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Chapter 906: Escort (4)

But, due to Gu Fengs father, Fang Qiu could only endure it.

They walked and rested, in this constant cycle.

Because of the many wounded mercenaries, their speed when returning to the city slowed down considerably.

Along the way, just as Fang Qiu had expected, their team attracted several waves of demons.

The first few times, there were only some low-ranked demons.

Even though they were injured, they could still withstand a few such attacks.

However, as they got closer to the center of the northern region, the number of mid-level demons started to increase.

Fang Qiu and the others were soon exhausted.

Eventually, even advanced-ranked demons started to appear…

The moment advanced-ranked demons appeared, Fang Qiu did not even have the chance to open his mouth before the reticent young man took out a longbow from his space ring and dashed towards the advanced-ranked demons.

These demons were attracted here because of the dense scent of blood.

There were no plans or any signs of teamwork.

Most of the advanced-ranked demons were alone with some intermediate and low-ranked demons accompanying them.

It was easy for Shen Yanxiao to deal with them.

Shen Yanxiao took the initiative to push back all the incoming demons—it was a smooth ride back to Blizzard City.

Fang Qiu rejoiced that she had chosen to protect them.

Shen Yanxiao did not speak much during the journey.

She would always walk at the end of the group as they made their way back.

She would usually meditate at the side when she rested.

She was also self-sufficient when it came to food, so she rarely interacted with the other members of the group.

Only Long Xueyao went to deliver some water from time to time, but they did not talk to each other.

If it were not for Shen Yanxiaos dazzling performance when advanced-ranked demons appeared, the mercenaries would have forgotten about the godly existence in their group.

Shen Yanxiao had resolved many crises for them, while maintaining a low-profile.

Therefore, many of the mercenaries thought that she was a great person.

That was the air of a true expert!

Many of the mercenaries regarded Shen Yanxiao as their idol.

Many Archers even began to imitate Shen Yanxiaos archery skills after witnessing it.

They also secretly regarded Shen Yanxiao as their goal.

Shen Yanxiao did not flaunt or show off when she fought demons.

Coupled with the fact that she was usually quiet, a mysterious and powerful image of her was slowly created.

Even Fang Qiu secretly admired Shen Yanxiao.

However, Shen Yanxiao was unaware of all that.

She was just happy that an advanced-ranked demon had presented itself to her as a training partner.

And whenever she found someone she liked, she would extend an olive branch to them after she had beaten them up.

If she were to encounter someone who was slow-witted and did not have any special characteristics, Shen Yanxiao would kill them without any hesitation.

She would dig out the demonic cores and embed them on Clemance.

All in all, Shen Yanxiao had benefited the most along the way.

Not only did Xiu give her comprehensive guidance and corrections after each battle, but she had also taken in several advanced-ranked demons as her minions, and all of them were going straight to Sun Never Sets.

She could not only train here, but to also pick up some minions.

Life was so good!

Along the way, she experienced several battles of various degrees, and each of them had given great deal of experience to Shen Yanxiao.

With Xius guidance, her combat skills gradually skyrocketed.

Even though she was still an Advanced Professional, she was confident that she could win against Ruan Yingzhe, a Second-Class Expert!

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