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Chapter 126: The Current Genius of the Human Race

Everyone panicked and immediately contacted the boss of the Hengxiao Group, Ma Chunheng.

That matter was no joke.

If that storage ring really contained a star beast teleportation array, it was very likely to cause a devastating impact on the entire Jianghai city!

The minimum number of deaths would be at least five figures.

That must not happen.

That was because Ma Chunheng was a well-known local entrepreneur, the governor could easily find his number.

“Hello! Ma Chunheng, this is Du Tianyu.

Where is the storage ring you bought”

“Er… Mr.

Governor, why are you calling me so late”

“Cut the crap.

Tell me quickly, where is your storage ring”

“Uh… My storage ring, I think I lost it just a second ago.”

“You lost it How could it be lost Where did you lose it”

Ma Chunhengs aggrieved voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Its not like I intended to lose it.

I even got a safe worth hundreds of millions specifically for the ring and locked it inside.

I originally thought that when the seven stars aligned, I would take it with me and hide in the company.

“But who knew that it would disappear when I opened the safe this afternoon.”

“You… Youre incredibly incompetent! Youre better at ruining things than anything else!”

Du Tianyu hung up the phone angrily and walked to the grandmasters with a serious expression.

“Ma Chunhengs ring was lost.

I dont know who stole it.”

“What How can this be”

“Quick! Send someone to look for it!”

Qin Shenglong, Ouyang Yunzhong, and Nangong Ling were all panicking.

However, before they could move, Du Changfeng called out to them.

“Theres no need to look for it.”

They looked at him in confusion.

“Old Du, what do you mean”

Du Changfeng put his hands behind his back and looked at the sword lights that filled the sky in the direction of the suburbs.

He said with a faint smile,

“Dont you think its a coincidence that senior, the mysterious swordmaster suddenly attacked at this time”

Everyones heart trembled, and their pupils suddenly constricted.

That was right.

Why would the unrivaled swordmaster suddenly make a move at that time

Moreover, who could stealthily take away Ma Chunhengs storage ring in the safe

“I cant believe that senior actually knew about the storage ring before us, and even stopped it by himself.”

“Im so ashamed! We only managed to react until now.

Senior is indeed worthy of being called our senior.”

Nangong Ling and the rest could not help but reveal deep yearning and respect for Ye Xiao in their eyes.

For a person to be so powerful to such an extent was simply godlike!

In the suburbs, Ye Xiao condensed nearly a thousand sword rays and pushed them all into the teleportation array.

The teleportation star array was a two-way communication route.

Star beasts could use the teleportation array to teleport over, while Ye Xiao could naturally use it to teleport into it.

After the sword lights slashed out, Ye Xiao stepped into the array as well.

At the same time, in the grand canyon, under the commands of the team leaders, the star beast troops stepped into the teleportation array that led to the various cities one after another.

Lingnan, Wanghai, Jiangxia… Tens of thousands of star beasts had been teleported to every city.

The saint emissary stood proudly in the air with his hands behind his back.

He looked at the star beasts that were coming one after another with excitement in his eyes.

“My fellow clansmen, its time for the human race to feel the fear of being ruled by us star beasts!

“Fight for the rise of the star beasts and crush the human race!”

“Crush the Humans!”

“Crush the Humans!”

The star beasts shouted excitedly and raucously.

They had waited for more than 50 years for that day!

After more than 50 years, they had been secretly accumulating their strength, just so that today, they could crush the humans in one fell swoop!

That was a plan set by the martial arts experts of the star beasts organization when the beast calamity happened more than 50 years ago.

The goal was to completely suppress and rule the humans on that planet.

“Reporting to Saint Emissary, the star beast troops of Wanghai city have all been teleported!”

“Reporting to Saint Emissary, the star beast troops of Lingnan city have all been teleported!”

“Reporting to Saint Emissary, the star beast troops of Jiangdong city have all been teleported!”

Excited voices sounded one after another, and the saint emissary nodded in satisfaction.

“The next city, Jianghai city! Begin the teleportation!”


“Star beast troops heading to Jianghai city, prepare to enter the teleportation array! Begin the teleportation!”


Many star beasts could not speak in human language.

They could only roar to express their excitement and thirst for blood.

Soon, the first wave of star beasts to Jianghai city, a total of 5,000 star beasts, stepped into the teleportation array.

The array was lit up, and a wave of impure air from the human city rushed toward them.

However, just as the teleportation array was opened, an ear-piercing sound suddenly echoed.

The star beasts could not help but show confused expressions.

The star beast saint emissary and the group of higher-ups also revealed shocked expressions.

“This sound is… ”

Only Huan Liuli who was tied to the flagpole suddenly lit up and tears of excitement welled up in her eyes.

“Hahahaha! Its him! Its him!

“My master is here!

“Its time for you all to die!”

In the next moment, the teleportation array under the feet of thousands of star beasts suddenly lit up.

Dazzling rays of light burst out from under the feet of the star beasts.

The intense force blasted countless star beasts into pieces on the spot.

However, that was only the beginning.

Soon after, golden sword rays that contained immense force shot up into the sky and crashed into the cliffs on both sides of the canyon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sword rays were too fast.

They rubbed against the air and produced bolts of lightning.

At that moment, the sound of explosions, sword light, and all kinds of electric sparks… Exploded wildly throughout the entire canyon.

Its powerful strength even shattered the boulders into dust in the blink of an eye.

It was simply the end of the world!

The star beasts were scared out of their wits.



“Quick, protect the Saint Emissary!”

A few grandmaster-rank star beasts rushed forward and protected the saint emissary behind them.

In the end, a huge hole that was thousands of feet wide was blasted out of the canyon.

The sword lights did not stop there.

They continued to shoot into the sky and carried away the dust.

The sword rays were like rockets, shooting into the sky one after another.

It was as if they were playing an earth-shattering manual game!

One second, two seconds, ten seconds… Only after a hundred seconds did the entire canyon return to silence.

The smoke and dust had also been blown away.

If not for the starlight that shone in from above, and the starry sky that had been blasted away by the clouds, making it seem as if there was not a single speck of dust.

The star beasts would not even dare to imagine that the place had just… Suffered a devastating blow!

“How… How is this possible”

The higher-ups of the star beasts in front of the saint emissary looked at the entire canyon in disbelief, their faces full of confusion.

The strength of the other party had simply shattered their worldview.

It was definitely not a group of people attacking.

The power of each sword light was terrifyingly strong, and the power of each sword ray was exactly the same.

It was impossible for the human race to have so many martial arts experts at the same time, and the sword light they emitted was as equal as twins.

However, with so many powerful attacks, if they were all attacked by one person, how strong would he be

The saint emissary narrowed his eyes and stared at the teleportation array.

He had just heard Huan Liulis words.

The person who came was Huan Liulis master

Previously, he had thought that Huan Liulis master was at most a grandmaster.

After all, a human beastmaster could control star beasts that were much stronger than him.

Otherwise, there was no need for him to be a beastmaster.

However, he did not expect the other party to be so strong!

Judging from his strength, the other party had probably already surpassed a great grandmaster!

Soon, a young figure wearing black pants and a black jacket slowly walked out from the teleportation array.

All the star beasts were in a mess.

He was actually… So young

How was that possible

Even a divine grandmaster who had the ability to retain ones looks could not appear so young.

That was because one had to be at least 50-60 years old to reach the divine grandmaster rank.

No matter how skilled one was at retaining ones looks, one would still look around 20-30 years old.

However, that fellow was not more than 20 years old.

He was way too young!

How old was he

He actually had such powerful strength

Could it be that another genius of the era had appeared in the human race

The instant Huan Liuli saw him, she could not help but shout excitedly,

“Master, Im here, Im here!”

When Ye Xiao heard the voice, he raised his head and looked over.

His face could not help but twitch for a moment.

The plot was not quite right.

According to the law of the plot in the movie, she should have become a beautiful and valiant star beast Leader who would ignore him

Why was she tied to the flagpole Moreover, she was beaten so badly that he almost did not recognize her.

That fellow… Was that humiliated

“You are her master”

A voice not far away pulled Ye Xiaos gaze over.

He glanced at the other party.

With just a glance, he could tell that the other party was the saint emissary that Huan Liuli had mentioned.

That was because he was the only one here with a cultivation of Xiantian fifth grade.

To catch a thief, one must first catch the leader.

With a thought, five saber rays slashed out, aiming straight at the five star beast grandmasters in front of the star beast saint emissary.

“Not good! Quick…”

Before the wordretreat could be said, the five star beast grandmasters were instantly killed in the next second.

They were split into ten halves!


The saber rays momentum did not decrease.

It shot onto the stone wall behind the star beast saint emissary, creating five deep saber marks, causing a cloud of dust to fill the air.


The star beast saint emissary swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Ye Xiao was very strong!

So strong that even he, the star beast saint emissary, could not help but tremble.

When did the human race have such a powerful entity

How come he had never heard of him

“Saint Emissary!”

“Human, how dare you!”


The other star beasts roared furiously.

The saint emissary was their commander.

If Ye Xiao attacked the saint emissary, it would be violating their bottom line.

Even if they knew that they were no match for him, they could not allow Ye Xiao to hurt their saint emissary!

In the entire canyon, the star beasts roars rose and fell one after another.

It was extremely ear-piercing and made ones eardrums hurt.


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