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Chapter 111: A Set of Armor That Caused a Bloodbath

“Dont you practice saber techniques Is a throwing knife also considered a saber”

Ye Xiao deliberately made a very common-sense joke.

Qin Yuyan picked up the throwing knife and smiled.

“Throwing knives are hidden weapons.

I dont specialize in practicing hidden weapons either.

My uncle bought this for me a few days ago.

“It was forged by a very strong blacksmith.

Its power is much stronger than an ordinary grandmaster-grade throwing knife.”

“Oh Which blacksmith is so powerful that he could refine such a powerful throwing knife”

Hearing that question, Qin Yuyan shook her head.

“I dont know about that.

There are laws in the nine provinces that dont allow private inquiries about the identity of blacksmiths.

Only people sent by the authorities can inquire about it.

“My uncle wanted to use some means to ask about it before, but I didnt let him ask.

Otherwise, there would have been a lot of trouble.”

“Thats a pity.”

Ye Xiao said faintly.

Qin Yuyan nodded, and the two of them left.

After leaving the library, Ye Xiao frowned and began to think.

It seemed that even if he sold it to Boss Xu, it would not be safe for Boss Xu to sell it to the weapons firm.

Boss Xu would definitely sell it to the weapons firm in the end.

The weapons firm would record Boss Xus information.

If someone really wanted to investigate, it would be easy to find him by following the clues.

Even if Boss Xu did not say anything, the other party could still get a rough idea of the transaction information from the bank.

Then, they would lock on to him.

If it was not because it was too troublesome to go to the black market, he would have gone to the black market long ago.

However, it was still alright for now.

It was only a grandmaster-grade throwing knife.

It was not a particularly expensive weapon, so no one would deliberately keep an eye on him.

It was just that in the future, he could not do such a thing anymore.

There was one more point.

He had to take some time to modify Boss Xus memories, including the information about the throwing knife and the reason for the transfer of the money with him.

Yes, changing it to a throwing knife that was refined by Boss Xus ancestors instead will do.

As for the transaction of the bank card, it was because… He had taken a fancy to Xu Damao, and Boss Xu had asked him to leave her alone, so he had spent money to get rid of him.

However, that did not seem very reasonable.

Although Ye Xiao did not want to belittle people, any normal person would think that it was Boss Xu who begged him not to leave Xu Damao.

It was better to change it to something else.

It was also reasonable to change it to Boss Xu wanting him to marry into the family.

After all, he had already proposed that idea before.

There was another problem.

It was the cellar under his house.

In order to store the snake meat of the black-scaled snake, the cellar had been expanded by Huan Liuli.

Although it was located in the suburbs, it was hard to guarantee that it would not be discovered occasionally.

Although she could use her spiritual energy to interfere at home and no one would notice, it was still quite dangerous if she was not at home.

Especially now that the seven stars alignment was approaching, in order to prevent Huan Liuli from going crazy, she had to stay by his side at all times.

If he continued to inspect the star array and set it up, it would waste too much time.

He did not have the mood to study the star array now.

It would not improve anything in the short term, and the benefits were not worth it.

It was said that there were also very high-level cultivation techniques that could control the power of space and store things.

However, that kind of cultivation technique was too high-level.

It might not be easy to find it in a small city like Jianghai city.

Then, he would have to consider using the refining technique to refine something with the ability to store space.

In his previous life, when he read novels, many cultivation novels mentioned such things, right

There was something called a storage ring.

Ye Xiao had read about it in the library.

In that world, there seemed to be some storage tools with spatial powers.

However, it was not as exaggerated as the storage rings in the cultivation novels.

It was so strong that it could fit a huge mountain!

If one wanted to make a storage ring, they would need special materials with spatial attributes.

Ordinary steel was difficult to refine.

However, it was not expensive because refining a storage ring had very high requirements for a refiner.

Only a top-tier refiner had the qualifications to refine a storage ring.

An ordinary refiner would be useless even if they obtained materials with spatial attributes.

Moreover, even if it was expensive, Ye Xiao was not worried.

That was because he had sold multiple throwing knives so boss Xu had just transferred a lot of money to him.

It was already a few hundred thousand in profit.

He could be considered a small millionaire now.

Looks like he had to make a trip to the black market.

At night, Ye Xiao did not eat snake meat in fact, he did not eat anything at all.

There were many types of snacks in the black market.

He should change his taste occasionally.

Their nutritional value definitely could not compare to the black-scaled snake meat, but foodies never cared about whether an item had nutrition or not.

What foodies cared about was always the distance from the mouth to the stomach.

As long as the taste was good, stinky tofu could also be as good as snake meat!

Just like before, the master and servant ate from east to west, from 10 pm to 12 pm.

Only when the black market started to become lively did Ye Xiao start to get down to business.

Circulating the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, Ye Xiao scanned the surroundings with his spiritual energy and easily found some stalls selling spatial-attributed materials.


That was a material found in the starry sky.

It was like a pitch-black gemstone, translucent, and contained weak spatial power.

Not only did it have a weak spatial power, but it was also very hard, so most of the time, it was sold as an ornament or refining materials for specific items.

Ye Xiao very quickly swept through all the obsidian on the entire street.

There was not much obsidian on that particular street.

Ye Xiao ordered some obsidian from the boss who traded the black-scaled snake scales last time.

The other party was called Wang Dalong, and he was also a local.

Ye Xiao left a wisp of spiritual energy on him, so he was not afraid of him running away.

No matter how fast he ran, it could not be compared to the speed of the divine will technique!

After obtaining the obsidian, Ye Xiao prepared to go home.

The bustle of the black market had just begun, but most of it was useless to him.

However, just as Ye Xiao was preparing to leave, a considerable commotion erupted in the middle of the black market.

“Theyre fighting! Theyre fighting over there!”

“Looks like someones going to die tonight!”

Ye Xiao raised his head and took a glance.

The peddlers beside Wang Dalong started to laugh.

“Serves him right! Get him to take out that treasure.

This is the black market.

Selling good stuff in this place without any power, is that even possible”

“Thats right! Grandmaster-grade armor, refined from high-grade wind tiger skin.

This thing should be sold for at least three million! Isnt it obvious that he would make people jealous if he took out such a place”

Wang Dalong smiled.

“Then what can we do That thing of his has a shady background! If he doesnt come to the black market to sell it, who will he sell it to”

Another small vendor immediately spoke up,

“Thats not entirely true.

In the end, hes still brainless.

Wont he be able to settle it by spending some money and making some connections”

Just by watching the commotion, making sarcastic remarks, and giving pointers deaf ears, the small vendors were only a little happy after their tiredness.

“Dead people! Dead people!”

Soon, peoples screams came from the other side.


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