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Chapter 2107 The True Enemy (Part 1)

Manastorm created a barrage of emerald falling stars that the light and earth elements made as hard as diamond, fire and darkness boosted their destructive power, while water and air increased their maneuverability and speed.

All together, the six elements also generated a gravitational field that amplified the weight of each bullet one hundred fold.

Lith had no way out but to use Spirit Blink.

The spell moved him at the Fenrir\'s back, right where she expected him to appear.

\'What a moron.\' She thought while looking at the still-opening exit point.

\'I need but a thought to adjust Manastorm\'s trajectory while I rip his th-\'

An electromagnetically accelerated bullet from Thundercrash pierced her eye and reached Xoola\'s brain one second before the boom of the shot reached her ears.

Manastorm faded and her body fell limp, but without her consciousness, Doom Tide could no longer be contained.

\'Such a stupid move had to be the signal.\' Phloria thought.

\'The question is what now\'

Lith plunged the twin blades inside the Fenrir\'s open maw and had his armor slip off him and onto her, using the combined effect of hundreds of Abomination Touch to contain the explosion in case something went wrong.

The groups of Demons still on the ground were forming an array as Xoola had feared, but it was a Warping Formation.

The moment Lith had Blinked, he had ordered them to activate the array and move the helpless Fenrir high in the sky above Zehnma.

Doom Tide released the accumulated energy in a blast visible from space but there was nothing it could damage.

Also, it was right above Phloria\'s position, far away enough to not be a threat but close enough to be an easy target.

\'You know that you are insane, right\' Phloria asked via a mind link as soon as Lith Switched place with Trion, wearing the armor and wielding War.

\'Less yapping, more casting.\' He completed the final rune for Ruin at the same time Phloria finished weaving Omnislash.

Feeling the world energy and the army of Demons all around her, Xoola used Invigoration to recover her strength and Mana Body to keep the Abominations\' touch from killing her.

She was too busy stopping the small pests from entering her open mouth and wounds to notice the incoming blast.

Ruin\'s red blades and Omnislash\'s white pillar cut through the Adamant and vaporized the flesh, piercing through her barriers and bloodline abilities like they were paper.

Without their general imparting them orders, the Forgotten kept fighting like machines and lost due to their inability to adapt to the enemy\'s switch of battle formations.

To make matters worse for the defending army, Doom Tide\'s explosion had overcharged the Demons, bringing them all to six eyes.

Outnumbered by the enemies in front of them and overpowered by those at their back, the army protecting Zehnma was quickly wiped out.

Until a few minutes ago, the citizens would have stood up and fought alongside those they considered their liberators from the tyranny of the Royals.

After hearing Xoola gambling with their lives, however, they weren\'t so certain about what to believe anymore.

Their heroes had just threatened to destroy Zehnma whereas their oppressors had risked their lives to defend the city.

People were too afraid and confused to move a muscle so they hid in their homes and waited for the storm to pass.

Nice work, Commander Ernas.

We won. Lith hung War to his hip and offered her his hand.

I can\'t believe you really did that. Phloria ignored it and embraced him, shivering in worry.

What if I missed the shot What if the Fenrir caught wind of your trick and released the Doom Tide in your face

Lith felt a bit awkward, especially after the conversation they had had at the gala, but he still held her in his arms while caressing her shoulders.

If I asked you to trust me with your life is because I trust you with mine. He replied.

Otherwise I would\'ve never told you everything about Solus, the tower, and my powers.

We may not be in love with each other anymore, but I still love you.

You are one of my best friends and that\'s not going to change, no matter what happens.

Really She said amid sniffles, while tears veiled her eyes.


Also, the Demons had the order to use the Warping Array to send me away in case something went wrong.

I always have one or two contingency plans ready. Lith nodded.

What an asshole! You didn\'t trust me at all. Phloria pushed him away in anger.

No, I just didn\'t want to die.

Also, Trion would have brought you to safety while Locrias was in charge of Warping Tista and Solus. Lith shrugged.

I couldn\'t endanger the lives of my child\'s aunts and godmother.

Do you really want me to be the godmother Her rage disappeared in an instant.

What about Salaark, Solus, or Rena Heck, maybe even Faluel is expecting you to ask her to take care of the baby in case something happens to you.

Well, Grandma will be part of the baby\'s life anyway and I don\'t feel safe entrusting such an important role to someone who is likely to cajole them in her service. Lith shook his head.

Solus would be the perfect choice if it wasn\'t for our bond.

If something happens to me, even if she survives whatever killed me, her life will go through radical changes Just finding a new partner will be traumatic, let alone getting used to sharing so much of herself with someone else now that she\'s become her own woman.

As for Rena, she\'s no mage nor Awakened.

She can\'t help the baby understand any of what is going to be a very important part of their life.

Wouldn\'t Faluel be the best choice then She\'s everything I am and a powerful Emperor Beast. Phloria replied.


The baby\'s nature of Divine Beast will be a part of the problem.

If they are anything like me, they\'ll have no problem accepting their powers but will be at risk of becoming drunk on it. Lith said.

They\'d be a human-Tiamat hybrid until their twenties and I want my child to be raised as a member of both worlds.

I hope that you\'ll accept and that you\'ll be able to help them to not lose their humanity just like you did with me.

Is Kamila okay with this Phloria asked.


I wouldn\'t make you this offer otherwise.

What do you say

I say yes. Phloria shook Lith\'s hand, too moved by his words to wonder why they hadn\'t thought of Zinya.

The answer was that Kamila was afraid of Vastor and that she didn\'t like the idea of the baby growing surrounded by millennia old mass murderers.

Lith and Phloria returned to the ground a few seconds later yet the battle was already over.

After the Demons had cleared the city hall of Thrud\'s Forgotten, Tista had no problem reaching the control panel and shutting down both the defensive system and reconnecting the Warp Gate with the Kingdom\'s dimensional network.

The Royal Guards from Valeron had made quick work of whatever was left of the resistance while the soldiers arrested those who surrendered.

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