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Chapter 108: The Skill of This Blade Is Beyond the Reach of Any Man!

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The Old Master of the Qin family was very shrewd.

He had two sons under his knee.

His eldest son, Qin Mingyun, was also Qin Yuyans father.

He had arranged for him to enter the space battlefield.

His second son, Qin Mingfeng, had been arranged by him to enter the famous Dali mercenary group in the Zhong province.

Of the two brothers, one was in the army while the other was in business.

They complemented each other.

That way, the Qin family had two things to prepare.

Whether it was in the starry battlefield in the sky or in the business world on the ground, they had a certain amount of connections.

No matter which branch developed, it would ensure that the Qin family would last for a long time and prosper.

Qin Yuyan quickly came to the Dali employment group in the Jianghai city branch.

In the office, she met her second uncle, Qin Mingfeng.


Qin Mingfeng, who was in his forties, had a tough and square face.

He looked quite serious.

However, when he saw Qin Yuyan, he immediately smiled.

“Its Yuyan.

Come, sit down.”

After saying that, he put down the documents in his hand and took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for Qin Yuyan.

He completely ignored his status as an elder and doted on Qin Yuyan.

Qin Yuyan quickly stood up to receive the tea.

“Uncle, how many times have I told you You are an elder.

You cant always pour tea for me.”

“I love my niece.

Why do I have to put on airs as an elder”

“Uncle, I am not a child anymore.

I can pour tea myself.”

“Even if you reach 100 years old, you will still be a child to me.

If you were a boy, not only would I not pour you tea, but he would also make you work and study hard and suffer.

But who asked our old Qin family to produce a little princess after so many years”

Qin Yuyan pursed her lips and smiled.

She took a sip of tea and could not help but ask,

“By the way, uncle, arent you doing well in Lingnan city Why are you suddenly transferred back to Jianghai city”

Qin Mingfeng sat back in his seat and sighed faintly.

“Dont mention it.

Recently, I was in Lingnan, leading a team to capture star beasts.

Due to the error in information, it almost caused the entire team to be wiped out.

If it wasnt for the help of a mysterious martial arts expert, you would probably be burning paper money for me by now.

“The head office told me to go back to Jianghai city, calm down, and develop the branch here.”

“Its was that dangerous”

Qin Yuyan was a little surprised, while Qin Mingfeng nodded with a serious face.

“Its more dangerous than you think.

Our intelligence was wrong, and we met a black-scaled snake above the grandmaster level.

“Fortunately, a swordmaster suddenly passed by and killed it with one sword strike.

He even used a healing technique to heal us.

“Even so, we lost a few teammates.

They were all corroded by the black-scaled snakes venom, and not even a trace of residue was left.”

“A swordmaster”

Qin Yuyan was even more shocked.

Qin Mingfeng spoke again,

“Thats right.

Unfortunately, I didnt get a clear look at his appearance.

At that time, the situation was urgent.

He suddenly appeared and his entire body was wrapped in a golden light.

After that, he swung his sword.

The entire world was in a vast expanse.

I also fainted.

“After I woke up, I found out that he had already left, and we were all healed by the healing technique.

“Although I dont know if he was the one who saved us, even if it wasnt him, that healer was definitely a high-level healer!

“However, he appeared very quickly, and we didnt see anyone else appear.

Therefore, it should be possible that he was the one who saved us.

“This person is truly an unrivaled martial arts expert.

Not only is his cultivation in the way of the sword extremely powerful, his healing arts are also so powerful!

“He is truly a rare prodigy in the world.”

Qin Mingfeng praised repeatedly, while Qin Yuyan was already in deep shock.

Why did that swordmaster in the golden light sound so much like the mysterious saber art expert

After all, the mysterious saber art expert appeared and disappeared mysteriously.

Jianghai city and Lingnan were very close, so it was not surprising that they appeared in Lingnan.

Even so, how could a master of saber arts cultivate the way of the sword

Although the saber art expert was very strong, very few people in that world could comprehend more than two martial arts at the same time, and it was even more impossible for someone to cultivate both martial arts to high cultivation levels!

However, uncle also said that the other party might be a prodigy who combined sword art and the healing technique together.

Had they already broken the common sense of that world

Since he had already broken the common sense, why not cultivate another sword art

Thinking of that, Qin Yuyans heart began to beat faster.

Even she herself felt that her thoughts were a little crazy.

“Yuyan! Yuyan”

Not long after, uncles shout woke Qin Yuyan from her chaotic thoughts.


“Why are you in a daze”

“Oh, nothing, I just thought of something else.

Oh right, grandfather wants us to have dinner together tonight.”


Just as she said that, a secretary in a business suit, black stockings, and a slim figure walked in with a big box.

“President Qin, this is the weapon purchased by the branch this month.

Please check it.

If there are no problems, please help me sign the form.

I will report it to the finance department.”

“Bring it over for me to take a look.”

The secretary placed the box on the table and Qin Yuyan immediately stood up.

“Uncle, why dont I go outside first”

Those things were, after all, company secrets.

She did not know if it was appropriate for her to see them.

However, Qin Mingfeng waved his hand.

“Theres no need.

Youre my niece.

How can I not trust you”

After saying that, he opened the box and examined it.

There was a total of 20 transcendent-grade alloy steel blades, five transcendent-grade refined steel swords, and a set of armor.

They were only at the normal grade.

“Why didnt you buy more armor”

“Jianghai city is relatively peaceful this year.

There arent many star beasts, so the head office has cut some of their budget.

“Another reason is that weve used all our budget to buy this grandmaster-grade throwing knife.”

“Grandmaster-grade throwing knife”

Qin Mingfeng finally noticed that the secretary was holding a small box.

The secretary placed the box on the table and opened it.

A throwing knife the length of a middle finger was emitting a dark, cold light.

Qin Mingfengs pupils suddenly constricted.

“Great material.”

He was a martial artist who had fought with star beasts all year round so he had used countless weapons.

When he saw that weapon, he instantly knew that it was an excellent one.

Qin Yuyan walked over curiously.

“This seems to be a weapon made of pig iron.

The other party can actually use pig iron to make a grandmaster-grade throwing knife.

Its really amazing.”

Qin Mingfeng held the throwing knife in his hand and weighed it.

Then, he poured his spiritual energy into it rapidly.

In the next moment, after the throwing knife obtained a large amount of spiritual energy, the body of the knife began to emit a layer of pale white light.


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