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Chapter 973 Gifts and Gratitude Part 1

While the Baron\'s family was eating together with their guests, Eiros used the holographic properties of the enchanted table to show the Verhens all the places of interest both inside and outside Jambel.

Being a city in the middle of nowhere, the Baron\'s fief was lacking in art pieces but was rich in natural wonders and breath-taking landscapes.

After the meal, Eiros showed the Verhens the place where they would spend their stay.

The house next to the Baron\'s mansion was almost as big and even better furnished.

It was also at their complete disposal since it was always empty in the case Jambel received important guests.

There\'s plenty of bedrooms on both floors, so you can accommodate yourselves like it makes you feel at home the most.

The King himself slept in this very room twice. Eiros casually said to Lith while showing him around the house.

Lith took the hint and the room for himself to not offend his host.

Have fun out there.

I\'ll stay here and take care of the triplets. Nalrond had already had enough emotions for one day.

He wasn\'t used to being served nor being around so many strangers.

On top of that, Jambel closely reminded him of his village, reopening wounds that had never fully healed.

No way! I\'m not taking a single step without a proper creep-ward.

Mom has Dad, Rena has Senton, and Lith has Kamila to keep unwanted suitors at bay, no offense, Kami. Tista said.

Quite a bit taken. Kamila was aware that between a Captain and an Archmage there was no competition, yet the idea of being the only woman in the room to be less desirable than her respective partner, pissed her off to no end.

I need a proper shield or I\'ll be the goddamn third wheel the whole vacation.

I\'m flattered by how highly you regard me. Nalrond sneered.

Like any normal man, after a bit of time and a lot of awkward moments, he had gotten used to her presence and was now able to treat her like a person.

We could take turns so that the kids are never left alone and we can all have fun. Senton proposed.

Unlike Kamila, he didn\'t mind Tista\'s remarks.

His beautiful children and Rena\'s mean right hook whenever someone bothered her made him feel confident about the solidity of their relationship.

I have a better solution. Lith created the hologram of a stroller and then split it into its components for Nalrond to study it.

Interesting design, but why use wheels That way a single bump in the road would wake up the baby. The Rezar waved his hands, creating hard-light constructs capable of floating on their own.

Because I devised it for non-mages. Lith lied through his teeth.

Keeping a floating spell active for long is exhausting.

Rena looked at both men with awe.

She loved her children and the fact that they were growing by the week filled her with joy, yet it also made them heavier.

Between breast-feeding and carrying the children around all day, the muscles in her arms were as toned as those of an athlete.

Nalrond, hybrid or not, you\'ll make a wonderful husband.

Selia is right when she says that the woman who gets you will count her blessings on a daily basis.

Lil bro, I can\'t believe you\'re thinking about having children to the point of inventing things for Kamila. Rena, Elina, and Tista had their eyes veiled with tears.

\'I didn\'t invent it, I just plagiarized it! The non-mage thing was just an excuse.\' Lith thought while realizing his blunder.

It was hard to tell who was the more flustered among them, if Lith, Nalrond, or Kamila.

The Rezar made sure that the construct looked like it was made of wood so that Lith could make it pass for one of his Forgemastering crafts and keep Light Mastery a secret.

The strollers were a huge hit while the Baron toured the Verhens around Jambel, reinforcing Lith\'s reputation of being a polymath genius.

How much does one cost Many parents burdened by small or lazy children asked them many times.

Yeah, how much Raaz asked Lith with pleading eyes.

With their short legs, Aran and Leria would get tired quickly.

A four years child was too small to endure long walks and too big to be easily carried around, especially those who thanks to Lith\'s treatments were tall for their age.

Raaz and Senton were puffing while they carried their respective child on their shoulders.

They were both cursing themselves for not asking Nalrond for more strollers earlier.

He couldn\'t make them pop out of thin air without revealing his secret.

I don\'t want a stroller! I want Onyx! If you let her come, this wouldn\'t happen. Aran whined in childish outrage, referring to the Shyf he considered to be his loyal steed.

And I want Abominus! He must be bored to death without me. Leria said, making her mother worry about her naming sense.

Son, how many times do I have to tell you Magical beasts aren\'t toys.

She would need a place to stay and food to eat.

Lots of food. Raaz said, trying to make Aran see reason.

She\'s not a toy, she\'s my friend.

Onyx could sleep in my room and I could share my food with her.

I don\'t eat much. Yet his stomach was already gurgling.

Baron Wyalon had brought his guest to the market district and the street was filled with tempting smells coming from the local bakers.

Luckily for the grown-ups, buying sweets for the kids was an excellent way to have a few minutes of respite.

They spent the morning visiting Jambel\'s downtown and shopping around.

\'Gods, this is the part of any trip I hate the most.\' Kamila thought.

Even after getting promoted to Captain and despite a few hefty bonuses for the cases solved, she was still neck-deep in debts.

A year had passed since she had paid for the Body Sculpting procedure that had given sight to her sister, Zinya.

Even with all the discounts that Lith had granted her as head Healer, of the three gold coins and 50 silvers she had repaid less than a single gold coin.

Even military officers like Jirni were paid in silver, and it took 100 silver coins to make a single gold one.

Even if now Zinya had no financial trouble thanks to the compensation money she had received from her late husband\'s family for the years of abuse Fallmug had put her through, she had no source of income and two children to raise.

Taking such a sum from the trust fund Vastor\'s accountant had created for her, would have crippled Zinya\'s annuities, so Kamila had to tread carefully with her expenses whereas the Verhens could buy whatever caught their eye.

Take whatever you want.

It\'s on the house. A middle-aged merchant said while giving Lith a deep bow.

Having an Archmage shop in his humble store was more than he had ever imagined.

We can\'t do that.

Your business would take a huge blow. Having married a blacksmith, Rena was well aware of the hardships retail traders had.

Please, allow us to pay.


Archmage Verhen fought long and hard for this city during the last two years.

He saved more than my business, he saved my home and my family.

How could I turn down the first opportunity I got to express my gratitude The merchant said.

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