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Chapter 115: The Nature of the Conflict Between Humans and Star Beasts

Ye Xiao scanned through the other partys memories and could not help but be a little stunned.

He clearly did not expect that the other party was actually injured by that You Wei of the Silver Fox clan.

When he saw the enmity between the Silver Fox clan and humans, he did not want to say anything more.

It was the same old routine again.

Humans and star beasts were in undying love, but the law did not allow it.

Blah, blah, blah, it was as if it was a chat room.

However, as he scanned Du Changfengs memories, Ye Xiao grasped a piece of knowledge that he had not understood before.

That was something that could not be found in books.

When Du Changfeng was a professor at the Jingdu Martial Arts Academy he had obtained an extremely secret matter through studying ancient texts.

That was the question of the origin of the conflict between the human race and the star beast race.

It turned out that in the universe, the most talented was not the star beast race, but the human race!

Although the star beasts were born with a unique bloodline and did not need to cultivate, as they grew older and devoured other star beasts, they could continuously increase their strength.

However, there was a difference between success and failure.

Due to the bloodline, the star beasts were restricted to the peak of their family.

Unless one could change the limit of their bloodline by devouring those with extremely strong bloodlines, they would not be able to advance further.

Once they reached a certain age limit, they would die.

However, a star beast with a stronger bloodline would also mean that it would be stronger than itself!

Therefore, it was almost impossible for that method to succeed.

Moreover, the star beast could only use the abilities contained in its bloodline.

However, humans were different.

Humans could learn and obtain the star beasts abilities.

Humans could learn sword techniques or saber techniques for instance.

Although the forms of the humans divine soul were different, they could only play a supporting role.

They could not play a decisive role in the direction of cultivation.

Therefore, the star beasts would devour humans in order to obtain human learning abilities.

At the same time, they would also use methods like producing beastmen to obtain human abilities.

That was also why humans would strictly forbid humans and star beasts from combining.

In the end, beastmen would definitely be assimilated into star beasts.

Once star beasts obtained human methods, it would be a huge disaster for humans.

In short, both humans and star beasts had their own needs.

Humans needed star beasts to refine cultivation techniques and refine pills and weapons.

Star beasts needed humans to obtain learning abilities.

That resulted in both sides becoming enemies.

“Senior… Senior.”

Du Changfeng cautiously called out to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao returned to his senses and did not say anything.

He merely flicked his finger and used the Mending the Heavens technique on him, helping him recover from his injuries.

Du Changfeng was a decent person and had contributed a lot to Jianghai city.

He had also taught many outstanding students for the nine provinces.

Moreover, he himself was also a great grandmaster.

He was a pretty good fighting force in the nine provinces, and he could make a lot of contributions to the country.

Ye Xiao using the Mending the Heavens technique was a piece of cake for him, so he casually helped him.

After he used the healing cultivation technique, Ye Xiao said lightly,

“I live in seclusion in Jianghai city.

I dont want to be paid too much attention.”

Before Du Changfeng could speak, he was already wrapped in warm energy.

Then, he felt that the injuries on his body were quickly healed.

In the blink of an eye, he was as good as new.

“What a powerful healing technique!”

Du Changfeng was so shocked that he was speechless!

The level of that healing technique was simply like seizing the fortune of Heaven and earth.

It was the strongest and the best among all the healers he had ever seen!

To be able to heal the injuries of a great grandmaster in an instant was simply too monstrous.

Previously, there was intelligence that said that there was a high-level healer in Jianghai city.

Now that he looked at it, they could be the high-level healer!

It could be said that they were an unrivaled top-notch healer.

Not to mention the entire nine provinces, even if it was placed in the entire world, it would still be dazzling enough.

The number of healers was extremely rare compared to warriors, much less those with great talent.

The other party also practiced martial arts and cultivated it to its pinnacle.

Du Changfeng felt that he had stayed in the Jingdu Martial Arts Academy for so long, but he had never met such an existence!

By the time he reacted, Ye Xiao had already left.

He looked at the position where Ye Xiao had stood just now and could not help but sigh.

‘He really is a god!

After a pause, his expression changed to one of solemnity.

‘Senior, dont worry.

With me around, Jianghai city will definitely not spread the news of you on a large scale.

On Ye Xiaos side, he had already returned to the surface.

The increase in his cultivation gave him more confidence in fighting King El.

Thinking of King Els muscular body, he could not help but swallow two mouthfuls of saliva.

Tendons and meat were the most delicious.

They were chewy, full of blood essence, and were rich in nutrients.

Fry, cook, stir-fry, bake, marinate, sauce… He could not think about it anymore.

He wanted to buy a few pounds of beef and mutton right now.

At that moment, Wang Dalong sent a message saying that he had collected all the obsidian stones and that Ye Xiao could retrieve them at any time.

Ye Xiao replied to him with a message and headed toward the agreed place.

Du Changfeng also quickly landed.

Du Tianyu ran over immediately.

“Uncle, have you seen that martial arts expert”

Du Changfeng nodded with a smile.

“Yes, I have.”

“What does he look like”


Looking at the expectant expression on Du Tianyus face, he coughed lightly and looked into the distance with a profound gaze.

“He had a white beard and white hair.

He was dressed in a heavenly silk robe.

He looks like a banished immortal, transcending the mortal world!”


Du Tianyu could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, and then nodded with a serious expression.

“As expected of a mysterious martial arts expert.

Only an immortal is worthy of his otherworldly image!”

“His cultivation has already reached the realm of heaven and earth creation.

It is far from what you and I can imagine.

My guess is that he has definitely entered the divine sect.

“Although he is not on the World Dragon list, his cultivation might not be weaker than those martial arts experts on the Dragon list.”

Du Tianyus heart shook!

“That powerful”

One had to know that there were more than 50 divine grandmasters in the world.

However, there were only 50 people who could enter the Dragon list.

Du Changfeng nodded solemnly.

“With a flick of his finger, he healed all the injuries that I received from the Silver Fox clans great sect, You Wei.

And he healed them in an instant.

How many people on the Dragon list do you think can do such a thing”

“Oh my God!”

Du Tianyu was completely stunned on the spot.

“This… This senior is actually that terrifying”

“Even though thats the case, he specially instructed me that he is only living in seclusion in Jianghai city.

He doesnt want others to disturb his life.”

After saying that, Du Changfengs chin was slightly raised, filled with a sense of pride and mission.

After all, that was an order personally given to him by that senior martial arts expert.

In the entire Jianghai city, besides him, who else could have such an honor


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