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Chapter 114: Advancement to Xiantian Sixth Grade

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao suspected that the Ten Thousand to One alchemy technique not only absorbed energy, blood essence, and other nutrients together, but it would also change the taste to bring out a good taste.

When the alchemy technique was synthesized, he had already started sleeping, so he did not see what the basic words of the technique were.

It was not very easy to distinguish the Ten Thousand to One alchemy technique.

However, it did not matter as long as the taste was good.

For a veteran foodie, not only could he obtain a cultivation technique, but he could also satisfy his appetite.

What could be more perfect than that

After the medicinal pill was swallowed, all the cultivation techniques in Ye Xiaos body began to circulate rapidly, frantically absorbing the majestic spiritual energy in the medicinal pill, and then fusing it into Ye Xiaos seven meridians and eight veins.

It was as if several rockets had been triggered in his body.

Overpowering Saber!

Heaven-cleaving Sword!

Violet Sea of Stars!

Divine Intent!

Indestructible Diamond Divine Art!

Even the Godly Craftsmanship of artifact refinement and the Ten Thousand to One alchemy technique were driving a portion of the spiritual energy to wash through Ye Xiaos meridians.

Only the spiritual cultivation technique, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, was not activated because it was used to cultivate spiritual energy.

It would only be activated when it was replenished by spiritual energy.

Ye Xiao was also extremely glad that he had cultivated the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art previously.

He cultivated too many cultivation techniques, to the point that when he circulated them in his meridians at the same time, it would cause a great amount of pressure.

It was equivalent to being able to withstand a high voltage wire of 10,000 volts, which meant that he had to endure tens of thousands of volts or even higher pulse pressure.

If it was in the past, his meridians would probably have exploded, and it would have been very troublesome instead.

Now, there was no need to worry about such a problem.

The Indestructible Diamond Divine Art had strengthened his body and his meridians!

He could completely withstand several powerful imperial techniques and carry a large amount of spiritual energy to circulate in his body.

Under the guidance of so much spiritual energy, Ye Xiaos body soon erupted with an intense golden light, enveloping him within it.

Moreover, he also felt that his cultivation had undergone a rapid change.

Previously, he had already comprehended the true meaning of Xiantian sixth grade martial arts.

Hence, after receiving that portion of spiritual energy, he easily broke through to that level.


Along with a fluctuation coming from within in his body, Ye Xiaos cultivation finally advanced to Xiantian sixth grade.

At that moment, Ye Xiao could feel that the strength that could erupt from his body was a huge change from quantity to quality.

How should he put it

It was like a homebody who had been inactive for a long time, who had become fat, and his limbs were not working properly.

Suddenly, he had become a well-built, well-muscled, and well-trained athlete!

The strength that one could control and exert was many times stronger than before.

One also had to have an even sharper ability to control it.

Actually, when ones cultivation reached Xiantian fourth grade and became a great grandmaster, the cultivation of a martial artist as well as the speed at which one could control spiritual energy were already a quantitative change compared to that of a grandmaster.

The difference in process of breaking through to Xiantian sixth grade compared to Xiantian fourth grade was an optimization.

While increasing the quantity, it also increased the quality!

In addition, within the great grandmaster rank, the development of the three true meanings of martial arts, from individuals to friends, to dignity and the heart of freedom, to fighting to become stronger!

The mentality was also raised from a small figure who was more selfish to a broader sense!

That might be the reason why the Xiantian realm was divided into the three ranks, grandmaster, great grandmaster, divine grandmaster!

That was because every rank had its own unique developmental characteristics when cultivating.

That also made Ye Xiao understand why there were still so many ordinary people in the world of martial artists who held high positions.

On one hand, true martial artists tended to be more inclined to cultivate.

With more time to cultivate, it was naturally impossible for them to have too much time to deal with government affairs.

On the other hand, martial artists who gradually became stronger would also have a stronger mentality.

They no longer desired power!

Just think about it.

You could kill countless experts with a single thought.

What power would you care about

What a joke.

Cultivation itself was the greatest power!

Of course, martial arts experts would definitely not be so boring, because they also had a higher vision.

A strong person might disregard the life of an ant, but it was impossible for him to kill an ant himself.

That was because the other party could not possibly pose a threat to him!

That was the confidence of a strong person!

Ye Xiao clenched his fist, and a series of cracking sounds came from his finger bones.

It was not the sound of his bones trembling, but the explosion of the Spirit Qi in his body.

There was too much spiritual energy in his body.

The soil in the cellar began to gradually flatten and gradually spread outwards.

It was as if there was an invisible expansion machine that was squeezing the soil around him.

With a thought, Ye Xiaos body instantly disappeared from the cellar and appeared in the vast sky.

He had just advanced and his strength was too strong.

He wanted to release some of this strength.

That was not something he could easily control.

The power was too strong!

At that moment, the clouds above Jianghai city began to spread in all directions, continuously flowing backward.

In addition, a golden light was released in the sky, as if a second small sun had appeared.

That magical scene attracted countless people to take photos and be curious.

In the governors manor, when Du Changfeng saw that scene, his pupils could not help but contract.

“A martial arts expert is advancing”

He took a deep breath and immediately stepped into the air, arriving in front of that ray of golden light.

“This humble martial artist, Du Changfeng, pays my respects to you, my senior! You have been in Jianghai city for many days, but I have never seen your true appearance.

Today, when I looked at the heavens, I was so excited that I came to greet you.

I hope that you will not take offense.”

In the golden light, Ye Xiao did not have to worry about Du Changfeng seeing his appearance.

He swept a glance at him and was surprised to discover that Du Changfengs body was actually heavily injured.

That was a fellow great grandmaster.

How could someone injure him

Could it be that there were other martial arts experts above the major sects in Jianghai city

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes and directly used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan Du Changfengs memories.

Du Changfengs body trembled.

As a martial arts expert from a major sect, his spiritual energy had already been cultivated.

Hence, he could faintly sense that Ye Xiao was searching through his memories.

That made his heart even more shocked.

Too powerful!

His senior was simply so powerful that it made ones hair stand on end!

As a martial artist, cultivating spiritual energy could only serve as support.

Very few people focused on cultivating spiritual energy because that would be too much of a waste of time.

Even so, the person in front of him, while his martial cultivation was so powerful, he actually cultivated such powerful spiritual energy.

When the other scanned him, his spiritual energy could not even resist!

What kind of heaven-defying method was that


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