiaos speed was really too fast.

Moreover, his surroundings were all filled with spiritual energy.

Although he was only alone, the range of his influence had exceeded that of a large rocket.

“So fast!”

Ye Xiao could not help but exclaim in surprise.

Although there was only an increase of one grade from Xiantian sixth grade to Xiantian seventh grade, the increase in his strength was incredible.

It was much, much stronger than the increase from fifth grade to sixth grade.

His cultivation had already been enhanced.

With the addition of the Divine Intent technique, it was simply ridiculously fast!

That speed was so fast that he could not even control it for a short while.

His body was so fast that it was somewhat out of control.

However, it would be fine after he got used to it a little.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath.

He did not circulate the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and released all of his restraints on his body.

He merely used the pure spiritual energy of the divine sect rank to get used to the changes in his strength.

That way, after a short while, he should be able to completely get used to the strength of the divine sect rank.

After letting go of the spiritual restraint, Ye Xiaos speed became even faster.

It was as if there was another bolt of lightning in the sky that flashed and disappeared.

That was because his speed was too fast, there was not even the sound of an air explosion.

The current Ye Xiao could completely catch up to the lightning within the lowest speed range.

Under the starry sky, in the same American base, a group of scientists applauded and celebrated the completion of the new technology of the fighter jet test.

“The new fighter jet we are testing this time is improved and optimized on the basis of the previous generation.

“The new fighter jet has more powerful kinetic energy, and it consumes the star beast star core above the grandmaster level.

“However, the speed it can perform has already reached above the Xiantian fifth-grade level, which is a whole level faster than the previous generation

“With it, the American standard will be upgraded to a higher level.

This will be a great impetus for us to maintain our dominance in the space battlefield.

“At least in the next ten years, no state will be able to surpass our overall standards.”

Some of the scientists even had tears in their eyes.

It was not easy.

Ever since the last time the fighter jet was destroyed by that nine provinces grandmaster, they had suffered a lot of criticism.

During that period of time, they worked day and night, working hard to develop and finally created the technology eclipsing the previous generation, they increased their speed by one level.

At that point, the commander would not say anything, right

Suddenly, a rapid alarm sound came from the big electronic screen.

Ding, Ding, Ding…

Everyone was startled and looked at the screen.

They saw a bright red light dot, which was rushing toward the test machine at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Oh my God, what is that”

“No matter what it is, we must not cause any more trouble this time.

Immediately recall the testing machine.”

However, just as he finished speaking, that red light was like a snipers bullet, ruthlessly piercing through the new type of testing machine.


A ball of bright and resplendent flames exploded in the sky.

All the scientists in the laboratory were furious!

“Oh! F*ck!”

“I want to ask the commander for help and send out the strongest person in America to kill him!”

“This beast that deserves to be killed by the Heavens!”

Under the starry sky, Ye Xiao quickly stopped his body.

Even so, he only managed to stop his body after he was over 33,000 feet away.

His speed was too fast, so much so that his inertia was too great.

“Strange! Did I hit something just now”


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