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Chapter 116: The Madness of the Rich

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Du Tianyu revealed an envious expression.

How lucky he was to be able to work for that senior!

Last time, because of that fancypants from the Zhao family, the other party only gave him a warning and did not even appear before him.

His own uncle not only saw the other party but also received orders from them.

It was truly a great honor!

He really hoped that one day, he would be able to serve that kind of unrivaled martial arts expert!

After Ye Xiao came down, he very quickly found Wang Dalong.

That fellow had collected as much as a small truck of obsidian for him.

It was also thanks to the fact that obsidian was cheap.

After a whole truck came down, it only cost around 100,000 yuan.

The spatial power contained in obsidian was very weak, so he needed to buy more.

After the transaction, Ye Xiao rented a small truck and loaded all of Wang Dalongs obsidian into it before sending it to his house.

He had enough obsidian, but to make a spatial ring, he needed other materials and carriers.

That was because although obsidian was hard, it was relatively brittle, a little like jade.

It could not withstand too high a temperature.

If it were to encounter some special attack, it would easily shatter.

Most importantly, according to the size of its own body, obsidian could only withstand a certain amount of spatial energy.

If it was too much, it would not be able to handle it.

Ye Xiao was prepared to add some other materials.

One example would be, obsidian black sand gold, which could alleviate the brittleness of obsidian.

It could make the texture of obsidian more ductile, allowing it to slightly deform, so that it would not be crushed during battle.

That concept was roughly equivalent to putting a membrane on a phone screen.

Even if it was smashed, the broken glass on the screen would not fly everywhere.

Then, there was the addition of iron essence, which could repair cracks on its own.

If it was damaged, it could also repair itself.

In addition, it was best to add a layer of sticky yellow mud.

The special thing about sticky yellow mud was that it could constantly maintain its form, ensuring that even if the obsidian was ruptured, the interior would not break apart.

With these three things added together, it would be able to refine a pretty good spatial ring.

Ye Xiao poured a truckload of obsidian into the courtyard.

That thing was not very valuable, so there was no need to specially guard it.

After that, he had to return the car to the car rental place.

Before he started refining, Ye Xiao had already begun to yearn for the convenience of a storage ring.

If he had a storage ring, then he would really be able to bring as many things as he wanted.

He would be able to bring it wherever he wanted.

His mother would no longer have to worry about his travels.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao quickly arrived at Boss Xus materials store.

Boss Xu was not there.

Xu Damao was watching the store.

She was munching on melon seeds while watching the live broadcast on the computer screen.

“Wheres Boss Xu”

Ye Xiao asked.

She spat out the melon seed shell and pointed at the screen in front of her.

“My father went to participate in the auction.

He probably wont be back for a while.

Look, hes still on the screen.”

“Why does he have the leisure and need to go to an auction”

“Dont you know This auction has been advertised for a long time recently.

Its an event that Dongfeng Weapons Company holds every year all over the nine provinces.

“In the auction, there will be some very good items that can not be bought normally.”

Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

There seemed to be such a thing.

It was probably a little similar to a certain treasure singles day in his previous life.

However, the auction would not have any special offers.

It would just take out some good items that warriors usually..,.

Did not have the chance to buy would be put up for auction.

For many warriors, this was a good opportunity.

They could take the opportunity to obtain a high-end weapon that they liked, or better pills, or cultivation techniques…

“Since Boss Xu is not here, help me get some materials.”

“Wait a moment.

Theres a special item now.

Ill finish watching this first.”

Ye Xiao nodded and sat on the sofa in the shop, fiddling with his phone.

The public account on his phone shares the latest news from Jianghai city.

There was a link to a portal that displayed the live broadcast of the auction.

Since he had nothing to do anyway, Ye Xiao clicked on it out of boredom and entered the live broadcast channel.

What was currently being auctioned was a ring.

“This is…”

Ye Xiao was somewhat stunned.

It was actually a spatial ring.

No wonder Xu Damao said that the special item was coming.

After a short explanation from the auctioneer, Ye Xiao had some understanding of that spatial ring.

It had a storage capacity of about 35 cubic feet.

Other than being able to temporarily store living things, it also had a star array engraved on it.

It also had defensive and preservation properties.

The fresh items placed inside would not rot.

Regarding that point, it gave Ye Xiao a wake-up call.

Previously, he felt that the star array did not have much of an improvement on him for a short period of time, so he did not pay too much attention to it.

Now, it seemed that he still had to find time to learn it.

The star array did not have much of an improvement on his actual combat strength, but it was very useful for some of his daily support.

Very few times, it could also slightly assist him in battle.

The defensive function for example.

When the ring was on his hand, he would definitely not lose it, but what if he lost it It would be easy for others to open it, right

With the star array, it could prevent others from forcefully breaking into the storage ring.

If the other party was too strong and was able to crack the ring, they could directly trigger the explosion formation and blow them up into pieces!

There was also the preservation function.

Previously, when he dug the cellar to store the black-scaled snake meat, he had bought some simple ice formations to preserve it in case it went bad.

In the future, he would collect the star beasts corpse in the storage ring.

If there was no preservation array, what if it went bad

King Ayers wildebeest for instance.

Its tendons and flesh were so fresh and chewy.

It would be a pity if it went bad!

At that moment, the auctioneer had finished his explanation.

In the end, he said passionately,

“For such a top-grade storage ring, the starting bid is not 100 million, nor 50 million! Only 10 million! Each increment is not lower than 1 million.

If you miss such a bargain, you will regret it for the rest of your life! If you are tempted, you will act.

What are you waiting for The auction begins

“10 million, 1 million!”

“15 million!”

“20 million!”

As soon as the auctioneer finished speaking, everyone immediately went crazy and started competing for the ring.

In the blink of an eye, the storage ring was raised to a price above 80 million.

Looking at the trend, breaking through 100 million was just a piece of cake.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

‘Its just a 35-cubic-feet spatial storage ring.

Its actual function should be about the same as a grandmaster-grade item, right Are these people crazy Why did they raise the price so high

He had never read any books on storage rings..

There were very few books on that aspect, so he could not understand what those people were doing.


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