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\'I really hope that Lith understands how important the few years he has left with his friends are.\' Tyris thought.

\'Without roots, a man is nothing but a leaf in the wind that life is.

My beloved Valeron didn\'t abdicate to prevent others to discover about his long life.

\'With me by his side, there was no one that could threaten him or our children.

He left all that he had fought so hard to build simply because he had no one to share it with anymore.

\'He loved me dearly, and so he loved our children and grandchildren, but after over a century, he couldn\'t stand being a relic of the past, nor seeing our kids become old while he remained young.

\'Valeron begged me countless times to Awaken them, and that was his only plea that I could never fulfill.

It broke his heart and almost our relationship.

Yet it was Arthan\'s treachery that killed him.

\'He could never recover from the guilt of having chosen the wrong person to stand on the throne and it\'s the reason why he asked me to select the rulers in its stead even when he was still alive.\'

Before leaving, Tyris shook everyone\'s hand and told Lith to call Commander Berion when he had decided about what he wanted as his reward.

\'I must say, Salaark is right.

I have to get out more often.

I truly enjoy seeing the Kingdom thrive and knowing the descendants of my old friends.

Yet Leegaain is also right.

I must pick another human form.

I\'m sick and tired of people that check out my ass, make me a marriage proposal, and sometimes do both at the same time.\'

She thought while Warping to Salaark\'s home.

Tyris wanted to share her impressions about the two hybrids with her before going to Leegaain\'s place.

Since he had heard from Zoreth, he had become obsessed with finding a cure for his daughter.

That was definitely out of the ordinary. Jirni said with her eyes semi-closed while she searched her memory.

I\'ve never heard of this Constable Griffon, not even after becoming an Archon.

To make matters odder, I was certain to know every member of the Royal family, yet I would surely remember a person this peculiar.

She was so powerful and intimidating that I had a hard time keeping my composure. Said Phloria.

Not to mention that she made me feel like a really ugly duckling.

You and me both, sis. Quylla sighed while all the implications of Tyris\'s words were slowly sinking in her brain.

Not that.

I mean how she spoke about Phloria\'s career.

It\'s not a Constable work to decide how a failure will be handled by the High Command, no matter if they\'re members of the Royal Family or not.

Just like the Queen doesn\'t mess with the army, the King does the same with the Association.

Yet she spoke on behalf of both of them.

Either she is the middleman of the Royal couple, or she has been sent here as an eye-candy to sway a certain someone. Jirni said while looking at the unfazed Lith.

Orion had something to add, but then he remembered about Jirni\'s presence and his brain activated before it was too late, allowing him to turn the very poetic words he was about to say about Constable Griffon into a harmless:

I told you so, Lith.

The Kingdom will pay you handsomely for your services, but gold can only get you so far.

Otherwise you can only rely on your own research or a stroke of luck.

Lith considered the purple crystals he had gotten from Kulah, his gold coins funds, and the Adamant in his possession.

\'A truckload of gold sounds nice, but what I must really aim for are metals and crystals.

The mana crystals we found in Kulah are rough since Crystalsmithing had yet to be invented, but that\'s the least of my problems.

\'Sure, if Solus is right and Origin Flames can cleanse powerful materials from the residual traces of failed Forgemastering attempts, it means that I have enough Adamant for both a sword and an armor, plus I can try as many times as I want.

\'Yet not only is that a big if, but it also is pointless unless I find some blueprints for runes.

Based on what both Yondra and Orion told me, without runes I can\'t Bond crystals to Adamant, and without crystals, I can\'t infuse powerful enchantments.\' He thought.

\'Well, we got back from barely three days.

Let\'s rest and recover before using Origin Flames, I don\'t want you to lose one more day of lifespan.\' Solus said.

You are right, Orion, but no matter how well the Kingdom promises to treat me, I prefer flying solo.

I\'ve got enough time that I can rely on luck for a little longer.

If push comes to shove, I\'ll probably ask you as my mentor. Lith smirked.

And I\'ll be glad to refuse. Orion smirked back.

I\'m already too busy between my duty and my apprentices, so unless a Royal decree forces me to take you in, you\'ll have to look for another master.

Speaking about time, it\'s damn late.

I have to go. Lith ignored Orion\'s remark, according to his pocket watch he was going to be late for dinner.

He left the room with a brisk walk while he and Solus organized their days between research and experiments.


That word triggered something inside of Quylla, who had never stopped fidgeting ever since Constable Griffon had summoned her.

Phloria, I need to talk to you.

Can we please go to my room She said.

Phloria nodded and the two young women left the tea room as well.

Those were two more things I didn\'t expect to see today after a member of the Royal family actually bowed to us.

Quylla lying to a Royal Constable and you refusing to take Lith as your apprentice.

Do you mind explaining Jirni asked.

I\'ll be honest with you.

I like the kid mostly because he cares for our girls, but I don\'t trust Lith farther than I can throw him.

He pulled too many miracles out of his ass during the years.

First his sister, then Balkor, then Nalear, and now this

I mean he was an extra in the expedition and ended up saving the others.

Plus, there\'s the matter of Orichalcum and Skinwalker armors.

I\'m a Royal Forgemaster for more than twenty years and I never managed to pull that.

Heck, even the Royals commission some of their equipment from me.

The fact that he dumped my little flower is another minus on my book. Orion replied, grunting loudly.

Geniuses are just like that dear.

Our daughter faced Nalear as a student as well and it was her dumping him. Jirni rose an eyebrow at his reaction.

To her, Lith was a friend and a priceless asset, the best combination she could ask for.

He should have fought for her instead of moping his way out of her life! Also, he\'s no genius and we both know it.

Manohar is a genius, Balkor is a genius, and they are both completely out of it.

Lith is too normal to be in their ballpark.

He\'s as magically talented as me and as devious as you are, dear.

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