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Chapter 2125 Castle Keep (Part 1)

Wendigos and Banshee wouldn\'t die of asphyxiation just because their lungs had been destroyed.

Yet until their internal organs regenerated, they wouldn\'t be able to use their respective bloodline abilities that required their voice.

The heat from Solar Flare restored the hybrids\' strength who instead had no problem with the scorching air.

The moment Kelia\'s tier one gravity spell, Feather Weight, allowed them to stand, Xenagrosh and Kigan unleashed respectively the tier five Chaos spells Flood Storm and Howling Hunger.

The former generated a tidal wave of Chaos that moved with the speed of a freight train, filling the corridor and turning the Banshees into nothingness.

The latter conjured a hail of black bullets that pierced through the Wendigos and riddled them with more holes than Swiss cheese until they turned into several piles of ashes.

A Wendigo could survive even without their heart or brain and regenerate any part of their body with ease, given time and nourishment.

Their only weak point was a piece of the first person they had cannibalized upon their transformation which was bound to remain forever indigested in their intestines.

\'Are you alright\' Kelia asked while destroying the focus points of the gravity array that still trapped her companions.

Feather Weight just relieved enough gravity to allow them to move, not to do it quickly.

\'Peachy.\' Xenagrosh\'s Troll core didn\'t grant her flashy powers like those of a Balor but her regenerative abilities were unmatched.

Small tendrils of flesh collected and reassembled the missing pieces of her body before the Horseman was done with the array.

\'Speak for yourself.\' Kigan replied.

\'I need to rest for a bit.\'

His body took fire as he activated his Phoenix bloodline ability, Rebirth Flames.

It allowed him to convert mana into matter that he could use to heal any wounds and even regenerate whole organs in an instant.

Unlike healing spells, Rebirth Flames didn\'t need nutrients nor did it drain stamina or put a strain on the life force of its user.

\'Our position has already been exposed and we cannot afford to waste a single second.\' Kelia had already used Invigoration several times and hated consuming more for someone else, but she had no choice.

It took her but the span of a few breaths to restore Kigan\'s lost mana.

\'I meant just the time to feed off the enchantments of the fortress, but this works too.

Thanks, kid.\'

\'What Can you really do that\' Kelia asked in amazement.


Abominations can feed off the light element and world energy, including that flowing inside any enchantment.\' Xenagrosh nodded.

\'A place like this is a banquet to us.

\'The real question is, how can so many undead live here without a regular supply of food Wendigos are cannibals while Banshees-\' She looked inside the now opened doors and found her answer.

They opened into large rooms over 30 meters (100\') long and 50 meters (164\') wide filled with vertical pods containing people of all races, gender, and age.

The medical devices kept the victims alive, fed them, and regenerated their wounds.

The pods were filled with enough nutrients to last for months before needing to be refilled.

They offered the undead the possibility to eat to their hearts\' content as long as they left their victim alive and gave them the time necessary to recover.

The room from where the Wendigos had come out was filled with people missing one or more limbs that were slowly regenerating.

The fortress wasn\'t named Pleasure Palace for what the Dead King did inside its walls, but for the service it offered.

To Kelia, it was a nightmare place where people were farmed, but to the undead, it was just an all-you-can-eat five stars restaurant.

They needed to capture a limited number of mana-gifted prey to feed upon them and greatly increase the power of their blood cores in a short time.

\'It seems that more than falling into a trap we were simply unlucky enough to interrupt dinner.\' Kigan said while Kelia puked her guts out.

Not all Wendigos had managed to finish their meal and the room was filled with leftovers that had yet to be cleaned.

\'Can\'t we free them\' She asked.

\'No time for that.

After we finish our mission, we just have to inform Milea and she\'ll do the rest.\' Dusk replied.

The group resumed their advance, but this time they had learned their lesson and cast array detecting spells at regular intervals.

Whenever they spotted a trap, a well-placed burst of Origin Flames weakened the dormant formations enough for Dusk to deactivate them.

Between his expertise and the information collected by the Undead Courts while researching Orpal\'s secret palaces, it took him seconds to destroy the most complex arrays without triggering any security measure.

Contrary to their expectations, no one tried to stop them.

Whenever they found a new door, they discovered it open and there was no one inside except for the unconscious prisoners.

The group quickly reached the keep at the heart of the castle, finding several surprises waiting for them.

The place had been tastefully furnished to resemble the living room of an ancient noble household.

Tables and chairs were masterfully crafted, the carpets were comprised of the softest and finest materials money could afford, and every artwork was either an original masterpiece lost to time or a perfect replica.

Kelia\'s eyes went wide in surprise recognizing some paintings that were identical to those in Milea\'s office and that even bore a perfect imitation of the scribble that Leegaain called his signature.

Crystal chandeliers hung to the ceiling, but instead of using oil, candles, or magic crystals to light the place, they used Sunstones that were allegedly exclusive of the Eclipsed Lands.

The magic crystals spread a yellow light that also carried warmth and even allowed plants to grow.

They were one of the First Vampire\'s masterpieces, an invention born from the need to let his fellow undead to experience the next best thing to sunlight without dying in the process.

I have to apologize for the earlier rude welcome, master Dusk. A voice said, making them all snap out of their reverie.

But as you know, anyone can take your appearance, and given your notorious dislike for Abomination, we assumed we were dealing with an imposter.

The voice belonged to a man apparently in his late forties, about 1.76 (5\'9) meters tall wearing a black livery uniform over a white shirt.

He had greying black hair, clear blue eyes, and a well-groomed beard.

He gave the Red Sun a deep bow that went completely ignored.

I would believe you if you had come at the entrance and apologized to me after I got rid of your watchdogs. Dusks\' voice sounded irritated.

Instead, I had to walk here and waste a lot of time dealing with what my stupid little sister calls traps.

The butler ignored the rudeness of the guest toward him, but his right eye twitched in annoyance once his master was insulted.

I apologize again, but I had clear instructions of not letting anyone in until I confirmed their identity.

After all, it wasn\'t you disposing of our loyal guards but your servants. His attempt to return the favor failed since both Dusk and the hybrids showed no reaction.

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