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Chapter 124: Master, if You Dont Come Over Now, Im Going to Become the Boss

Halfway through todays shift, Director Ouyang went to work in the afternoon.

She gathered all the staff members of the library and started the meeting.

“Ive gathered everyone here today mainly to talk about the seven stars alignment.

“As everyone knows, on the day of the seven stars alignment, the star beasts will riot.

The date has been confirmed to be around the middle of October for seven days.

“During these seven days, the entire Jianghai city will be in an unsafe state.

“Therefore, according to the previous defense mission, the governors manor requested that all the employees of the various units not be allowed to return home.

They were to gather in the nearby buildings that were strong enough to resist the star beasts.

“All the members of our library must live in the dormitories.

“Those with family members can also be brought over.

They can only leave the library on the day of the unsealing.”

In order to resist the invasion of the star beasts, humans had strengthened the buildings in the city.

The defensive capabilities of these buildings were much stronger than Ye Xiaos in his previous life.

However, there was still a limit to it.

In order to prevent the buildings from being destroyed by the star beasts, humans were exposed to the star beasts on a large scale.

Therefore, they needed some specific buildings to provide protection for humans in times of crisis.

Schools, libraries, and some large-scale hiring companies… The density of the building materials was several grades higher.

Apart from that, there were also some defensive arrays to protect them.

It was difficult for the star beasts to attack these places, and the warriors in charge of participating in the battle would be arranged to fight against the star beasts on the outer and inner roads of the city.

That could minimize the casualties of humans to the greatest extent.

As for those ordinary buildings, although they might be damaged, they would not be overly wrecked.

The country would compensate them.

After the meeting, they would take a half-day off in the afternoon to give the employees some time to move the valuable items in their homes in advance, such as weapons, protective equipment, rare materials, etc., in order to prevent excessive economic losses.

Ye Xiao did not care.

He could use his storage ring to store the entire yard.

Moreover, he was a bachelor and did not have a girlfriend.

He was living alone in the librarys dormitory, so the whole family did not have to worry.

Therefore, while others were still busy looking for family members and moving things, Ye Xiao was still reading in the library.

Just like that, another two days passed, and there was finally news from Huan Liuli.

It was a piece of spiritual energy information.

Huan Liuli was a member of the Phantom Cat clan and specialized in spiritual energy.

Hence, it was very easy for spiritual energy to transmit information.

Spiritual energy information could be transmitted in the air in a certain direction and then retrieved near the target.

When it met the target, it would automatically attach itself to it.

Furthermore, it was encrypted.

Unless it was an extremely powerful spiritual cultivator, it was impossible to crack it.

Forcefully cracking it would only result in the destruction of the information.

After Ye Xiao received the information, he directly decrypted it with the Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

“Master, master, Ive already found out what their aim is.

These star beasts really have a big plan.

They set up teleportation star marks in their storage rings and then sold the storage rings to the humans in various cities.

When the seven stars align, they will directly teleport the star beasts over.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

Clearly, he did not expect that the star beasts would have such a method.

Looks like the star beasts intelligence was quite high.

On the human side, before the day of the seven-star alignment, they would first clear out a wave of star beasts.

They had originally thought that they would deal with fewer star beasts on the day of the seven stars alignment, but in the end, the star beasts directly changed their strategy.

They would use the spatial storage ring to hide the teleportation array and then wait until the day of the seven stars alignment before teleporting the star beasts over.

In that way, the defenses that the human race had prepared in advance would all be useless.

However, Ye Xiao was not too sure how many people the other side had and how strong they were.

If they did not have many people and their cultivation was not strong, there was no need to be nervous.

However, if they had many people and there were martial arts experts overseeing the situation, then he would have to pay more attention.

Ye Xiao was not a saint, but if the other party posed too much of a threat to Jianghai city, such as massacring millions of human warriors and severely injuring Jianghai city, he would not be willing to see it.

Putting aside the fact that he was still a human, who would be able to see their own race being massacred by other races as if they were slaughtering chickens and dogs

Just say that the human race had suffered great losses, and the star beasts forces were gradually growing stronger.

In the end, the entire human race would be cut off from the incense and fall into a land of eternal damnation.

He would not be having an easy time either.

He was still aware of the principle that the lips were dead, and the teeth were cold.

Moreover, if he could kill so many star beasts, he would definitely obtain a lot of fresh blood.

When that time came, would peace come soon

Ye Xiao had coveted it for a long time.

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao sent another encrypted spiritual energy message according to the coordinates sent by his spiritual energy and transmitted it over.

The general idea was to have Huan Liuli properly inquire about the number of the other side and how many martial arts experts they had.

After completing that matter, she would return and he would reward her with a medicinal pill.

As for him, he used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to sweep around and found that spatial storage ring.

It was placed in the safe by the rich man who had bought it.

He had even set up an array formation to protect it.

That made ye Xiao extremely speechless.

Those rich people had really treated it as their father when they bought a luxury item.

The cost of building that safe was estimated to not be lower than 100 million.

If you bought it, then just bring it along.

At least when someone saw it, they would say,

“F*ck! He brought a storage ring!”

The point of buying it was to be pretentious, right

Why would he buy it if he was not pretentious

Ye Xiao could not be bothered to communicate with him.

Presumably, even if he asked him for it, he would not give it to him.

Therefore, he directly used the Divine Intent to teleport over.

He had just learned the imperial array so it could not be any easier to solve such a small array.

Then, he immediately took the ring away.

That rich man probably bought it back to store it in the safe, like it was a treasure.

He did not read the rest because Ye Xiao did not see any news of the police call.

Just like that, for the next few days, Ye Xiao was reading in the library, waiting for news from Huan Liuli.

Ever since the master and servant were connected, they had been communicating with their spiritual energy every day.

On the first day.

“Hey, Master, Ive successfully infiltrated their inner circle and am currently collecting information.

Master, you said that you wanted to give me medicinal pills.

What kind of medicinal pills are you giving me Are they grandmaster-grade medicinal pills”

Ye Xiao replied, “Yes!”

On the fifth day.

“Hey, Master.

I have become their little captain.

They have a total of seven big teams that were in charge of Jianghai city and the surrounding cities.

Each team has a total of around 20,000 star beasts! They are divided into a total of more than 140 teams.

However, they seemed to be starting to suspect me.

Please come and save me quickly.”

Ye Xiao said, “Check again.

How many martial arts experts do they have How many grandmasters, how many great grandmasters, and do they have a divine grandmaster”

On the tenth day.

“Hey, master, it wasnt easy for me to deceive them.

I have already found out that each of their team leaders has the strength of a Xiantian first-grade martial artist.

“They have more than ten Xiantian second-grade company leaders.

As for the squad leaders, each of them has the strength of a Xiantian third grade.

“Theres also a saint emissary who has the cultivation of a Xiantian fifth grade!

“Please come quickly.

They want me to be a squad leader and lead a team to attack Jianghai city!”

Ye Xiao said, “Check again.

Is there a divine grandmaster”

However, in the next few days, Huan Liuli disappeared without a trace again.

That made ye Xiao feel a little puzzled.

Hence, the seven stars were aligned.

It was only a day away and it was about to arrive.

During the day, Ye Xiao could already see the seven connected stars in the sky.

The atmosphere in the entire Jianghai city had already started to become serious.

Everyone on the streets had already entered a fully armed state.

Could it be that Huan Liuli did not suppress her bloodline and went into a frenzy, rebelling

Was she eliminated by someone

With great doubts, Ye Xiao could not help but take the initiative to send a spiritual message for the first time.

“Huan Liuli, did you find out”

To his surprise, Huan Liuli actually replied to his message very quickly.

“Find out what”

“The number and strength of the star beasts!”

“Oh, Mr.

Ye, have you forgotten that I am a star beast Do you think that I will tell you the secret of my kind Just wait to be punished by my wrath!”


There seemed to be something wrong.

Huan Liulis mind had been implanted with his spiritual energy.

Although she was an air-head, she was not stupid enough to dare to go against him so openly.

Otherwise, he could kill her with a thought!

Could it be…


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