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“It seems that after a night of careful consideration, you have made your choice.

I have reason to believe that this should be your best choice.”

At the Moon bases pharmaceutical injection center, the teacher-in-charge smiled when he saw Xu Tui.

He did not ask any more questions.

After verifying his identity, he administered the second bottle of Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir according to normal procedures.

After the elixir was administered, Xu Tui entered the illusory introspective state and began to observe.

Originally, there were only six genetic base points for mental perception.

However, the genetic base points for mental perception and the genetic base points for microscopic perception were actually a genetic ability chain.

Microscopic perception was considered a secondary ability under the mental perception genetic ability chain.

Therefore, there were a total of 11 mental perception genetic base points, including the microscopic perception genetic base points.

Xu Tui had noticed this a long time ago.

This was because when he used his microscopic perception, the genetic base points of the mental perception would also change.

Therefore, after being injected with the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir, the massive amount of energy surged into the 11 genetic base points at the same time.

He did not know if it was because he had been injected with the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir yesterday or because the mutated genetic ability chain today had 11 genetic base points, but ten minutes later, when one of the genetic base points in the mental perception genetic ability chain turned silver,

Xu Tuis head was very swollen and hot.

It hurt a little, but he did not bleed.

He was even more stable than yesterday.

The teacher-in-charge, who had been using the equipment to monitor Xu Tuis mutation, did not say anything.

Within 25 minutes, a total of seven genetic base points, including the main genetic base point of mental perception, had been strengthened to Level 2 silver.

Although the other four genetic base points had not been strengthened to Level 2 silver, they had also absorbed a large amount of energy and their development had increased.

Xu Tui estimated that he would be able to easily strengthen these four genetic base points to Level 2 if he had the time in the future.

It was the same for the two genetic base points in the mental whip genetic ability chain that had not reached Level 2 silver.

As long as Xu Tui spent some time, he would be able to strengthen it and develop it to Level 2 silver.

He would be able to further increase the power of the related abilities.

Twenty-five minutes later, the mutation began.

The main genetic base point of the mental perception genetic energy chain began to expand and change rhythmically.

However, what was different from the mental whip genetic ability chain was that when the main genetic base point began to expand and change rhythmically, it actually attracted the other genetic base points to follow it.

At first glance, it looked a little like a lead dancer.

Xu Tui observed it with his illusory introspection.

He felt that it was a little magical.

After the medicinal effect was completely absorbed, the main genetic base point of mental perception did not complete the final mutation.

It did not change into a pattern like the mental whip.

Xu Tui roughly understood that he had not achieved any mutation.

However, the main genetic base points of mental perception were still a little different from other genetic base points.

They were a little deep, a little delicate, and a little round.

The final result of this bottle of Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir was to strengthen the seven genetic base points of the mental perception genetic chain, including the main genetic base points, to Level 2 silver.

There was a slight change in the main genetic base point, but it did not complete the final mutation.

Among the seven genetic base points that had been strengthened to Level 2 silver, four of them overlapped with the genetic base points of the 72-point Great Genetic Ability Chain.

Xu Tui could clearly sense that his mind power had increased to a certain extent.

According to his previous experience, it should have increased by about 4%.

The increase was not great, but it was definitely an advantage for Xu Tui in the future.

Just as An Xiaoxue had said, the vigorous mind power that Xu Tui had obtained from activating the 72-point Great Genetic Ability Chain was something that the other students from the Mystery Branch would be able to catch up to after spending a large amount of time.

Many genetic base points related to mind power were not unique to Genetic Miracles.

However, the activation speed was faster.

Other students would be able to catch up to this difference in mind power in two to three years or even three to four years.

However, the increase in mind power obtained from using the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir was not something that other students could catch up to.

This gap became larger in the later stages.

The improvement in mental perception was not easy to test in this cultivation room.

The walls of the cultivation room were mixed with alloys that isolated mental perception to prevent them from being disturbed by the mental perception of other cultivators.

“Its over”

When he opened the door, the teacher-in-charge from yesterday welcomed him.

“Yes, its completed.”

“How did it go”

“Okay, the improvement should not be bad.”

Xu Tuis low tone made the teacher-in-charge notice something.

He smiled and consoled Xu Tui.

“You didnt manage to achieve an ability mutation this time, right It did not matter! You have to know that the true mutation rate of being administered with the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir is only 20%.

“Under normal circumstances, ten people would be injected with the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir, only two people would be able to obtain a certain level of mutation.

Youve been injected twice, but youve already mutated the first time.

Thats already very impressive!

“Dont be depressed.

You were able to inject the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir twice.

You have already surpassed most geniuses.”

“Thank you.”

After thanking him, Xu Tui left the pharmaceutical center.

On the way back to the dormitory, he began to try the changes in his mental perception.

The first change was the distance of his mental perception.

The blurry mental perception increased from 192 meters to 335 meters.

The increase was as high as 74%.

In other words, Xu Tuis combat radius had also increased to 335 meters.

The diameter of the battle had reached 670 meters.

More specifically, the long range of Xu Tuis flying sword was longer than the combined length of six football fields.

With Xu Tui as the center, his Mountain Formula, Stab Formula, Flying Sword, and mental whip could accurately attack anything within the radius of the football field.

This included Spiritual Resonance, Spiritual Radiation, Spiritual Concealment, Spiritual Magnetic Marker, and so on.

Many people might not feel anything at this distance.

But it could be described that way.

If he was in the city and stood at the entrance of a certain district, he could attack or affect a certain target in the building.

Even an Extreme Branch cultivator at the Genetic Mutation Realm would need about 15 seconds to discover Xu Tui and rush over.

Even if he used some of his Instant Strike-like speed abilities, it would still take more than five seconds.

How much could Xu Tui do in five seconds A lot!

It was similar to Xu Tuis guess.

He had strengthened one of the genetic base points to Level 2 silver, increasing the perception distance by about 10%.

His total mind power had increased by 4%, which also increased his perception distance by 4%.

These were all relatively obvious improvements.

Xu Tui realized that his microscopic perception ability had definitely increased.

However, microscopic perception was not as intuitive as mental perception.

It could not be tested at any time.

But there must have been a certain level of improvement.

Moreover, the increase was definitely not small.

Xu Tui believed that this would definitely be of great benefit to him when he sensed the initial frequencies of various atomic weights in the future.

Other than that, Xu Tui felt that the entire mental perception genetic chain had become more integrated after this strengthening mutation.

The process of mental perception seemed to be more delicate.

There were some changes that Xu Tui had mentioned.

Although the mutation was not successful, he felt that he might have some unexpected surprises.

Xu Tui wanted to return to the dormitory and slowly comprehend it.

However, before he could return to the dormitory, he received a call from Instructor Lu Kang.

“Is it over”

“I just finished.”

“Then come to the Physical Testing Center immediately.

Now, we are undergoing a pre-war strength level re-evaluation so that everyone can better recognize their true combat strength.

It will also be easier for you to choose suitable teammates based on your strength,” Lu Kang said.

“Alright, Ill be right there.

Oh, yes, Instructor, about the Mars training…”

“Ill tutor you alone at noon.

Come over immediately.

This full-frequency energy testing device is usually activated at a fixed time or when theres a collective need.”

“Thank you, Instructor.”

After hanging up, Xu Tui rushed to the physical testing center as fast as he could.

On the first day he arrived in the Extra-terrestrial, Chief Instructor Black Tower had said something that left a deep impression on Xu Tui.

Without strength, they were all hooligans!

Chief Instructor Black Tower said that he wanted to re-evaluate all the students abilities.

Actually, Xu Tui had been looking forward to this matter.

He had been in the extra-terrestrial for a month, but this matter had not been put on the agenda.

He did not expect it to be before the team selection and distribution.

The area of the Moon base that belonged to the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution College was not large.

It was only the size of a small county with tens of thousands of people.

Xu Tui arrived at the physical testing center ten minutes later.

The physical testing center was already filled with people.

At a rough glance, there were at least 5,000 people gathered.

It was not just the first-year students.

There were also second-year students who had come to the Extraterrestrial Research Institute.

Xu Tui even saw Cui Xi and the others.

“This full-frequency energy testing device will only be activated at a fixed time and tested for free.

There will be a fee if it is activated alone.

We came to take a ride and see how much weve improved in the past year.” Xu Tui greeted Cui Xi.

They still wanted to talk, but the instructors from the various sectors had already started to form a team.

Xu Tui quickly joined the team.

The moment he joined the team, Chief Instructor Black Tower appeared.

Chief Instructor Black Towers appearance was naturally a lecture.

“Ive said it before.

Abilities without strength are all hooligans! Next, its time to test the strength of your abilities.

I can tell you clearly that the full-frequency energy testing device in front of you is not a product of the Blue Star.

Currently, there was only one on the entire Blue Star, including the entire extra-terrestrial.

“However, it could detect the strength of all the energy fluctuations.

Let me tell you this.

This thing is like a living creature.

As long as your energy fluctuations can affect or injure it, it can show you an energy intensity.

There was no need to mention the Extreme Branch.

“Students from the Mystery Branchs School of Radiation Influence or even those from the Plant Branch who were more supportive do not need to worry that the test results are not accurate.

Even if you threw a healing essence at it, it could give a strength.

“Of course, there was a huge controversy about this full-frequency energy testing device.

Some people said that it was just a pure data machine.

Human abilities were never something that a data machine could test.

“Human abilities have always been the collision of intelligence.

Some small combinations of abilities could turn something rotten into something magical.

This thing was not accurate!

“I think so too!”

The sudden affirmation of Chief Instructor Black Tower stunned all the students.

“However, I still have to use it to test your abilities! This is because it represents the lowest limit of a persons strength! The upper limit of ones strength could not be tested, but it could test a persons lower limits.

“As for your lower limit of strength, other than allowing your teammates to have a standard judgment of you immediately, it can also allow you to find your position soberly.

This understanding could prevent many tragedies on the battlefield.

“Alright, lets cut to the chase.

Lets go through the test first.

Activating it consumed a lot of energy.

There are many people here, so everyone had three chances to test it.

Get the highest value!” Chief Instructor Black Tower said.

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