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Chapter 105: Can You Get a Different Snake to Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

After mumbling to himself, Ye Xiao looked at the huge corpse of the black-scaled snake that had been split in half in the courtyard and grinned.

That black-scaled snake was very big.

It was more than 50 feet long and its thickness exceeded the waist of a dancing girl.

Upon closer inspection, there were even some small protruding horns on its head.

It was rumored that a snake could only become a python after cultivating for 1,000 years.

A python could only become a fledgling dragon after cultivating for 1,000 years.

A fledgling dragon could only become a dragon after transcending the tribulation for 1,000 years.

That fellows age was estimated to have reached a little over 1,000 years old.

If it was placed on Earth, it would definitely be a special endangered and protected animal.

‘Its cultivation is at Xiantian third grade.

Its just a hairs breadth away from advancing to Xiantian fourth grade.

Why dont we revive it first, then use spiritual energy to catalyze it, and help it step into this final threshold Then…

He did as he planned.

After all, it was very difficult to find a Xiantian fourth-grade star beast.

If it was refined with the skin of a Xiantian fourth-grade star beast, then the armor refined would definitely surpass that of a Xiantian third-grade star beast.

The Morning Star Method was activated.

With a flash of golden light, the black-scaled snakes body emitted a golden glow.

It actually evolved on its own during the process of revival.

What a fellow, it saved him a lot of trouble.

What Ye Xiao did not expect was that when the black-scaled snake evolved, it would automatically shed its previous skin.

In other words, he would obtain two snake skins.

One was a Xiantian third grade black-scaled snakeskin, and the other was a Xiantian fourth grade black-scaled snakeskin.

That was a very good plan.

In the future, when killing snake-type star beasts, he could catalyze it once, let it evolve, and then kill it!

No, no, no.

If he skinned it every time and used a healing cultivation technique to help it heal, he would be able to skin many of the snakes skin.


The black-scaled snake quickly revived, and its consciousness woke up from the chaos.

“I remember that I was killed by a human attack.

Why am I revived My cultivation has even risen to Xiantian fourth grade!

“Could it be that I had advanced when I was on the verge of death

“Hahahaha… This is truly a blessing in disguise.”

A grandmaster-level star Beast speaking the human language was just childs play.

Just as it was laughing, the black-scaled snake suddenly noticed Ye Xiao in front of it.

An extremely audacious human bug that actually dared to stand beside it.

Most likely, it was a martial artist sent by the humans to guard its corpse.

That was simply challenging the grandmaster-level star beasts dignity.

In an instant, the black-scaled snakes fury surged to the heavens!

“D*mned human, give me — !”


The black-scaled snake looked at Ye Xiao, who had turned in a different direction in its eyes, as well as the tearing pain that came from seven inches away.

Its large head sank into confusion.

When it fell to the ground with a plop, the intense pain made it sober up quite a bit.

No, no!

That guy was not the human warrior guarding it.

That guy was the human warrior who had killed it!

At that moment, the black-scaled snakes heart was filled with despair.

The magnificence of that sword could be said to be something it had never seen before in its life.

That human warriors swordsmanship was so strong that it made the snake shudder!

Yet, it had actually fallen into his hands.

How sorrowful was that

A desolate feeling of despair welled up in its heart.

It had never thought that it would encounter such a martial arts expert just after it had advanced to the Xiantian fourth grade.

In the end, it had been cut down by his sword.

If King El was still around, why would it suffer such a great humiliation

The star beasts powerful vitality prevented it from dying in an instant, but that made it even more painful.

That was because it had personally witnessed the human flaying its skin.

If it was as expected, the other party would use its skin to refine armor, protect its body, and use it to deal with other star beasts.

What kind of humiliation was that

Forget it!

Forget it!

The strong preyed on the weak.

That was the law of nature.

It had eaten quite a number of people before.

It was enough.

‘Humans, when the seven stars aligned and my king returns, I will suppress all the humans in Jianghai city and turn them into food for the star beasts.

I will eat every single one of them!

‘I will leave first and wait for you in the sky!

The black-scaled snakes consciousness had already started to blur.

However, not only did it stop thinking about death, it even started to yearn for it.

However, at that moment, warm energy suddenly wrapped around its body and consciousness, causing it to gradually wake up.

Two seconds later, its body was completely healed.

That caused the black-scaled snake to be dumbfounded and at a loss.

‘Could it be that the human has a conscience and does not want to kill me anymore

Just as that thought was revealed, the black-scaled snakes neck suddenly felt pain once again.

The Ye Xiao in its eyes slanted once again.

That was when its neck was cut off again.


Only then did the black-scaled snake understand that the other party did not have a conscience and wanted to save it.

Instead, it wanted to heal it and skin it again!

10 minutes later…

“Human, dont go too far…”

20 minutes later…

“Human, you will regret this…”

Thirty minutes later…

“@! #%@#%!”

40 minutes later…


50 minutes later…


60 minutes later…

“F*ck you…”


That time, Ye Xiao did not continue to resurrect the black-scaled snake.

If he resurrected again, the other party might really curse.

Although he was an orphan, he was still born from his mother.

He could not let others curse his mother for a small profit.


Ye Xiao looked at the black-scaled snakeskin that could no longer be stuffed in the yard and revealed a satisfied smile.

The snake skins, other than the one that the black-scaled snake shed at the beginning that was Xiantian third-grade snakeskin, were all Xiantian fourth-grade snake skins.

Their flexibility, extensibility, and the defensive properties of the scales on the snakeskin were all top-notch goods.

With his Godly Craftmanship in armament refinement, he would definitely be able to refine an excellent armor.

At that time, it was already nighttime.

Ye Xiao looked at the snake meat on the black-scaled snakes body, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Huan Liuli, light a fire.

Well have extra food tonight.

Beer and game barbecue.”

“Got it.”

Huan Liuli replied indifferently.

That day was not just filled with the black-scaled snakes torture, it was also her torture.

A Xiantian fourth-grade black-scaled snake was actually in Ye Xiaos hands.

It could not even last a single move and was repeatedly skinned by him.

If it was a human, Huan Liuli would not have felt anything at all.

However, it was a star beast.

That was different.

That was because she was also a star beast.

It was just like how a human would not have any sympathy when they saw a fish being skinned.

However, what if a fish saw its own kind being skinned

Huan Liuli was very suspicious.

Ye Xiao repeatedly skinning the black-scaled snake might have some kind of purposeful hint.

It was hinting to her that she should be more honest.

Huan Liuli sneered in her heart.

‘Ye Xiao, if you think that such a scene can scare me, then you are underestimating me too much.

‘In 400 years, I will definitely take you in as a pet! At that time, I will definitely ravage you ruthlessly! Hehehe…


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