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Chapter 106: Imperial Armor

“What are you giggling about”

From afar, Ye Xiao glared at Huan Liuli.

Huan Liuli shrunk her neck and immediately wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth.

“Uh, nothing much.

Master, dont be angry.

Why are you starting a fire here”

Half an hour later, Ye Xiao sat by the side of the fire.

Huan Liuli passed the first skewer of cooked snake meat to Ye Xiao first.

“Master, please have a taste first.”

Ye Xiao was not in a hurry to enjoy it.

He took the snake meat and dipped it in various food ingredients at the side.

“High-end barbeque usually uses fresh ingredients.

If the conditions allow, you must add pepper and cumin.

If the taste is light, you can just sprinkle some salt on it.

If the taste is heavy, you will need the help of chili powder.

“Only in this way can a fragrant, tender, salty and spicy barbeque be considered complete.”


Huan Liuli gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“Master is right.”

Ye Xiao tasted it and his eyes could not help but light up.

“Good snake meat! I did not expect the black-scaled snakes skin to be so hard.

The degree of freshness and delicacy of its meat far exceeded my imagination.

It feels like a piece of beef that has been softened by starch.

It also feels like it has been added with lamb oil.

After taking a bite, the skin was crisp and the fat burst out, giving people a full sense of satisfaction.

On the other hand, the inside was soft and delicate.

It would be crushed without chewing.


Hearing Ye Xiaos praise, Huan Liuli immediately took out a skewer and tasted it herself.

As she ate too quickly, she did not use spiritual energy to protect her body.

It was so hot that she screamed and jumped back and forth on the spot.

Ye Xiao shook his head and smiled speechlessly.

He opened a bottle of beer and continued to eat skewers and barbeque.

However, he was thinking of something.

Previously, Ye Xiao had also eaten some star beast barbeque.

He realized that other than a few star beasts whose meat was a little rough, most of the star beasts meat had a very good taste.

As his cultivation became more profound, the meat became more tender and delicious.

Just a Xiantian fourth-grade black-scaled snake already had such good taste.

‘I wonder what the taste of the divine sect level King El would be like.

There was one more thing.

The taste of the black-scaled snake was so delicious.

If he ate it all at once, it would be too much of a loss.

It would be better to build a storage room under the house to store the black-scaled snakes meat.

If it was too little, he could use the Morning Star Method or Mending the Heavens to help heal it and let it recover some of its meat.

In any case, the cultivation technique only consumed the heaven and earth spiritual energy, but what was recovered was actual meat.

In the future, King Els meat, or even the meat of other star beasts, could also be stored using that method if it was more delicious.

After eating and drinking, they began to get down to business.

Ye Xiao arranged for Huan Liuli to dig a deep pit underground and buy some building materials with a preservation array tomorrow to build a basement to store food.

He himself entered the room and began refining the armor.

He had just used the card to cure a bug and obtained hundreds of snake skins.

So many black-scaled snake skins.

Other than the one that he took off himself, which was Xiantian third grade, the rest were all Xiantian fourth grade.

Hundreds of Xiantian fourth-grade snake skins.

What an exaggerated figure!

It was equivalent to killing hundreds of Xiantian fourth-grade great grandmasters.

That was no less than the star beast materials obtained in a large-scale war in the Legend Under The Starry Sky battlefield.

After Ye Xiao brought in the black-scaled snake skins, he began to refine the armor.

He started to refine the elements in the snake skins.

In fact, an ordinary blacksmith could only refine one of the snake skins into armor.

It was not easy to condense so many snakeskins into armor.

It required not only the experience and skills of refining but also the strength of a cultivation technique.

Only a top-tier cultivation technique had the ability to refine so many snakeskins into armor.

Of course, even if one had divine workmanship, it did not mean that one could definitely refine it.

It was all thanks to Ye Xiaos method of continuously stripping the skin of the same black-scaled snake.

Their genes were completely the same.

That was different from forging a throwing knife or a fine iron long knife.

As the materials were very expensive, Ye Xiao spent a full day and two nights.

It was not until Monday morning that he was able to completely refine that leather armor.

Although it was called leather armor, it was actually more like a set of normal black leather clothes.

Its design was somewhat similar to a leather jacket and black casual jeans.

When it was worn, it would not make people feel strange.

Only from an extremely tricky angle of view would one be able to see it一there were some scale-like patterns printed on it, revealing a bit of mystery.

Even a person with a very high cultivation grade might not be able to tell that there was something fishy about that armor.

That was only the advantage of its appearance.

Looking at its practicality, Ye Xiao actually felt that it could already absorb spiritual energy on its own and had a certain degree of self-defense awareness.

That was somewhat beyond Ye Xiaos expectations.

One had to know that the reason why grandmaster-grade weapons and armor could surpass ordinary and transcendent-grade armor was that, apart from being able to transmit spiritual energy to them, they could also transmit spiritual energy.

It was just like how he could add spiritual energy to his moves, giving them the effect of automatic navigation.

After adding spiritual energy into a grandmaster-grade weapon or armor, it could attack or defend itself within the range of spiritual energy.

The armor that Ye Xiao had refined with the black-scaled snakeskin had already reached the level where it could defend itself.

With the consciousness of spiritual energy, it would be a level higher than a grandmaster-grade armor.

Then, would it be the same as a cultivation technique, and could it already be called an imperial-grade armor

Imperial Armor!

It seemed like the armor refined from hundreds of Xiantian fourth-grade snake skins was really extraordinary.

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao began to test the strength of the armor.

He placed the armor on the ground and condensed a Heaven-cleaving Sword ray between his fingers directly onto it.


An electric spark appeared, but there was only a weak scratch on the armor, almost invisible to the naked eye.

Ye Xiao was overjoyed.

“Good armor!”

One had to know that he could cross ranks to attack.

His cultivation technique was very strong.

Although his current actual cultivation was only at Xiantian fifth grade, he was absolutely confident that the attack power he could release would reach the level of a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster!

However, even the divine grandmaster was unable to break through the armors defense.

One could imagine just how strong the armor was.

Very quickly, the armor absorbed the spiritual energy on its own and repaired the scratches on it.

Armaments that had reached the grandmaster grade and above already possessed the ability to repair themselves.

However, after the grandmaster-grade armament was worn out, the time taken to repair it had a certain limitation.

The time taken to repair that armor was very short.

It could, it could.

That round, he had earned quite a lot.

Ye Xiao immediately put on the armor.


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