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Chapter 100: The Black Market

“120,000 yuan”

Ye Xiao asked, and Boss Xu nodded.

That price was within Ye Xiaos expectations.

That was also the reason why he did not value money so much.

As long as one had the ability, it was too easy to obtain money.

Take that scenario for example, after learning Godly Craftsmanship, Ye Xiao could only use 1,000 yuan to buy pig iron to create a grandmaster-grade throwing knife worth 120,000 yuan.

If he used more advanced materials, he could easily create weapons and armor worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan.

It was simply profiteering!

“Alright, lets go with this price.”

“Alright! Ill transfer the money to you later.”

Boss Xu put away the throwing knife and continued,

“Ye Xiao, theres something I want to discuss with you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Are you willing to refine more weapons”


“You should have heard of the seven stars alignment, right On the day of the seven stars aligned, star beasts would become stronger and beastmen would go crazy.

“So now, weapons are in high demand.

“During this period of time, the prices of all kinds of weapons had risen quite a bit.

“For example, the transcendent-grade refined iron long saber that you recently forged used to have a retail price of 3,000 to 4,000, but now its starting at 5,000.

“If youre willing, you can refine more weapons.

When the time comes, Ill increase the price and sell it at a higher price.

With each saber, youll earn at least 200 to 300 yuan.

The purchase price will exceed 3,000 yuan.

“You can refine one every night.

If you refine it together during the day, youll be able to produce at least three.

“You can earn a few thousand yuan a day.

After earning it for two to three months, you can buy a house and find a girlfriend.

Doesnt it sound good”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Forget it.

Im not very interested.”

“Dont be.

Think about it again.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As for the price, if youre not satisfied, we can discuss it again.”

“Its not about the money.

Im not interested in money.

Im going to be late for work.

Ill be leaving first.”

After rejecting Boss Xu again, ye Xiao turned around and left.

Boss Xu shook his head behind him.

‘What a pity.

This kid is quite skilled in refining armaments, but hes too nonchalant.

‘Whats the use of having a handsome face If he doesnt have money, wont he be an old bachelor in the future

After that, he walked into the shop and began to transfer money to Ye Xiao.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already begun to think.

Even the price of weapons had begun to rise.

That meant that the day of the seven stars alignment was really near.

At that point, the entire Jianghai city had been cleaned up by old monk Fa Zheng.

However, that did not mean that there would not be any star beasts.

That was because, after every beast calamity, the star beasts that hid would lurk and grow, while also developing some forces.

Like many beastmen organizations, they were more or less in cahoots with them.

They might not be in the city of Jianghai city.

It was also possible that they were in the surrounding forests.

Once the seven stars aligned, their strength would increase, and they would attack the city immediately.

Ye Xiao did not care much about those star beasts.

Even if trash became stronger, it still could not climb out of the category of trash.

Although he, Ye Xiao, was more laid-back and humble, it did not mean that he was a sand sculpture.

He did not think too highly of those trash star beasts.

The only thing he cared about was King El.

A divine-level soul, a divine-level star core, and divine-level star beast meat… Just thinking about it made him drool.

However, he was not sure if he could advance to the divine sect before the day of the seven star alignment.

Perhaps he should consider refining some armor and weapons.

At that time, it would be better to hunt King El.

‘Speaking of which, my current level of refinement is too high.

If I continue doing business with Old Xu in the future, I might be exposed and attract the attention of others.

‘Furthermore, if I want to buy some top-tier materials, it would be easy for others to trace the clues and expose my identity.

‘I heard that every city has a black market where you can buy things.

‘Perhaps I should change my appearance, change my identity, and go to the black market to take a look.

After arriving at the library, Ye Xiao quickly began to search for books related to alchemy and began to learn.

In a days time, he found two different types of basic alchemy techniques and stored them all into the Golden Book to cultivate.

After getting off work, he went to Jianghai citys black market.

A place like the black market was not under the control of the laws of the nine provinces.

After all, many employees of hiring companies would inevitably pocket some money when they were hunting star beasts.

Some good things were not easy to sell on the surface.

In the black market, they could be sold for a good price.

Moreover, they could avoid taxes.

Of course, the risk was also high.

Firstly, there was a problem of integrity between the buyers and sellers.

Secondly, if the things sold were very dangerous and exceeded the standard limit, it would not be a good thing if they were caught by the garrison.

In fact, the existence of the black market itself should not be permitted, but its existence was relevant.

Behind it, it was inevitable that there were some people who ate the cake.

Otherwise, it would not exist.

In general, no matter what you did, you had to be a good child within the rules that were set.

That rule was to be a good child and not to violate the rules of the nine provinces.

At the very least, you could not be brazen about it.

Ye Xiao understood very well that whether or not you were a good child did not depend on whether you wanted to or not, but it depended on whether or not you could.

If you were a big shot, 100 million rules would be irrelevant.

If you were a piece of trash, even if it was a single rule, you had to be obedient.

He was not considered trash at that point, but he was only at Xiantian fifth grade.

Naturally, he would not do things that violated the rules.

Otherwise, he would not have run to the black market.

He would have done it openly, by asking Boss Xu to prepare the materials for him.

The location of the black market was in an old city district in the northeast corner of Jianghai city.

It was usually opened after 10 pm and before 3 am.

When Ye Xiao arrived, the black market had just started.

He had used a disguise technique to change his face.

Others would not be able to recognize his identity.

People were afraid of being famous, but pigs were afraid of being strong.

They still had to be good at keeping secrets.

From afar, he could see that there were already quite a number of people gathering in the black market.

Under the old streetlights, people were coming and going一it was very lively.

The shouts of stalls were heard from time to time.

The scene was somewhat similar to when Ye Xiao was young in his previous life when he went to the village street with his parents to market.

It was very warm and filled with the local customs.

After a few short seconds of reminiscing, Ye Xiao put his hands in his pockets and followed the crowd into the street.

HuanLliuli on his shoulder had also been specially treated.

It had changed its color and looked no different from an ordinary house cat.

“Master, what are we doing here We might as well go home and sleep.

Its so boring.”

“Cut the crap.

Were here today to do serious business! You have to put in 120 percent of your energy.”

Huan Liulis eyes suddenly turned cold.

It was not simple.

To be able to make a top-notch expert like Ye Xiao treat it as serious business.

Hiss… It looked like there was a high possibility that something big would happen tonight.

Just as she finished thinking, a melodious selling voice suddenly sounded in the ears of the master and servant.

“Lean meatball! The best on the black market.

The taste is tender and smooth.

Come and have a taste!”


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