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Chapter 125: The Day the Seven Stars Alignment Descended

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Ye Xiao still remembered that he had watched some movies in his previous life.

Many spies had done very well, but in the end, they ended up becoming someone elses boss.

Could it be that… Huan Liuli had also been given a high-ranking position and fallen under someones control

After all, she had a dragon-class bloodline, so the other party should value her more.

Moreover, he did not know if there were any divine grandmasters among them.

If there were any, they should have some means to erase the spiritual imprint that he had left in Huan Liulis mind.

In that case, it was not impossible for Huan Liuli to rebel.

When he thought of that, Ye Xiaos gaze turned slightly cold.

If Huan Liuli really rebelled, then he would definitely not let her off easily.

He fiddled with the spatial storage ring in his hand, his eyes flashing as if he was deep in thought.

Tomorrow would be the day when the seven stars aligned.

At that time, the star beasts would definitely open the spatial teleportation array inside that ring.

At that time, he would take the opportunity to kill his way over and find Huan Liuli.

Whoever dared to betray him would die!

At the same time, on the other side, at the border between Chu and Zhong province, under a canyon in the hundred thousand mountains, screams of pain could be heard.

“Ah! Stop it! Stop it! My bones are going to break! Sob, sob, sob…”

Huan Liuli was tied to a stone pillar and whipped countless times.

That little face of hers was crying like an endless faucet.

One could not help but feel pity for her.

“Pathetic! As a star beast, you were enslaved by humans and even became their slave.

You still have the face to beg for mercy Serves you right!”

The one whipping the whip was a black panther-shaped star beast grandmaster.

After spitting at Huan Liuli, he jumped down from the platform, causing the myriad of star beasts to let out excited roars.

The Black Panther grandmaster came before another star beast martial arts expert who had completely evolved into a human.

He only had two cheeks and a trace of a strange mark.

He had not fully evolved into a human yet.

“Ive long noticed that theres something wrong with her.

Shes always acting mysteriously and sneakily.

She even secretly sends out waves of spiritual energy from time to time.

“Its a pity that she has the Phantom Cats bloodline and is naturally suited to cultivate spiritual energy.

The subordinates I sent to monitor her are like two sharp knives in terms of spiritual energy cultivation.

Theyve been listening in on her over and over again, but they still couldnt hear her clearly… They only vaguely heard one word, but they did not know what that word represented.

“In the end, they came back to ask the great grandmaster, Shi Kui, and found that the word was actuallymaster!

“Im so angry.

This damned traitor cat.”

The saint emissary nodded.

“Fortunately, you discovered her identity as a spy in time.

Otherwise, our plan to counterattack the human race might very well have failed.”

“Saint Emissary, Ive already broken the relationship between her and her human master.

However, as a majestic dragon-class star beast, wouldnt it be better if she betrayed us and became the humans star pet Wouldnt it be better to make an example of her”

The elder called the saint emissary glanced at Huan Liuli.

“Shes still a child.

“She had been deceived by the humans for a while.

With time, she would gradually change.

“Breaking off her connection with the humans was to cut off her path of retreat.

If she wanted to look for the humans again, she would have to consider whether she would be killed by the angry humans.

“After all, she was also a star beast with a dragon-class bloodline.

When she grows up in the future, she would be a great help to us.

“If we can avoid killing her, its better not to.”

“Saint is wise.”

“Pass down the order.

At midnight sharp, open the teleportation space leading to a few large cities.

At midnight tonight, slaughter everyone in the human world!”


The star beasts lined up in formation.

Countless star beasts let out bloodthirsty roars in the canyon.

Huan Liuli, who was no longer being whipped, could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

She looked at the star beasts below and could not help but shake her head.

That group of pitiful fellows still did not know what kind of trickster they were going to face.

With just those hundred thousand, even if they were blessed with the seven stars, they would probably all be turned into meat skewers by that fellow, right

Originally, she would still feel some pity for them on account of the fact that they were also star beasts.

In the end, she did not expect that they would actually beat her up so miserably.

‘Then dont blame me for being heartless.

The star beasts in that place included chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, cows, sheep, dogs, fish, prawns, crabs… There were all sorts of races.

When the time came, he would fry, cook, grill… Ye Xiao would eat it to his hearts content.

Needless to say, at that moment, Huan Liuli suddenly felt that following Ye Xiao was not that bad.

At the very least, she could eat well and drink well.

She could also quickly raise her cultivation.

Why not… Consider adding some more time

She could first be his slave for 700 years, right

After 700 years, she would probably have eaten quite a lot of good things.

Her cultivation should have already increased very strongly.

At that time, it would not be too late for her to become independent again.

Time passed little by little.

Very soon, it was midnight.

At that moment, the seven bright stars in the sky finally shifted to a straight line along with their trajectory.

At that moment, the magnetic field between heaven and earth seemed to have suddenly undergone a strange change.

The spiritual energy contained in the air suddenly rose rapidly.

Ye Xiao, who was reading at night in the library, slowly walked to the window.

As a peak great grandmaster, he could naturally easily feel this slight change.

‘Is it about to start

He faintly felt that the divine souls Golden Book in his body was a little restless.

That made Ye Xiao raise his eyebrows slightly.

The divine souls Golden Book was absorbing spiritual energy at a faster rate.

What was going on

Could it be that the seven stars alignment also had a special effect on the humans divine soul

With doubt, Ye Xiao used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and his spiritual energy rapidly spread out.

In the end, he discovered that the other humans divine souls did not undergo much change.

What was going on

Only his divine soul, like the star beasts, had a reaction to the seven stars alignment

What was so special about his divine soul

However, time did not give Ye Xiao the chance to think too much because he suddenly sensed that the ring in his pocket was emitting a strange spatial fluctuation.

The spatial teleportation array inside the ring had been opened.

The star beast army was coming!

With a thought, Ye Xiaos body instantly disappeared from where he was and reappeared.

He had already arrived at the outskirts of Jianghai city, an inconspicuous area.

He placed the storage ring on the ground.

The spatial formation gradually took shape until it formed a huge teleportation door with a diameter of more than 30 feet.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel a thick bloodthirsty aura coming from the other end of the teleportation door.

At that moment, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery had already covered a radius of several hundred miles.

Chaos had already begun to break out in the other cities around Jianghai city.

People from the two nearest cities started to cry out in alarm.

“Star Beasts! Star beasts are here!”

“Where did the star beasts come from Why are there so many star beasts”


“Quick, defend, defend!”

All kinds of panicked screams and wails started to spread one by one.

Ye Xiao knew that the spatial gate in front of him would soon have countless star beasts rushing out in an attempt to devour and destroy the humans in Jianghai city.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiaos eyes suddenly turned cold.

Of course, he would not allow such a thing to happen.

When the danger was about to arrive, he would use a cannon to welcome it and destroy it in its cradle.

With a thought, a ray of light shot out from behind Ye Xiaos back.

It was a pure golden sword ray that contained the powerful sword intent of the Heaven-cleaving Sword and the powerful spiritual energy of a peak great grandmaster, it was a powerful amplification of the imperial technique.

Following closely behind was the second ray, the third ray, and the fourth ray…

Soon, the entire night sky behind Ye Xiao was lit up.

Countless golden sword rays lit up nearly half of Jianghai city.

The martial arts experts of Jianghai city sensed that power and gathered together, their eyes filled with shock as they watched the scene.

“What a powerful power! Oh my God, this power is simply shocking.

Its unbelievable.”

“How many people in the entire nine provinces can do this”

“Sword light! Could that be our Jianghai citys unparalleled swordmaster”

“Its him! It must be him!”

“But, why would he appear at this time Our Jianghai city hasnt encountered a star beast yet.”

Just as everyone was puzzled, Du Tianyu immediately rushed over and shouted,

“Everyone, something bad has happened.

Lingnan, Wanghai… the surrounding cities have all suffered large-scale star beast raids!”

“How is that possible Didnt the Shaolin Martial Arts Academys grandmaster Fa Zheng sweep through the surrounding cities”

“Even if there are star beasts, it cant be on a large scale Did you make a mistake”

Du Tianyu stomped his feet anxiously.

“Its true.

The cities are in chaos now.

The star beasts suddenly charged out of the cities and caught them off guard.

Theyve all gone mad.”

Everyone looked at each other.

They could see the shock in each others eyes.

A large-scale star beast ambush and it was from within a city

Could it be… A teleportation array

How was a teleportation array established in a city

A teleportation array was no ordinary star array.

If one wanted to establish one, one would have to go through a lot of trouble.

Its movements were definitely not small.

If a star beast wanted to establish a star array in a few cities, it would definitely be discovered by others.

Why were they not discovered by any of the cities

At that moment, Du Changfeng suddenly thought of something.

“A spatial ring! Last month, did the Dongfeng Auction House auction off storage rings in a few cities”

When he had been teaching in the Jing province, he had read in a book that the storage rings could record some teleportation arrays.

During the war with the star beast, they had extremely special effects.

When he thought about the heated auction of spatial rings in several cities, he immediately guessed how the star beasts had entered the city.

When he said that, everyones expressions changed.

“D*mn it, wheres our Jianghai citys spatial ring”

“The person who bought the ring is the boss of Jianghai citys Hengxiao construction group, Ma Chunheng.”

“Quick! Contact him!”


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