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Chapter 2069 First of His Kind (Part 1)

I didn\'t ask them to do anything. Lith shrugged.

I think it has become a habit for the Royals to screw with me ever since they scared the crap out of me during the Archmage ceremony.

One after the other, Lith\'s friends and allies shook his hand and congratulated him on his achievement.

I can\'t believe it! Your call name of six years ago just turned into reality and I was here to witness it.

Well done, White. Lith was surprised when after Jadon Lark and Baron Wyalon, Red stepped forward as well.

Thanks R-

\'For the gods\' sake, that was just his call name during the academy training.\' Solus hated it when Lith forgot about anyone he couldn\'t profit from.

\'He is Great Mage Linden Gorth and the woman with him is his wife, Phrenna.\'

\'Who cares! Red would have sufficed.\' Lith thought.

I mean, Great Mage Gorth. He actually said, pretending that the name had any significance to him.

Just call me Red. The young man was clearly honored by his idol remembering him, but tried to play it cool.

I consider it an inside joke between us.

\'Told you so.\' Lith inwardly grinned.

Red, allow me to introduce my wife Kamila Yehval to you and Phrenna.

Kami, these are Great Mage Linden \'Red\' Gorth and his wife, Phrenna.

Nice to meet you. Kamila nudged at his ribs for using her moniker in public.

It\'s always a pleasure to meet one of Lith\'s friends, especially someone who didn\'t chicken out after learning about his true nature.

She shook Red\'s hand while Phrenna hesitated for a second to extend her own, almost afraid that Kamila might shapeshift at any second into a hideous creature.

Unlike her husband, she couldn\'t stop staring at the horns, the fangs, and the third eye that seemed to pierce through her soul.

What do you mean Lith asked.

Even though I never met Great Mage Gorth in person, I knew him by name.

He was one of the few who always signed Jirni\'s petitions in your favor. Kamila replied.

I hope that when the Verhen Mansion is complete, you will come to visit us and tell me the story of how you two met.

It will be my pleasure, Lady Verhen. Red replied, smiling from one ear to the other for having been invited to their home even before the Royals.

The Royals, instead, didn\'t like it much.

Well, is the jury still out on that Kelia asked as soon as the magic in the room faded and she could talk again.

Did Verhen do the right thing by sticking with the Kingdom or not

Maybe, but it\'s not going to be easy.

At the moment, his title isn\'t worth much. The Empress replied.

Yet if he survives the war and the political struggle that is bound to ensue when the Royals will have to purge the traitors who have willingly sided with the Mad Queen, the sky is Verhen\'s limit.

He\'ll be the first Supreme Magus and the first member of a new race that people will either fear like monsters or worship like gods.

From my point of view, it\'s an incredible victory.

I can\'t offer him anything better and if Verhen makes it through the war, he\'ll shape the future of the Kingdom no less than the Royals.

After a while, Lith\'s group moved to the nearest buffet table.

The tension had made everyone work quite some appetite.

While they chatted, many people tried to jump on the bandwagon and congratulate Lith, but most of them failed to move past the small crowd that surrounded him since the end of the ceremony.

Even the few who succeeded didn\'t manage to say a single word due to his beastly features striking terror in them and making them run away with the same determination they had come.

Except for one of them.

Excuse me, Supreme Magus, but the music is about to start, and is customary for the main guest of a gala to open the dances with their partner.

Here is the list of those who have reserved a dance with you tonight. Royal valets had to perform their duty or be charged with treason.

The youth in front of Lith needed sheer willpower to not stutter.

He handed the Magus a small cylinder of paper, waiting for him to take it.

The what now Lith unfolded the scroll that turned out to be over twenty centimeters (8\') long and filled with a close-packed list of names that started with the Queen\'s.

There is only so much time for dancing so reservations are needed to avoid disputes that would spoil the mood. The valet clicked his heels and gave Lith a bow before taking his leave.

I know what a dance card is. Lith grumbled, sighing in relief when he noticed that most of the names belonged to people he cared for.

A few minutes later, the orchestra started playing and a spotlight gently prompted the Verhen couple to reach the center of the stage.

Kamila blinked thrice in quick succession, their convened signal for a mind link.

Physical contact would make it invisible even to Life Vision and kept their conversation a secret.

\'What\'s the matter, Kami Jealous much Horns or not I still have a list of suitors longer than my arm.\' He said with a smug grin on his face.

\'Ha Ha.\' She replied with a deadpan tone.

\'No, smartass.

I just wanted to ask Solus if she wants to dance with us.

This is her ceremony as well and it would be a shame if she didn\'t get to enjoy it.\'

\'What do you mean\' Solus asked after Lith let her take part in the conversation.

\'You can slip from Lith\'s finger to mine and then fuse your ring with my clothes.

It still wouldn\'t be the same as dancing with your own body but it\'s the best I can offer you.

Sorry.\' Kamila said.

\'Really\' Solus would have jumped with joy, if only she had feet.


Lith and I will have just one dance together and the other dames will probably just try to get something from him.

I trust you to keep his dirty mind in check.\' Kamila inwardly chuckled.

\'Thanks! It means the world to me.\' Solus covered Kamila\'s dress, letting Lith experience the warmth of the two women he loved the most at the same time.

\'Thanks for allowing for this little three-way, Kami.\'

\'Lith!\' Kamil and Solus rebuked him in unison.

\'Dance! I meant a three-way dance.\'

\'Gods, you were right about his dirty mind, Kami.\' Solus chuckled.

\'Magus my ass.

More like the Supreme Pervert.\' Kamila shook her head in irritation.

Lith remained silent until the music stopped, knowing that whatever he said could only make the hole he had dug for himself deeper.

Magus Verhen. The Queen tapped his shoulder, waiting for Lith to give her a bow before returning it with a curtsy.

Your Majesty.

What do you say if we exchange dance partners It will allow your wife to take part in the conversation, were she to feel the need to. Sylpha said while Meron offered Kamila his hand.

Refusing the invitation of the King would have been incredibly rude and stupid.

Whatever the Royals wanted from him, they had to listen.

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