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Chapter 104: Mysterious Expert!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“So powerful!”

Everyones hearts trembled.

They were scared out of their wits and immediately retreated.

Although their speed was fast, the black-scaled snakes speed was even faster.

Moreover, it was more than twice as fast.

With a sweep of its long tail, the trees were destroyed.

A huge force smashed onto the bodies of the three martial artists, directly crushing their chests into the mud.

In the blink of an eye, it spat venom at the other figures.


They let out a miserable cry and were quickly corroded into dregs.

When the black-scaled snake fought, the venom it spat out could directly corrode creatures with low cultivation into dregs.

Normally, it would not easily use the venom.

Instead, it would keep the corpses of its opponents as food.

However, today, it was extremely furious.

The leaders legs were trembling.

It was over!

It was over.

That d*mned intelligence report had really killed them.

That little black scaled snake was indeed at the transcendent level, but the intelligence report did not say that there was a big black scaled snake behind it!

That big black-scaled snakes cultivation had already reached the grandmaster level!

How was he supposed to play that game

“Quickly retreat, as many as we can! We must spread the news of the situation here.

We cant let any other humans enter rashly.”

The leader shouted, and everyone received the order.

They immediately turned into birds and scattered in all directions.

It was true that it was morally wrong to give up on ones companions.

However, it was in accordance with the Alliances rules.

When the hiring company encountered a powerful star beast, they were allowed to escape.

If there were living people left behind, they could pass on the information, preventing the entire human race from suffering greater losses.

That was something that could not be helped.

Humans were too weak.

In order to survive, a portion of them had to be sacrificed.

Although the big black-scaled snake was very fast, facing the escaping martial artists, it was not able to chase them all at once.

That made it even angrier.

Furthermore, all of that was a message sent by the human leader!

Hiss, Hiss, Hiss!

It took in a huge breath of spiritual energy and twisted its huge body.

It immediately pushed aside a layer of the ground and pounced on the leader.

The leader stomped his feet and retreated rapidly.

However, how could his speed be compared to that of a grandmaster-level black-scaled snake

He was only a Houtian ninth-grade martial artist!

The black-scaled snake closed in on him in an instant.

Its huge body crushed everything in its path, causing the ground to start shaking.

A strong wind blew in all directions.

The leader could even smell the black-scaled snakes fishy scent.

It was over.

At that moment, the leader had even unconsciously slowed down his footsteps.

When humans were in extreme despair, their bodies would no longer resist.

It was as if they had already accepted their fate.

However, at the same time that he was in despair, a figure wrapped in golden light suddenly appeared in front of him.

With a slight raise of his hand, a ten-thousand-foot-long sword light shot out.


In an instant, the entire world was filled with white light, illuminating everything.

It also caused the leaders consciousness to be swallowed into the darkness.

After an unknown amount of time, as if a century had passed, or as if an instant had passed, the leader felt a burning pain on his face.

“Captain, quickly wake up, quickly wake up.”

He was in a trance as he woke up from his dream.

He looked at the team member who was hugging him in a daze.

If he remembered correctly, that team members chest seemed to have been flattened by the black-scaled snake.

“Are we in Hell”

“What kind of hell is this Were fine.”


The team leader was stunned.

A gust of cold wind blew over, making him feel a chill in his crotch.

He immediately sat up abruptly.

When he saw the entire environment around him, he was completely dumbfounded.

How was that the same forest from before Within a radius of ten miles, all the plants and trees had been destroyed, leaving only the exposed yellow soil.

There was a huge sword scar on the ground.

It extended for more than ten thousand feet from 15 feet in front of him and was several feet deep.

The entire area was split in half.

The pool at the end of the sword scar had also been split open.

The water in the pool splashed out, making the surrounding ground wet.

His clothes and pants were also soaked in the water.

The straight sword mark connected to the pond that was only left with mud.

Coupled with this large area of wet ground, it was a little indescribable.

More than that, it was shocking!

It was a shocking sight!

How strong was the person to be able to create such a powerful destructive force

That was an existence comparable to a miracle!

The leader still remembered that when he was in despair, a figure wrapped in golden light suddenly appeared.

Then, with a raise of his hand, the entire world sank into a vast expanse.

It must have been that hero who saved them, right

He was truly an immortal-like figure.

To be able to create such a sword scar with a single move, and furthermore, the other party had even healed them.

The other partys strength was probably even stronger than the great sect.

“Captain, who did this”

The captain shook his head.

“I dont know who did this either, but I can be sure that the other party is definitely an extremely powerful martial prodigy of the human race!

“What a pity.

At that time, I was knocked unconscious and didnt have the chance to see the other partys appearance.”

“You should be happy.

My chest was flattened and I was saved.

He is an unparalleled martial arts expert.

How could ordinary people see such a remarkable entity”

“Hurry up and gather everyone.

We cant stay here for long.

We have to go back and report this to the higher-ups.”


At the same time, a roar came from underground hundreds of miles away from Jianghai city.

‘D*mn humans, they actually killed my general, the black-scaled snake!

‘The black-scaled snake had already reached Xiantian third grade.

It was only one step away from reaching Xiantian fourth grade and becoming a great grandmaster.

‘Killing the black-scaled snake was tantamount to cutting off my right and left arms!

‘It seemed that the fifty years of peace had made you forget the pain of being ruled by me.


‘The day when the seven stars align will not be too far away.

‘Humans, just wait to receive this kings holy judgment!

‘King Els Fury will once again burn through several large cities, even the entire Zhong province!

‘This time, I will definitely massacre the humans and bring a holy land for the star beasts to continue to reproduce!

‘Theres also that human brat from the library.

Just wait for this king.

This king will definitely chop you into pieces and cook, fry, roast, braise, marinate… I will use you to make a feast!


Ye Xiao, who had already returned home, suddenly sneezed fiercely.

He rubbed his nose and could not help but frown.

‘Which b*stard is scolding me


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