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Zheng Youcai did not dare to offend Ji Yan now, nor did he dare to offend Shen Hanxing.

In the future, he still wanted to get Shen Hanxing to invest in his other movies.

Even if it were not get Shen Hanxings investment, it would depend on how ardent Wang Qin was towards Shen Hanxing.

He also did not dare to have any improper thoughts toward Shen Hanxing!

“Director Zheng Youcai, I didnt say anything,” Shen Sisi pretended to cover her mouth and innocently widened her eyes.

“Youre overthinking.”

It was annoying.

Shen Hanxing lowered her eyes, and her gaze turned cold.

At this moment, Ji Yan, who had been silent the whole time, looked at Shen Sisi coldly and said, “You dont have to worry about it, Miss Shen.” His eyes were deep, dark, bottomless, and had a faintly dangerous aura.

When he looked at Shen Sisi with a hint of threat and disgust, he said, “I invited these media and film critics here as a gift for Miss Shen to invest in the first movie.

I dont care if Miss Shen has dirty thoughts in her heart, but if you accuse my wife…” His eyes turned colder.

He warned her in a deep voice, “I wont give you another chance.” The aura around him was shocking and filled with terrifying killing intent.

It was as if he could snap Shen Sisis throat the next second.

Shen Sisis face instantly turned pale.

She opened her mouth, but she couldnt say a word.

The only thing she could do was clench her fingers that were holding her bag tightly.

Her face was pale, and she couldnt tell whether she was jealous, dissatisfied, or angry and embarrassed! Shen Hanxing had only invested in a small movie.

Not only had she attended the premiere with her at the Ji Yan, but she had also even found a high-profile media reporter and film critic for her.

Shen Sisi thought, “Why Who is Shen Hanxing to get all these”

However, no matter what Shen Sisi was thinking, the people here did not care.

Shen Hanxing did not want to continue wasting time with her.

She still had to discuss the next step of the publicity plan with the crew.

The news media that were invited were different.

Their publicity plan had also changed.

There was no need to waste any more time with Shen Sisi.

After Shen Hanxing and the others had all left, Wu Yu shifted his eyes away from the phone screen with a gloomy look.

His fat face was ferocious and twisted.

With an official background, the media was not someone he could get on good terms with.

However, he still had the right to speak to the few cameramen in the venue.

He asked a few of the cameramen and asked the media and film critics present about their reactions to Zheng Youcais movie.

The answer he got almost made Wu Yu go crazy.

He did not understand what they meant by saying everyone cried.

Those media and film critics had been in this industry for many years.

What movie had they not seen Tear-jerking, funny, realistic, and magical.

What would it look like if they could sit quietly in their chairs and watch a movie that would make them unable to snap out of it for a long time

Zheng Youcai was trash.

He could still be a genius who fished for fame in university.

After graduating, he could only live in poverty and rely on his support to survive.

After graduating for more than ten years, he had not produced a single work.

Zheng Youcai was useless.

But now, someone was telling him that Zheng Youcai, that piece of trash, would rise again and make a movie that would amaze everyone.

He did not accept it!

“Director Wu Yu, do you know how Shen Hanxings movie is” Shen Sisi suppressed her anger.

She stomped her feet and growled, “I dont care.

The movie Im making is my first show on the screen.

I absolutely wont allow anyone to suppress my limelight.

I wont allow any mistakes to happen! The only person who can become famous is me!” She entered the entertainment industry to raise her status and increase her chance of entering the wealthy class.

She didnt want to become someone elses stepping stone.

She absolutely wouldnt allow it!

“Dont you know your acting skills If you ask me now, who am I going to ask” What surprised Shen Sisi was Wu Yu, who was trying his best to be respectful to her no matter how annoying she was at the set and could still maintain a smile, exploded with anger.

His fat eyes were filled with viciousness.

With a ferocious expression, he roared, “If you want to stand out, then go do your publicity and suppress Shen Hanxing and the others! Im the director, not your nanny.

Whats the point of telling me all this!” After he finished speaking, he fiercely threw his phone.

With a loud bang, the phone that Wu Yu threw out smashed into the wall.

The screen shattered.

Wu Yu, who usually smiled, finally revealed his true colors.

He roared, “If you dont work hard, who can you beat defeat Find your financier or boyfriend, and do something to improve the view.

Dont you have a lot of fans Ask them to go to the cinema and watch the movie!” With that, he panted heavily, turned around angrily, and left in a hurry.

He stumbled when he walked past the corner, revealing how madly desperate he was.

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