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Chapter 118: A Bad Premonition

‘Wheres the snake meat

‘Hey, wheres the snake meat

Huan Liuli ran around the entire cellar at high speed.

Looking at the empty cellar, there was not even a bit of meat left.

The cat was in a mess.

She was wondering why Ye Xiao had a sudden advancement earlier.

He must have refined the entire black-scaled snake into pills!

‘You deserve to be killed by the heavens.

Ye Xiao, cant you leave some for me

Huan Liuli was so angry that she trembled in fury.

Her little pink fists were clenched tightly and creaking sounds could be heard.

Without the black-scaled snake meat, how could she raise her strength

When would she be able to advance her cultivation

In 500 years, how could she accept Ye Xiao as her pet at that rate

D*mn it!

D*mn it!

“Ye Xiao, youre so ruthless.

Just you wait! When the day comes when Im able to make a comeback, Ill definitely step on you and make you lick my feet instead of washing your feet every day!”

From the cellar came the impatient voice of Ye Xiao.

“Cant you be quiet down there Whats all the noise”

Huan Liuli shivered and quickly replied in a delicate voice,

“Calm down, Master.

Ill move around a little more quietly.”

Having said that, she wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

No way, Ye Xiao is currency too strong, he is not her opponent.

Just endure for the time being.

It was rumored that in the past, there was a Wu Wangfu of the human race who was willing to endure hardships Today, there was her, Huan Liuli, who endured humiliation and became an undercover slave!


On the other side, at the auction, the spatial ring bidding had also completely come to an end.

In the end, it was bought by a wealthy man from Jianghai city at a price of 310 million.

In the hotel opposite the auction, two tall and thin figures could not help but raise the corners of their mouths slightly as they watched people walk out of Dongfeng Auction House.

“Mission accomplished!”

“The people of the nine provinces thought that they were smart.

Before the day of the seven stars alignment arrived, they first sent martial arts experts from all over the world to patrol and eliminate all the star beasts, beastmen, and tiger demons.

They thought that we wouldnt be able to invade the human race.”

“Unfortunately, it cant stop the leaders intelligence.”.

“We can use the spatial storage ring to hide the teleportation star array.

When the day of the seven stars alignment begins, we can use the teleportation star array to teleport a large number of star beasts into the city.”

“This time, well definitely make the humans on this planet pay an indelible price!”

The two figures looked at each other and smiled.

Their pupils were as vertical and unhuman-like.

“According to the leader, more than 50 years ago, when the humans opened the spatial defense line, a Phantom Cat cub followed the star beasts to the human world.

The last place it disappeared was in Jianghai city.

“This time, we must find her.

“A star beast with a dragon-class bloodline has great potential.

It will help us fight against the human race in the future.

“However, even so, she has been away from the star beast for more than 50 years.

If she lived with the human race for more than 50 years, it would be enough for her to change her mind.

What if she is close to humans and isnt willing to work with us”

Another figures eyes flashed with ruthlessness.

“Thats even easier.

Both of our bloodlines are almost completely converted into star beasts.

If we have a dragon-class star beast, it would be enough to completely convert the remaining human blood in our bodies into star beast blood.

“If she dares to turn to humans, then eat her!”

For the next month or so, the entire Jianghai city remained calm.

There were no star beasts, and there were no special incidents.

Other than the martial artists on the streets who began to carry weapons and appeared slightly serious, everything else was normal.

For some reason, Ye Xiao had a bad feeling.

It was not because he had cultivated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, but because when his cultivation reached Xiantian sixth grade and he was at the peak of the great grandmaster rank, he seemed to have an additional biological sense.

One had to know that ants, insects, swallows, and other small animals would sense in advance before some natural disaster was about to arrive and then run to a safe place.

His cultivation had risen to Xiantian sixth grade, which was already very strong.

The range of his senses was naturally much stronger than insects and small animals.

Therefore, he did not think that his feeling was illusory.

However, he did not understand what that meant.

According to common sense, old monk Fa Zheng had already cleaned up all the star beasts in Jianghai city.

He had already used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan it several times and confirmed that matter continuously.

The only threat in the entire Jianghai city might be King El.

However, with King Els strength, he should not pose too much of a threat to the entire Jianghai city.

What was his sixth sense worrying about

After thinking about it, Ye Xiao still could not figure it out.

He could only try his best to raise his strength so that he would not be unable to face the disaster when it came.

What he read next were books on star arrays.

He had learned five basic types of star arrays and branded them on the divine souls Golden Book.

It would be a little difficult to synthesize them in a short period of time.

However, it was enough for him to carve some basic star arrays on his storage ring.

Defensive star arrays, locking star arrays, and other star arrays for example.

He even added a trace of spiritual energy to the ring to prevent it from being lost.

Those basic star arrays were definitely not worthy of such a good spatial storage ring.

However, the storage ring could only be used if it left him.

If it did not leave him, he would have the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to block it… No one would be able to see through its tricks!

As for the rest, once he synthesized the imperial-level star array arrangement method, he would be able to easily set up the imperial-level star array.

On that day, Ye Xiao was reading when his phone suddenly lit up.

It was a call from Gu Hai.


Ye Xiao had just picked up the call when Gu Hais anxious voice came from the other side.

“Hello, Old Ye, are you there Are you free now”

“Im fine.

Its nothing serious.

Tell me.”

“Just now, my parents called me, they said that they have a stomachache in the evening and have already been sent to the hospital.

“But Im on a mission outside.

Theres a group of children from the third affiliated group who are on a field trip.

They encountered a star beast.

I cant leave the children behind and go back.

“If youre free, help me take a look.

My parents are old.

Im afraid that they wont be able to handle some matters well.”

“Alright, Ill make a trip over.”

“Old Ye, thank you.

Ill definitely treat you to a meal when I get back.”

“Then why are you being so polite Carry out the mission with peace of mind.”

“Alright, Ill hang up first.”

“Take care of yourself.”

Ye Xiao Hung up the phone, closed his book, and rushed to the hospital.

The two of them were good friends.

Moreover, Gu Hai was currently on the run for the safety of Jianghai city every day.

If he did not even help with such a small favor, it would be too cold-blooded.

However, that also made Ye Xiao somewhat puzzled.

Could it be that his bad premonition was referring to that matter

After all, from a certain point of view, Gu Hai was his good friend.

He was a part of his family and friends.

Was it because his family was in danger That was why he had a premonition


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