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Chapter 121: Unyielding Huan Liuli

In Ye Xiaos small courtyard, the master and servant pair stared at each other.

Ye Xiao sat on the chair and looked at Huan Liuli with an indifferent expression.

She was trembling in fear, like a primary school student who had done something wrong and was caught by their parents.

She knew that Ye Xiaos silence was even more terrifying than his speech.

She could feel that at that moment, her master was searching through her memories.


After a long while, Huan Liuli really could not endure the pressure and mumble with a trembling voice.

Ye Xiaos eyelids twitched and he immediately said,

“500 years, very thoughtful.

Then, in order to prevent you from taking me in as your pet after 500 years, Ill peel off your skin and pull out your tendons to refine into a medicinal pill right now.

“After all, its a Xiantian second-grade grandmaster-level star beast, and its nutrients are not little either.

We cant waste it.”

Huan liuli was sweating and quaking in fear.


Without any unnecessary words, Huan Liuli immediately knelt on the ground, crawled two steps, and hugged Ye Xiaos calf, wailing loudly.

“Master, youve got it all wrong.

Dont kill me.

Cat meat isnt tasty, but its sour.

Even if you refine it into a medicinal pill it will still be sour.

Its easy to get sore teeth! Sob, Sob, Sob…”

“Then what should I do The lifespan of a star beast is too long.

What if after a few hundred years, you really surpass me What should I do”

Huan Liuli cried even more miserably.

“Master, dont joke with me.

With your leveling speed, I will never be able to catch up to you! As long as youre around, Ill be your star pet, your servant, and your dog!”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Thats true, but Im still very unhappy.

You have to do something to make me happy.”

Huan Liuli hurriedly nodded.

“Dont talk about just one thing.

Even if its a hundred or a thousand, I wont hesitate.”

“Ah, you said it yourself.

I didnt force you.

Those two beastmen shouldnt have come to Jianghai city at this time just to look for you, right Their cultivation is at Xiantian second grade.

“With such cultivations, they are not simple existences even in some beastmen organizations.”

Huan Liuli sniffled and said with a dazed look on her adorable face,

“And so”

“Youre a star beast.

Go outside Jianghai city and look for a few star beast organizations to investigate.

Find out what they are here for.”

Ye Xiao had a vague feeling that the unease in his heart earlier might be related to those two beastmen.

He had cultivated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and could already conduct a soul search.

However, when Huan Liuli shouted for help just now, at the critical moment, he used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to directly blast the other partys head and soul into ashes, not leaving a single trace behind.

The Mending the Heavens technique and the Morning Star Method were two great healing imperial techniques.

If he wanted to repair them, he would at least need a trace of a soul.

However, when Huan Liuli heard Ye Xiaos words, she suddenly exploded.

“What Master! What are you asking me to do ! No, no, no, no, no.

No matter what, Im still a star beast with a dragon-class bloodline.

Even though I was taken in by you as your star pet, I cant be a traitor.

I cant go and pit my own people.”

Huan Liuli had some principles.

It was not a problem for her to kill a few star beasts, but if she were to spy on the entire star beast race, who knew how many star beasts would be killed.

That had already exceeded the bottom line that she could bear.

“Youre really not going”

Ye Xiao asked once again, and Huan Liuli said with a serious expression,

“Absolutely not! Even if I were to be killed by you, skinned, pulled out my tendons, and refined into a medicinal pill, I definitely wont go!”

“Alright then.

I originally thought that if you were to help me spy on the information, I would reward you with a medicinal pill so that you can advance to Xiantian third grade a little earlier! Now, it seems that its better for me to eat it myself.”

Huan Liuli was speechless.

Regardless of her shock, Ye Xiao actually directly refined the two star beast corpses and was about to completely turn them into a medicinal pill right in front of her.

The Ten Thousand to One techniques refining speed was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, a golden medicinal pill was refined.

It spun around in the air and emitted an alluring medicinal fragrance.


Huan Liuli swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Seeing that Ye Xiao was about to put the medicinal pill into his storage ring, her little hand directly grabbed the medicinal pill.

“Master, I have a secret that has been hidden in the bottom of my heart for many years.

“Actually, no matter how many star beasts there are, they cant compare to my loyalty to you!

“Isnt it just spying on them for information

“Working for Master is the glory of my existence.”

After saying that, she got up in a flash and with a leap, her body left the courtyard as she ran out of Jianghai city.

Just as she left the courtyard, she could not wait to stuff the medicinal pill into her mouth, afraid that Ye Xiao would go back on his word.

As the medicinal pill entered her mouth, a refreshing fragrance surged into her nose and went straight to her forehead!

“Sigh, this medicinal pill is really fragrant!”

After eating the medicinal pill, Huan Liuli felt the spiritual energy in her body begin to boil.

Although it was not to the extent of advancing to Xiantian third grade, it could definitely increase her cultivation by a large margin!

At that instant, she suddenly felt that being together with Ye Xiao was quite useful.

At least during the period of time since she met Ye Xiao, her cultivation had indeed increased quite a lot.

It seemed like she had to stay by Ye Xiaos side safely.

Only then could her cultivation increase even faster.

For the sake of her own improvement, star beast compatriots should temporarily sacrifice themselves.

‘Your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Your blood and bones will nurture a supreme star beast emperor!

‘Give me 500 years, no,500 years is too little.

Add another 100 years, 600 years!

‘After six hundred years, I will definitely trample Ye Xiao under my feet and accept him as my pet.

Every day, I would spank his little buttocks to take revenge for you.

After Ye Xiao saw Huan Liuli leave, his mood became much more relaxed.

As long as he found the source and solved it, there would not be any problems.

Actually, even if he did not use his spiritual energy to search Huan Liulis thoughts, he would be able to guess it.

Huan Liuli was a star beast, and it was difficult to tame her wildness.

Tang Sanzang had used quite a bit of time to subdue Sun Wukong.

How long had he been with Huan Liuli

However, Ye Xiao would not kill Huan Liuli.

That was not because Huan Liuli had a dragon-class bloodline.

Although a dragon-class bloodline was rare, it was still possible to steal an egg from a star beasts nest.

What he really cared about was Huan Liulis IQ.

No matter how strong the cats growth was, her low IQ was irreversible.

A low IQ meant that it was easier to control.

It was easy to find a dragon-class bloodline, but it was not so easy to find a dragon-class bloodline and a star beast that was easy to control.

At that moment, Gu Hai called.

“Hello, Old Ye, have you eaten”

“Not yet.”

“Thats good.

Come to Qingya residence.

Lets eat something good tonight.

I have to thank you properly.”

“Im not going.

You dont have money.

I paid for the last meal.”

“I brought money this time.

My wife gave it to me.”

“Then Ill be there right away.”

“Hurry up.

If youre late, you wont be able to book a private room.”


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