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Chapter 117: Its Big

Xu Damao smiled and explained,

“A 35-cubic-feet spatial storage ring, in terms of its actual meaning, is definitely not much stronger than a grandmaster-grade item.

“But the problem is that it also has some additional attributes, such as… Face.”

Ye Xiao was stunned and was momentarily speechless.

He had almost forgotten the greatest characteristic of a spatial ring.

Other than being able to store things, it was also very rare.

As the saying goes, the rarer something is, the more valuable it is.

Due to that reason, it was given the attribute of a luxury item.

Of course, a luxury item could not be calculated according to common sense.

In the end, it was because Ye Xiao was too poor.

After two lifetimes, he had never been truly rich.

He would easily spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy something that far exceeded its actual value.

That did not conform to Ye Xiaos concept of consumption.

That was the reason why Ye Xiao did not think of why spatial rings were so expensive.

“So thats why.

Ive learned my lesson.”

At that moment, the auctioneers at the auction became even crazier.

The prices increased again and again, and in the blink of an eye, they broke through 150 million.

Moreover, they did not have any intention of stopping.

Seeing that Ye Xiao had been waiting, Xu Damao was also a little embarrassed, so she opened her mouth and said,

“What do you want to buy Ill quickly help you clean up.”

“Black sand gold, iron essence, sticky yellow mud.

Each one weighs 220 lbs.”


Xu Damao rolled up her sleeves and rushed out in a hurry, bringing three bags of materials for Ye Xiao.

“I didnt weigh them in detail, but they definitely weigh more than 220 lbs.

You can have them at the price of 220 lbs.

Theres a price list on the wall.

You can calculate the price yourself.”

With that, she ran back to the computer to watch the live broadcast.

Ye Xiao smiled helplessly.

He glanced at the price list on the wall, paid the money, picked up three bags of materials, and left.

In the world of martial artists, some things were very convenient.

It was effortless to carry a few hundred pounds of things.

Unlike the humans on Earth in his previous life, who could carry a bag of rice a few stories, they might need to rest for a while.

When he returned home, it was already evening.

Ye Xiao immediately began to forge a ring.

He was prepared to forge a ring that was similar to an ordinary one.

As long as it was not too eye-catching, it would be fine.

He first chose the one with the purest color from all the obsidian stones.

The black one was somewhat translucent.

It was true that he was low-key, but he could not be lacking in looks.

After all, Ye Xiao was only in his early twenties and was still a young man.

Then, he used the spiritual energy in the shape of a sword and carved the obsidian into the shape of a ring.

Then, he used Godly Craftmanship to start forging.

First, he integrated the attributes of the black sand gold, iron essence, and yellow clay into it, forming the foundation of the spatial ring.

Then, he extracted the weak spatial power from all the other obsidian and injected it all into that ring.

As the spatial power was continuously injected, the color of the obsidian also became purer.

The other obsidian began to turn into stones, stones without any special characteristics.

After Ye Xiao absorbed all the spatial power from the obsidian, he directly created a pure rectangular space according to what he thought in his heart.

In that way, it possessed the special ability to store.

When Huan Liuli who was lying on the roof saw that scene, she fell into a deep dilemma.

Ye Xiao, that fellow, how can he even refine a spatial storage ring

He can even grasp spatial energy

Saber technique, sword technique, movement technique, body refinement, mental cultivation, spiritual energy, healing technique… Now, adding on refining artifacts and alchemy…

What could he not do

Why did it feel like she really had no way of surpassing Ye Xiao in just 400 years

How about… Adding another 50 years

No, 50 years probably would not do.

That fellows methods were getting greater and more varied.

It was simply unfathomable.

Adding another 100 years!


500 years!

After 500 years, she would definitely be able to surpass Ye Xiao and become a star beast prodigy of the generation, a peak martial arts expert.

She had to reach the pinnacle of the star beasts, a level that Ye Xiao could only dream of reaching.

Shee had decided that tonight, she would go into the cellar and steal some of the black-scaled snakes meat.

Previously, when she ate the black-scaled snakes meat, her blood essence had surged slightly.

If she wanted to advance to Xiantian third grade, she would definitely be able to do so by eating some more.

After Ye Xiao refined the ring, he tried it on his hand.

It looked pretty good.

Then, he immersed his mind in his ring and entered the space in the middle of the ring.

He could not help but exclaim.

“So big!”

Previously, he had only molded the spatial power, so he did not know how many cubic feet of space could be formed by the corresponding value of the spatial power.

Now, it seemed that the storage space formed by that cart of obsidian was at least as big as a three-story villa.

In the cultivation novels of his previous life, the spatial ring that could easily take in a huge mountain was definitely not comparable, but it was definitely enough for Ye Xiao.

Moreover, in the future, he could continue to absorb the spatial power from more obsidian and continue to improve.

The spatial ring that was sold at the auction previously was estimated to be worth two to three hundred million.

That spatial ring of his was so big.

Its value was probably more than ten billion.

It was estimated to be on the scale of a hundred billion.

That was because spatial rings were very rare to begin with, and the rings that were large in space were even rarer.

Spatial rings that were large in space were no longer just the elements that added luxury goods.

They were also truly useful elements.

Some examples would be transferring goods on a large scale, transporting martial artists…

Of course, Ye Xiao would not sell them either.

As the saying went, a man is not guilty of a crime while possessing wealth is a crime.

Once such a good spatial ring was spread out, it was no longer just a transaction in terms of money.

It would probably attract the covetous eyes of many martial arts experts.

It would still be fine if it was a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster, but what about a peak Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster

Moreover, even if he could defeat the other party, his identity would definitely not be hidden.

At that time, he would attract the attention of the entire world, and he would feel uncomfortable even if he went to the toilet.

In short, the harvest was still very big.

With that ring, he would no longer have to worry about being discovered if he stored the star beasts meat or other materials.

Next, he would take some time to learn about arrays and then inscribe the arrays on them to do some encryption and defensive protection.

Speaking of which, the underground cellar should also be leveled up to prevent anyone from discovering anything unusual in the future.

Thinking of that, he swept a glance at Huan Liuli on the roof.

Huan Liuli was lying on the roof, drooling, with a dazed look on her face.

From time to time, she would even laugh until she twitched twice.

That made Ye Xiao very speechless.

She was clearly a beautiful girl, so why did she give people the feeling that she was always scheming

“Hey, are you done daydreaming”

Ye Xiao shouted, and the silly smile on Huan Liulis face suddenly stopped.

She wiped the drool at the corner of her mouth and jumped down.

“Whats wrong with Master”

“Go, level the cellar below.”

Huan Liulis eyes lit up.

Good heavens, she really got what she wanted.

There was black-scaled snake meat in the cellar.

If she went to work, she could just eat some.

“Dont worry, Master.

I promise to complete the mission!”

After saying that, Huan Liuli quickly rushed into the cellar.

However, when she came to the cellar, the entire cat was instantly dumbfounded.

Black-scaled snake meat


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