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Chapter 123: Where Did the Cat Go

Currently, Ye Xiao already had the Overpowering Saber and the Heaven-cleaving Sword in terms of offense.

In terms of spiritual energy, he had the Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

In terms of protection, he had the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, and he also had a set of Imperial Armor, the black scale armor.

In terms of spiritual energy endurance, he had the Violet Sea of Stars mental cultivation technique.

In terms of artifact refinement, he had Godly Craftmanship, and in alchemy, he had the Ten Thousand to One.

He also had a Divine Intent technique that was extremely powerful in both chasing and escaping.

In terms of healing, he had the Mending the Heavens technique and the Morning Star Method.

In addition, he had the current star array, the Heavenly Creation Array.

In addition, his cultivation was already at Xiantian sixth grade, at the peak of the great grandmaster rank.

He was just one step away from advancing to the divine grandmaster rank.

He had already come up with so many cultivation techniques without realizing it.

Ye Xiao felt extremely gratified.

It had already been more than a year since he came to that world.

That result was still considered within the range that he was satisfied with.

It was not in vain that he had been diligently studying for so long.

What should he cultivate next

It would be great if he could cultivate imperial techniques because he already had quite a few of them.

From the Mending the Heavens technique and Morning Star Method, imperial techniques could be synthesized once again.

He really wanted to see how powerful the cultivation technique he would obtain after synthesizing the imperial technique would be.

However, there was no other way.

Based on the current scale of the library, it was almost as difficult as ascending to the heavens to obtain the imperial technique.

Perhaps he should think of a way to obtain some imperial techniques from somewhere else.

Then, he could use his imperial technique to synthesize with them.

However, after thinking about it carefully, there was no need to be too anxious.

That was because his current cultivation was only at the peak of the great grandmaster rank, and he had yet to reach the divine grandmaster rank.

It would not be too late to think about the imperial technique synthesis after he reached the peak of the divine grandmaster rank.

After all, after his strength reached that level, at the very least, there were not many people on Earth who could threaten him.

He calmed his mind and soul then scanned through the cultivation techniques in his divine soul.

Currently, among the basic cultivation techniques, there were six strike techniques, which was the most out of all the other cultivation techniques.

There were also four palm techniques.

It seemed like he could consider those two types of cultivation techniques.

As for the beastmaster technique, puppet technique, and poison master… He was not interested in them at all.

It was too troublesome to learn them.

Besides, he did not like to place his strength on some star pet or puppet.

Only when he was strong would he be truly strong!

Moreover, a person like Huan Liuli did not have a very high IQ.

If he were to give her mental control, then he could casually trick her.

With a carrot and a big stick, he could transform her into a little sheep at any moment.

What Beast Tamer Technique would she learn Wouldnt that be superfluous

Speaking of which, where did Huan Liuli go

Why had she not returned yet Could the silly cat be lost

After thinking for a while, Ye Xiao could not think of a reason.

He could only shake his head and stop thinking about it.

It was better to go to work first.

As for Huan Liulis matter, he would talk about it after he sensed it.

When he came to the library, Ye Xiao heard his colleagues discussing in a low voice.

“Have you heard This time, the seven stars are aligned.

Our Jianghai city has gathered a garrison team, a hiring company, and school students.

There are a total of more than two million private martial artists.”

The current population of Jianghai city was seven to eight million people.

Moreover, almost all the people in that world were martial artists.

It was just that their cultivation levels were either high or low.

Therefore, those two million people were actually very weak.

After all, the vast majority of them were ordinary people of the first or second rank of the Houtian realm.

“Is there a need to be so strict Our Jianghai city is so peaceful.

Usually, not even a strand of star beast hair can be seen.”

“Its always good to be cautious.

Moreover, most of the people are just volunteers.

If they really want to fight, in terms of lethality, they have to be at least Houtian fifth grade or above martial artists.”

“I heard that the commander this time is Grandmaster Nangong Ling of the Jianghai city garrison team.

In order to let him better command, the nine provinces alliance even gave him a grandmaster-grade medicinal pill worth more than five million, allowing him to use it to advance to Xiantian second grade

“Grandmaster-grade medicinal pill, just hearing it makes me so envious.

My house is going to be demolished soon if I can buy one…”

“What are you thinking about Although the market price of a grandmaster-grade medicinal pill is more than five million, it isnt something that can be easily bought with money.

“If you want to buy a grandmaster grade medicinal pill or above, you need to verify your aptitude.

If your aptitude isnt enough, the nine provinces alliance wont allow you to buy and consume it.

“After all, grandmaster-grade medicinal pills are very rare.

You need to use them as much as possible to nurture high-level martial artists.

“Grandmaster Nangong Ling was able to obtain them because his aptitude was very high.

Back then, at the age of 32, he advanced to Grandmaster first grade.

His Falling Rain Sword was even more superb.

“Now, hes only 40 years old and has great potential.

Before the age of 60, he has a high chance of advancing to the great sect!”

At that point, everyone was filled with envy and jealousy.

Ye Xiao was reading a book not far away, so he could hear those words clearly.

Actually, he had long heard of Nangong Ling.

When he was young, he could be considered a famous heavens favorite in Jianghai city.

He was the kind of child that belonged to prominent families.

In the nine provinces, and even in the world, the average age for a grandmaster martial artist to advance to the grandmaster rank was around 40 years old.

To be able to advance to the grandmaster realm at around 30 years old was already considered a genius.

Take Piao Jiansheng as an example, he had the personal guidance of a top-tier divine grandmaster.

His swordsmanship was also at the level of an imperial technique.

He must have swallowed some decent medicinal pills before.

However, his cultivation was still only at the Houtian ninth grade.

For a genius like him who was slightly below the Xiantian first grade, he had started practicing martial arts since he was young and had advanced to the Xiantian realm.

If there were not any fortuitous encounters, he would probably be around 26 or 27 years old.

One could imagine the difficulty of breaking through to the Xiantian realm.

He was currently in his early twenties, less than 21 years old, and within a year, he had advanced from Houtian first grade to the pinnacle of the great grandmaster rank of the Xiantian realm.

He was probably the only one in the world.

At the end of the day, it was all thanks to the strength of his divine soul.

Other than martial arts, ordinary people would mainly cultivate one or two cultivation techniques.

After a while, they would be distracted.

It was far more cost-effective to cultivate one or two cultivation techniques alone.

Moreover, they had to meditate or fight before they could activate the martial arts in their bodies and cultivate to accumulate their cultivation.

The divine soul alone had almost reached ten martial arts, and all of them were imperial techniques.

They also cultivated on their own at all times.

It was like playing a game.

Of course, the speed was far from what ordinary people could compare with.

As for the medicinal pill, the medicinal pill that he refined with the black-scaled snake should be above the level of an ordinary grandmaster-grade medicinal pill.

Although it had not reached the level of an imperial-grade pill, it was definitely not something that an ordinary grandmaster-grade medicinal pill could compare to.

It was at least comparable to five or six ordinary grandmaster-grade medicinal pills.

From the looks of it, it was not an exaggeration to say that he had cheated.

Not only did he open the back door, but he also tried his best to open it as wide as possible!

He only wanted to say that the heavens were a little crazy about that!


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