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“Hahaha… Awesome!”

On the street, the grandmaster star beast crushed Qin Shenglong and Ouyang Yunzhong, in a carefree manner.

Its cultivation was no different from the two of theirs.

The three of them were at Xiantian first grade.

However, its mutated shell was as hard as armor一impenetrable by blades and spears, allowing it to completely defend against both their attacks.

On the other hand, the grandmasters could only use their attacks to neutralize the star beasts onslaught.

There was no way for them to retaliate.

Ouyang Yunzhongs face turned grim.

“Retreat to the library.

Theres titanium alloy steel reinforcing the top floor of the library.

It should be able to withstand its attacks.”

As soon as he said those words, the killing intent of the star beast intensified once more.


“Do you think that I will allow you to escape This is where you will die! No one is going anywhere!”

A furious bellow infused with its rage rushed toward the two of them like a mighty wave.

At that moment, the star beast had already raised his strength to its peak, intending to crush the two of them.

Qin Shenglong and Ouyang Yunzhong had already reached their limits, and they were unable to heighten the strength they had left.

In the face of that move, they were helpless.

‘Its over!

‘Are we going to die here

The two of them were filled with despair.

However, at that moment, a golden ray of light shot out from between the two of them.

It was as straight as a blade and pierced right through the grandmaster star beasts body.

When the ray of light flashed past, a second later, the humanoid-like beetle star beast and the street beneath his feet split apart with an earth-shattering explosion!


The slash caused a huge crevice that was over a thousand meters long and five meters wide with a depth of four meters to form.

The entire city was shaken by that attack.

Dust rose into the air, and a thousand-meter-long dust barrier slowly emerged from the impact, obscuring everyones vision.

Plop, Plop, Plop…

The grandmaster star beast was split into two and fell into the crevice.

Its internal organs mixed with green blood flowed all over the ground.

Even then, its eyes still retained the arrogance it had before it died.

In other words, it did not even have the time to react to that slash.

Qin Shenglong and Ouyang Yunzhong were dumbfounded.

One of them sat on the ground while the other stood in a daze, standing on both sides of the crevice.

Were they saved

Just like that

Someone had killed a grandmaster-rank star beast with just a single move

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would not have believed it.

Furthermore… That slash was so familiar.

‘Wasnt this slash from the mysterious martial artist from that night

“Old Qin, take a look.”

A grandmasters vision was extremely good.

Ouyang Yunzhong could tell with a glance that a green leaf was wedged into the building where the slash ended.

Qin Shenglong looked in the direction that she was pointing at.

His entire body trembled as his pupils constricted.

“A grandmaster! Theyre definitely a grandmaster!”


The grandmaster star beasts shell had been enhanced by genetic engineering and had mutated.

No one below the level of a grandmaster could break it.

That meant that the martial artists attack power had to be that of a grandmasters!


They were both excited and shocked at the same time.

They immediately turned their heads to look for the culprit, but they only saw the empty entrance of the library.

There was not a single person in sight.


The excitement in their eyes dimmed in the blink of an eye.

“They must have been nearby just now.”

“Its a pity that we didnt see them in time.

What a waste! It would be a great honor for us to befriend such a powerful martial artist.”

“Perhaps they didnt want us to know about their identity But at least theyre not our enemy.

Otherwise, no one in Jianghai city would be able to stop them.”

The two sighed.

After recuperating for a while, they immediately left that place.

There were still many star beasts that they needed to deal with.

As for the corpse in the crevice, the two did not deal with it.

Ye Xiaos slash had already shattered its star core.

There was not even the slightest bit of it left.

It was practically worthless.

Just as the two of them left, a black figure arrived out of the blue.

They stared at the corpse in the crevice and frowned.

“To think that Jianghai city was hiding such a powerful martial artist.

Looks like it will still take some time for us to execute our seamless plan in this city.”


After saying that, they turned around and left.

At that point, Ye Xiao had already returned to his dormitory.

He did not want others to discover his identity.

If he was brought to light he would be made into a celebrity一not even having the slightest bit of privacy.

That was the least of his worries.

His strength would provoke powerful star beasts that would seek to challenge him if he were famous.

Although that would be pretty cool.


How could he go back to being a little administrator who reads books and eats dry rice every day

The night usually passed very quickly, but that night he was exceptionally restless.

On the streets of Jianghai city, the guards were nervously dealing with the remaining star beasts.

Meanwhile, the netizens were quarreling on forums.

“A mutated grandmaster star beast was suppressing the two famous grandmasters of Jianghai city! A mysterious martial artist made a single move, and one leaf was enough to settle the battle!”


“What is the purpose of that mysterious saber master reappearing in Jianghai city”

“The identity of the mysterious grandmaster has been revealed.

A glimpse of the genius in Jianghai city from 40 years ago, who had the chance to become a great grandmaster within 40 years!”

Almost every post was hyped up to four million views or more.

One had to know that the population of the entire Jianghai city was only eight million!

In one night, everyones interest was piqued by the mysterious martial artist.

In the early morning, when Ye Xiao woke up, his colleagues group chat was still sharing hot posts and news.

Ye Xiao looked at the group chat as he got up and put on his clothes.

There was not the slightest care in his eyes.

Instead, he was thinking about something else.

“My cultivation is only at Xiantian first grade.

I can barely be considered a grandmaster.

Im still two grades away from being a great grandmaster.

However, everyone thinks that I already am a great grandmaster.

Could it be that the attack power of my saber has already reached the Xiantian fourth grade”

It was impossible to change ones cultivation.

The only possible reason for his immense strength was the saber technique itself.

The stronger the grade of the cultivation technique, the stronger the attack would be.

It might even exceed the current rank he was in.

In other words, the Overpowering Saber had already exceeded the limits of a grandmaster-rank cultivation technique.

‘I didnt expect a cultivation technique formed from seven basic saber techniques would exceed the grandmaster rank.

If it were a stronger cultivation technique, I dont know what grade it would exceed.

I also dont know what grade the divine souls Golden Book is!


However, that made Ye Xiao feel more at ease.

That was because the stronger he was, the safer he would be.

After getting dressed properly, Ye Xiao first went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

He had just clocked in and had not had the time to go upstairs when the director held another morning meeting.

Despite fighting with star beasts for an entire night without sleeping, the directors complexion was still rosy, and there was not the slightest hint of fatigue.

A Xiantian realm martial artist had indeed surpassed the normal limits of ordinary humans.

“Todays morning meeting is mainly about what had occurred last night.”


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