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Chapter 102: A Small Family With a Small Home

There was still a trace of life on the scale, so it was very likely that the star beast was still alive and hiding in the forest in the south of the ridge.

As Ye Xiao often read the star beast encyclopedia, he could tell at a glance that the scale came from the black-scaled snake, a star beast with a tiger-class bloodline.

The star beast bloodline was divided into three classes, dragon, tiger, and Wolf.

Dragon was the best, and wolf was the weakest.

The strength of star beast was divided into ordinary, extraordinary, and grandmaster.

The rest were the same as humans.

A tiger-class bloodline could already be considered a pretty good bloodline.

Furthermore, the other party had cultivated to extraordinary-level.

He could consider nurturing it a little and raising its strength to grandmaster level.

At that time, he could peel off its skin to obtain the flesh, blood essence, and star core that could be used to refine pills or refine its scales into armor.

On one hand, it was much cheaper than spending money to buy it directly.

However, that was not the main reason.

Ye Xiao did not really care about money.

The main reason was that there was a record in the Godly Carftmanship that it was best to use the skin and bones of an entire star beast to refine armor or weapons.

It would be easier to match them, it would be easier to successfully refine them, and the grade would be even better.

It was rare for the grade to drop due to the incompatibility of their genes, or for the refinement to fail.

Ye Xiao did not have time for tonight.

He would rest for today and he would go tomorrow.

Ye Xiao went back first and refined the half scale.

Very soon, a throwing knife was refined.

It could already reach the same grade as the throwing knife that was refined with pig iron.

They were both grandmaster-grade throwing knives.

That was the uniqueness of the materials.

Pig iron needed to spend more than 1,000 lbs to create the materials needed for a small throwing knife.

On the other hand, the scales of the black-scaled snake with extraordinary cultivation could be directly refined into a grandmaster-grade throwing knife.

That was the difference between the two.

Of course, there was another factor.

It was because Ye Xiao had practiced Godly Craftmanship that he could easily refine a grandmaster-grade throwing knife.

If it were other blacksmiths, being able to refine a transcendent-grade throwing knife was already very good.

Ye Xiaos overall skill level surpassed others.

Just like his cultivation.

When he was a grandmaster, he was already able to part the river with a single slash.

However, if it were ordinary grandmasters like Qin Shenglong and the others, being able to produce a sword ray that was 700 feet long was already their limit.

If they wanted to split the river water, that would be even more ridiculous.

That was also the reason why Ye Xiao dared to think of killing King El.

He could cross ranks!

It was just like a small class fighting a large class!

Early the next morning, Ye Xiao ate some crab roe soup buns and drank a bowl of spicy soup to satisfy his appetite.

Then, he went to the materials store.

He was only selling a small throwing knife, so he was not worried that he would be exposed.

Some of the more expensive items could be sold on the black market.

Every time he went to the black market, he could change his face.

In order to prevent exposure.

“Boss Xu.”

“Hey, Ye Xiao is here.

Are you buying materials or… ”

“Selling things.”

“What good stuff do you want to sell this time”

“Didnt I sell you a throwing knife yesterday When I went back, I realized that this throwing knife was not one, but a pair.”

“Oh Theres such a good thing”

Boss Xus eyes lit up.

Ye Xiao nodded and handed the throwing knife to the other party.

Boss Xu took a look and immediately could not help but praise,

“Good stuff, Ye Xiao.

Your ancestors craftsmanship in refining weapons is really not bad.

No wonder your level of refining weapons is so high.”

Boss Xu was good at purchasing, so he did not even need to try.

With a glance, he could see the grade of the throwing knives and the similarities between the two throwing knives in refining skills.

In the field of refining, everyones methods were different.

In the beginning, the differences were not very big, but as the level of refining increased, the differences would become more obvious.

Weapons refined by a refiner would have obvious characteristics.

That characteristic depended on the refiners habits, temperament, and so on.

It was as if he had injected his own genes into it.

As for the distinction between grades, it was even simpler.

Between ordinary and transcendent, the hardness could be seen at a glance.

Just by releasing some spiritual energy into it, it could be tested.

Grandmaster-grade armaments, on the other hand, had already reached the ability to absorb spiritual energy on their own.

That was also the valuable part of grandmaster-grade armaments.

Since they could absorb spiritual energy on their own, it meant that they had the ability to self-repair.

As long as the damage was not too severe, they could repair themselves.

Of course, if the user released spiritual energy and embedded it into the item, it could also speed up the repair.

“Can you transfer the money now”

Seeing that Boss Xu had finished checking, Ye Xiao said indifferently.

“Yes, yes, Ill transfer the money for you now.”

Boss Xu smiled and transferred the money over.

It was still the same price, 120,000 yuan.

In that way, Ye Xiaos assets had already exceeded 300,000 yuan.

“Ye Xiao, I have something to tell you.”

Ye Xiao stretched out his hand and waved it.


I still say the same thing.

Im too lazy to refine weapons.”

“Its not about that today.”

“Then what is it”

“Ye Xiao, I remember that you dont have a girlfriend, right I want to introduce my daughter to you.”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment.

“Boss Xu, I dont want to find a girlfriend for the time being.

I hope you can understand.”

“Ye Xiao, Im sincere.

Although I know that my daughter is definitely not good enough for you in terms of looks, I only have one daughter.

In the future, all the money in our family will definitely be passed on to my daughter.

“Dont look at me just because I open a materials store.

In Jianghai city, I have more than 50 stores, worth more than 100 million.

“I still have more than 50 million yuan in my bank account, and theres still a huge villa waiting to be demolished in the old city.

“If the two of you get a marriage certificate now, the demolition will give you an extra head fee and an extra house.

“Dont worry.

Although you frequent here, I definitely wont push you to be a part of the business and Ill make sure you wont be bullied into it.

“In this family, you always have a say.”


“How about it Think about it”

Without waiting for Ye Xiao to refuse, Boss Xu continued to speak,

“As for my daughter, she looks alright.

She cant be considered a beauty that can shame the Moon, but shes definitely a jade from a small family.

I wont let you down.”

Just as he finished speaking, a rough figure walked down carrying two large metal bags.

“Dad, Ive already moved the ten tons of pig iron upstairs for you.”

“Put the things down first.

Ill introduce you to someone.”


The other party threw the two iron bags on her shoulders onto the ground.

If the ground was not made of refined iron, it would definitely have shattered.

After that, she clapped her hands and walked over with large strides to stand in front of Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, this is my daughter, Xu Damao.”

Ye Xiao raised his head and looked at the woman who was about six foot seven… Hmm… The strong man felt that his brain was unable to process what was going on.

A little family girl indeed!

Five little family members!


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