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Chapter 110: Am I Still Human

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sales manager smiled and said,

“Sir, you have a good niece.

Actually, if you insist on bribing me, this is a serious crime.

I will not tell you the identity of the refiner, nor will I tell you where we bought this throwing knife.

“But I can tell you that the nine provinces have a rule that if you report the violation of the rules to obtain information about the refiner, I will receive double the money you bribed.

“Therefore, I will definitely report you.

“And you will be invited by the garrison team to drink tea because you are suspected of endangering the lives of others.”

Qin Mingfeng smiled bashfully, feeling a little embarrassed.

In fact, he himself knew that, but he had never wanted to find a weaponsmith because he saw a particular weapon before.

That time, it was purely because he wanted to find that swordmaster.

For a moment, he became obsessed.

“Be careful next time.

Help me wrap up this throwing knife first.

Also, if there are more throwing knives in the future, can you contact me immediately and I will buy them all Is this against the law”

“This request is fine.

I will add you a contact method later.”

Qin Mingfeng bought all the throwing knives at an average price of 200,000 yuan each.

Under normal circumstances, an ordinary person would not buy such a small throwing knife.

After all, no ones money came from the wind.

With a few times more money, one could probably buy a grandmaster-grade steel knife or a medium-sized weapon.

Grandmaster-grade weapons, including weapons below the grandmaster grade, still existed.

The power of a large weapon surpassed that of a small weapon.

However, only Qin Mingfeng knew that even though the throwing knife was small, its power was not inferior to those ordinary grandmaster-grade medium-sized weapons.

That price was not a loss for Ye Xiao.

Boss Xu had to pay taxes when selling weapons, and so did the weapons store.

In addition, with Boss Xu and the weapons store acting as middlemen, they had to earn some money.

Moreover, Boss Xus sales prevented him from directly trading with the weapons store and having his identity information recorded.

Of course, he could also sell it on the black market.

He did not have to pay taxes, nor did he have to have his information recorded.

However, because the black market did not have the protection of a legitimate company, the price would be very cheap.

Moreover, it was inevitable that it would attract the envy of many people.

He might as well cooperate with Boss Xu.

After Qin Mingfeng bought the throwing knife, he took out one and gave it to Qin Yuyan.

Although Jianghai city was relatively peaceful, it was hard to guarantee that there would be a day when a star beast would suddenly invade.

It was ultimately a good thing for her to bring another life-saving treasure.

Ye Xiao was still unaware of that matter.

He still went to work and got off work every day while reading books.

He had already learned seven basic cultivation methods for alchemy.

Currently, there was still no reaction from the Golden Book.

Only the two sheets of paper for the Morning Star Method and the Mending the Heavens technique were emitting a faint golden glow.

That meant that the foundation for alchemy had not been accumulated enough.

He still needed to continue working hard.

They had been reorganizing the fourth floor and above recently, so he could not go up for the time being.

He could only wait until everything was ready before he went to look for the director to issue a notice.

On that day, Ye Xiao was reading a book when the fragrance of gardenias assaulted his nose.

Qin Yuyans figure appeared in front of him.

“I havent seen you for a few days, but youre still so diligent, scholar.”

Ye Xiao put down his book.

“Why are you free today Shouldnt you be attending the teacher assessment soon”

“The assessment ends at the end of August.

School starts on September 1st.

Ive been teaching for many days now.”


“Thank you.”

A few librarians nearby glanced over from time to time, chatting and laughing.

Ye Xiao and Qin Yuyan were well aware of the content of their conversation.

Basically, they were gossiping about the ambiguous relationship between the two of them.

In the beginning, Qin Yuyan would blush a little, but after a long time, the two of them seemed to be used to it.

“I want to find some books about multiple martial arts cultivation today.

Can you help me”

Ye Xiao thought for a moment and said,

“There are two books in the middle of the fifth level of bookshelf #2 in section D.

They are the Left-right Fighting Theory and the Sun-moon Conversion Method.

“There is a book in the corner of Section Fs seventh bookshelf at the bottom level.

It is called the Multitasking Theory Guide.

“They are all books about multiple martial arts cultivation.

“If it is a cultivation technique, one would probably have to apply to go to the fourth floor or above.

“This is because such a thing is relatively unorthodox.

But now that the fourth floor is being reorganized, you wont be able to go up for the time being.”

“Then Ill read these three books first.”

Qin Yuyan took the three books over and sat opposite Ye Xiao to read.

Ye Xiao also started reading again.

The two of them just sat there quietly without saying a word.

Qin Yuyan naturally finished reading the three short books very quickly.

When she closed the books, Ye Xiao had just finished reading the last book.

Qin Yuyans brows were knitted tightly.

It was very obvious that she did not fully understand it.

“Ye Xiao, do you think that one person can really practice several types of martial arts at the same time and cultivate each of them to the highest level”

“Im not too sure.

Theoretically speaking, its impossible because a persons aptitude is limited and time is limited.

“If one were to practice several types of martial arts at the same time, it would definitely equalize the results.

It would be very difficult to cultivate to perfection.”

Qin Yuyan nodded.

“Thats right.

Its too difficult to cultivate several martial arts at the same time.

“If there was a person who could cultivate several martial arts at the same time and cultivate each to the highest level, then he would probably not be a human anymore.”

“… ”

This was not the first time he had heard such words.

This made him feel very helpless.

In fact, even he was beginning to have some doubts.

Was he really not a human

Thinking about it carefully, the human cultivation in that world was indeed not as heaven-defying as his.

Moreover, he had also transmigrated here.

Although he could breathe and cultivate like a human, who knew what he was now

Perhaps, he was really not a human.

“Are you still single Havent you found a partner”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Im not interested.

Dating is too tiring.

Its better to be alone.”

“I feel the same way too.

Its so good to be alone.

Dating is something that only a fool would do.”

Qin Yuyan seemed to have found a soulmate.

“Ive never been in a relationship since I was young.

Wanwan still laughs at me all the time.

People should take advantage of their youth and practice martial arts more.”

Ye Xiao nodded in acknowledgment of her words.


At that moment, the clock chimed to end work.

Ye Xiao closed his books and put them back on the bookshelf.

“Its time to end work.

If theres nothing else, Ill go eat.


Qin Yuyan nodded.

She also carried her book and stood up to return it to its original position.

“I should go too.

Theres still a class in the afternoon.”

However, just as she stood up, an inky black throwing knife dropped out of her pocket.


The moment he saw the throwing knife, Ye Xiaos eyes suddenly twitched.

He had just sold that throwing knife two days ago.

When did Qin Yuyan get it


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