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Chapter 119: Why Have You Only Just Arrived

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao soon arrived at the hospital ward.

Gu Hais parents eyes were a little red.

Lu Wanwan was lying on the hospital bed.

Her face was a little pale and her forehead was covered in sweat.

Lu Wanwans mother was also there.

She kept wiping her daughters forehead.

“Ye Xiao is here!”

Father Gu greeted him.

Ye Xiao nodded and walked to the front of the hospital bed.

“What happened”

Mother Lu said,

“When Wanwan was walking, she sprained her ankle.

Her body flashed for a moment, and the fetus moved violently.

The doctors have already used healing techniques and placating medicine to calm it down, but the effect is not great.

They said that they have invited a doctor from the neighboring city who specializes in placating babies.

Im just afraid that the child wont be able to last.”

Her parents kept blaming themselves.

“Its all our fault.

If only we had accompanied Wanwan.”

Although Lu Wanwan felt very uncomfortable, she still tried to persuade them,

“Dad, Mom, dont blame yourself.

You have to look after the shop and cook.

I was too careless.

Besides, didnt you always say that Im blessed by the heavens Ill definitely be fine.”

Mother Lu quickly said,

“At a time like this, you still have the mood to comfort others Youd better stop talking and save your strength.”

Lu Wanwan nodded.

Ye Xiao did not say too much nonsense.

He only used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to take a glance and understood that the umbilical cord between Lu Wanwan and the child was injured.

The wound was on a small blood vessel, so it kept bleeding.

With the healing techniques of the doctors in Jianghai Hospital combined with medicine, they still did not have the ability to stop the bleeding.

The childs umbilical cord was damaged, resulting in insufficient oxygen delivery.

Just like a drowning person, he naturally had to keep punching and kicking, which caused the fetus to move.

According to the current situation, in at most three minutes, the child would start to suffocate, which would lead to hypoxic brain damage and complete death.

Fortunately, he came over.

His mind moved slightly, and he directly used the Mending the Heavens technique to repair the umbilical cord.

He also repaired the discomfort caused by the lack of oxygen for the child, and the child quickly calmed down.

Lu Wanwan was stunned, and then she said in surprise,

“Eh The child seems to have stopped kicking!”

Mother Lu was shocked.

“Why did he suddenly stop kicking Quick, call the doctor.”

The child, who had been struggling violently, suddenly stopped moving.

That was even scarier than the moving!

They hurriedly wanted to call a doctor, but just as they turned around, a few doctors in white coats quickly rushed in.

One of the younger doctors wiped the hot sweat on his forehead and said with a smile,

“Sir, youre really lucky.

Professor Guo just happened to come to our Jianghai city on a business trip.

He doesnt need to rush here from outside.

With him around, you dont have to worry.”

Father Gus eyes lit up, and he suddenly said in surprise,

“Professor Guo Is He that famous woman and child specialist in the medical field of the nine provinces”

The young doctor nodded.

“Thats him! His level in the field of women and childrens medicine can be said to be one of the top few existences in the nine provinces.

Even in the whole world, his level is also top-notch.

“With him around, Mrs.

Lu will definitely be fine.”

Hope has rekindled in the eyes of Father and Mother Gu as they looked at each other with hope.

Professor Guo did not waste any more words.

He directly walked forward and placed his hand on Lu Wanwans wrist to begin the test.

However, after a few seconds of the test, his face suddenly darkened.

He turned around and left Lu Wanwan.

“Nonsense! This is nonsense!”

Everyones heart sank again.

“Professor Guo, Whats wrong”

Professor Guo glared at the young doctor.

“Shes fine.

The child is fine too.

The fetal movement is normal.

The child is normal.

Theres nothing unusual.

Yet, youre telling me how serious it is.

You want me to follow you all the way from the station to this ward.

Are you playing with me”

The young doctor was stunned.

“No… Im not!”

“Hmph! Stop giving me riddles.

Ill personally talk to your director about this matter!”

After saying that, Professor Guo left in a huff.

The other doctors quickly chased after him.

“Professor Guo, let me explain.”

Father Gu, Mother Gu, and Mother Lu could not help but look confused.

“Strange! Could it be that hes really fine Didnt the other doctors say that the problem was very serious when they examined him just now”

Lu Wanwan smiled and said,

“He should be fine.

After all, everyone has heard of Professor Guos name.

Hes the great master of the nine provinces medical world.

Theres no way he would make such a small mistake in his examination.”


But no matter what, its good as long as theres no danger.”

Everyones worry turned into joy.

Only Ye Xiao did not change much.

That was because he knew what had happened.

Professor Guos standard was indeed good.

Ye Xiao remembered that when he was reading the news in the library, he had seen his introduction.

However, his Mending the Heavens technique was really too strong!

The Mending the Heavens technique was an imperial-level healing technique.

Repairing injuries were far from what the other party could compare to.

It was able to treat Lu Wanwan perfectly, to the extent that it would not leave a trace of her past injuries.

That caused him to be unable to detect any injuries when he checked her pulse, or when he used his spiritual energy to check!

“Since theres nothing else, then Ill go back first.”

“Okay, thank you so much for taking the trouble to come over.”

“Uncle is too polite.

Gu Hai and I are good friends, its our duty.”

“Ill send you off.”

“Theres no need.

You guys take good care of Wanwan.

I still have some other matters to attend to.”

“Then… Alright.”

Seeing that he said he had matters to attend to, Father Gu did not insist on sending him off.

In reality, Ye Xiao indeed had matters to attend to.

That was because just as he was treating Lu Wanwan, his spiritual energy suddenly detected two unusual auras!

The aura of a beastman!


At that moment, in a small alley behind the hospital, Huan Liuli was lying on a wall, thinking about beastmen.

According to the current situation, it would be very difficult for her to deal with Ye Xiao, so it would be impossible for her to escape from his control!

Ye Xiao was a trickster.

He had many tricks, high cultivation, and strong strength.

He was a talent that had a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, body, art, and labor.

Moreover, he was developing very quickly.

That could not go on!

However, what method could she use to help her defeat Ye Xiao one step earlier

While she was in a dilemma, her cat body suddenly trembled.

Her gaze instantly became fierce as she looked at the corner of the alley.

“Who is it Get out!”

“Hehehe… As expected of a star beast with a dragon-class bloodline.

Its strength is indeed very strong.

It immediately saw through our hiding place.”

In the next moment, two figures walked out from the corner.

Huan Liuli looked at the two people with vigilance.


“Thats right.

We are here to pick you up under the leaders order, Lord Phantom Cat.”

Huan Liulis body trembled, and her eyes instantly became misty!

It had been more than 50 years!

Finally, the star beast organization came to pick her up!

“Why are you so late It has been more than 50 years, a whole 50 years.

Do you know what I have been through these 50 years”


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