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Chapter 495: The Bitter Life (3)

While the trio of friends was worried about Shen Yanxiao, Xie Yun, Ye Qing, and Yun Qi were even more concerned about her!

Shen Yanxiao had approached them to ask for a leave of absences.

Ye Qing and Yun Qi respected her wishes and granted her request immediately.

Xie Yun tried to stop her but had failed.

The tryouts were about to begin, and there was still no sign of Shen Yanxiao.

The three mentors were anxious for her return.

Xie Yun had long acknowledged the talents that Shen Yanxiao had in her.

With her skills, he was confident that Shen Yanxiao would soon be able to defeat Meng Yiheng, the top student in the Archers Division.

He did not mind it when the lad had requested for some time off now and then.

However, how could he be missing during such a critical time

Xie Yun, who had been filled with anticipation, spent his days in anxiety in the Archer Division.

The lad had such good talent as an archer, how could he not respect that

Even though he was depressed, Xie Yun thanked the lucky stars that they still had Meng Yiheng in the Archers Division.

The Herbalist Division was in a worse position compared to the Archers Division.

They used to have Shangguan Xiao, their previous top student, but he had been completely deprived of the ability to be an herbalist after he competed with Shen Yanxiao.

He had gone to the Blue Moon Dynasty in search of a solution to his recovery.

He would not be back at the academy for another three to five years.

The division did not only lose Shangguan Xiao but the head of that division, Pu Lisi, had gone with him as well.

The entire Herbalist Division was without a leader.

Their other students were not as skillful as Shen Yanxiao and Shangguan Xiao.

They would only serve as an advantage for their competitors even if they qualified for the tournament.

Luo De could go to Ye Qings room every day to complain about their tragic situation.

Ye Qing had always been calm and gentle, but he had grown concerned when he was Luo Des tearful grievances.

He was not worried about the Herbalist Divisions reputation, but the safety of Shen Yanxiao.

He had not seen his student for so long, so he was concerned about her.

The Archer Division had Meng Yiheng.

The Herbalist Division was in a worse situation, but they could still choose a candidate from the rest of their students.

Things were even worse for Yun Qi!

It had been years since the Warlock Division had recruited any student, and Yun Qi only had one student, Shen Yanxiao.

He had no other candidate to send to the tournament in place of Shen Yanxiao.

Yun Qi could only sit in the Warlock Divisions library and weep over her absence.

Yun Qi sat in the library quietly and waited eagerly as he stared at the door.

Xie Yun needed Shen Yanxiao because he treasured her talents, and Luo De wanted Shen Yanxiao to restore the Herbalist Divisions glory.

However, for Yun Qi, Shen Yanxiao was the only representative of the warlock profession.

He needed her to participate in the tournament as a warlock.

The warlocks would only have a glimmer of hope if Shen Yanxiao could get a headstart in the tournament between the academies in the Longxuan Empire.

Yun Qi was convinced that his student would be able to bring the warlock profession back to its peak so that the people in the Brilliance Continent could accept them again.

However, it seemed like that hope had vanished.

Yun Qis mind was troubled.

Did the gods not want to set the warlocks free

Would they snatch the warlocks last sliver of hope away from them

“My dear, where are you”

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