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“Everyone knows that yesterday, a tiger demon had infiltrated Jianghai citys prison and released a large number of star beasts, causing quite a bit of chaos.

It also resulted in a lot of casualties and property losses to the citizens of Jianghai city.

“Due to the lack of staff for certain positions, the library has to transfer a few employees.

The list is on the big screen.

“But dont worry, the positions Ive chosen are all suitable for each individual.

It will only help the library instead of worsening it.

“As for the management area of the missing staff, someone else will be appointed.

“In addition, surveillance cameras will be installed outside our library.

I will transfer a portion of the administrators to take charge of them.”

Ye Xiao glanced at the name list on the big screen.

It mainly involved staff on the second and third floors.

Perhaps it was because the second and third floors were relatively unlively so the staff had plenty of free time for extra tasks.

However, he was rather lucky that his name was not written.

Although he could still visit the library to borrow books in other posts, it was still not as convenient as being a librarian.

He could read as many books as he wanted and he could also read them during office hours.

After the morning meeting, Manager Yang Zhengyi began to arrange for the transfer of personnel.

The administrators on the second and third floors who were still here would temporarily manage more areas of the colleagues who had been transferred.

They had to wait until there were new people to fill in later.

Ye Xiao had also been allocated an additional area.

That was also a good thing for Ye Xiao because he could stay in areas to read during working hours.

Just as he was about to go back, Manager Yang called out to him.

“Ye Xiao, wait a moment.”

Ye Xiao stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Manager Yang.

“Whats the matter”

“Before you start work.

Gu Hai didnt come over this morning, and his phone is switched off.

I cant get in touch with him.

Im worried that something bad might have happened to him yesterday.

You are the closest to him so go look for him.”

Ye Xiaos eyebrows rose.

“I got it.”

He walked out of the library.

The damaged facilities and buildings had almost been repaired, and the city looked brand new.

It was probably because martial artists and star beasts frequently destroy the city, that the technology of building materials in that world was quite advanced.

All kinds of quick-drying materials were easy to use and sold cheap.

A few colleagues had already started to install the surveillance cameras.

They did not know that the curator wanted to investigate the new mysterious martial artist.

Unfortunately, when a grandmaster used their power, they would disturb the surrounding magnetic fields.

Any electronic equipment would be affected.

No matter how good the surveillance cameras were, what use would they be


“Yesterday, Gu Hai went to get his student ID card.

In the end, he could not make it.

Most likely, he went to find a woman.

“Even if this fellow does not die under the claws of the star beast, sooner or later, he will die because of a woman.”

Just as he walked out of the librarys door, Ye Xiaos phone rang.

Seeing that familiar number, his face could not help but darken.

“Hello, Mr.


“Ye Xiao, your son was arrested again.

This time, its even worse.

You better hurry and come over.”

“Got it.”

Ye Xiao sighed slightly and once again went to the Jianghai city garrison.

“Sir, Im almost 66 years old, and he still took advantage of me.

How am I supposed to live”

The garrison hall was as noisy as usual.

All kinds of strange things were common.

Ye Xiao found Gu Hai in front of Mr.

Lus post.

That time, he looked rather decent.

He only had a lipstick mark on his collar and a handprint on his face.

His clothes were relatively fine.

Ye Xiao glared at him in annoyance.

Gu Hai lowered his head and smiled embarrassedly.

As usual, Ye Xiao stuffed a stack of red paper into Mr.

Lus hands.


Lu, thank you for your trouble.”

Lu frowned.

“Ye Xiao, you cant be doing this again and again.

Once or twice, I can still do you a favor.

Its not easy for me to let these things slide too many times.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Alright, bring him away.

Dont do it again next time.”

The two thanked him and left the garrison, heading toward the library.

Gu Hai hurriedly apologized.

“Old Ye, I though the garrison would be preoccupied by the star beast riot yesterday.

Who knew there were still those who were on patrol.”

Ye Xiao said unhappily,

“I dont see you going less even when youre caught on a daily basis.

Its fine if you go, but you get caught every time! Let me tell you, this needs to be the last time.

If you get caught again, dont come running to me.

I cant afford to lose face.”

“Hehehe, dont worry.

Im experienced now.

I definitely wont get caught next time.

“However, it really wasnt my fault yesterday.

I was originally waiting for someone near the academy.

I got tired from standing too long, so I wanted to lean on a Volkswagen beside me for a while and conveniently put a bottle of green tea I just bought on the hood.

Who knew that a pretty girl would come over and ask me if I wanted to play.

“Dont you agree that I couldnt let such a good opportunity go”

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with him.

After returning to the library, he cleared up his mind and immediately headed to Area B on the third floor to start reading.

After the star beast riot, he had gained an additional understanding of the dangers of that world.

He could not be too laid-back, so he had to become as strong as possible.

He immediately began to study mental cultivation techniques.

Both heart cultivation techniques and mental cultivation techniques were the same.

By using both cultivation methods, they would circulate within the body to form a path through the meridians.

Then, they would attract spiritual energy and continuously temper the body and soul, in order to achieve the goal of strengthening ones cultivation.

However, the heart cultivation techniques mainly focused on the amplification of attack release, while the mental cultivation techniques were used to quickly replenish the spiritual energy that was consumed in the body during battle.

Choosing the right mental cultivation techniques allowed him to quickly replenish the spiritual energy consumed from his ultimate moves.

After becoming a grandmaster, his reading speed also became much faster.

Originally, he could only read 10 to 20 cultivation techniques in two hours, but now, he could read close to 200 cultivation techniques.

Out of the 200 mental cultivation techniques he read, Ye Xiao chose two.

Adding to the previous three, he already had five basic mental cultivation techniques.


However, his divine souls Golden Book did not light up, which meant there was still not enough to synthesize them.

However, Ye Xiao was not in a hurry.

With the addition of three basic mental cultivation techniques, the speed at which he absorbed and replenished spiritual energy was already increasing.

Moreover, he had only read less than 200 books that morning, yet he had already found three basic mental cultivation methods.

According to that, he estimated that he would be able to gather all the basic mental cultivation methods that needed to be synthesized in less than two days.



It was time for lunch.

Ye Xiao had just closed his book when he raised his head and saw Gu Hai staring at him from afar.

Seeing that he was noticed, Gu Hai walked over and said,

“Old Ye, I really cant tell.

Youre hiding it too well!”

That made Ye Xiaos heart stop.

‘Dont tell me I read the book too fast and exposed myself


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