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Chapter 2067 A New Magus (Part 1)

Everything I have shown you today will become a reality, but only after the War of the Griffons is over. The final part of their pitch ensured the Royals that no one would switch sides during a critical moment.

Thrud\'s slave array was her best weapon but also the best deterrent against traitors.

Now not only would the nobles put at risk their free will by joining her, but also forfeit the incalculable gains that only the followers of the Royals would reap.

Yours are amazing contributions, Archmage Verhen.

I doubt that there is a single person in this room who would object to the decision of making you a Magus. The King took another pause, giving the members of the old and new households the opportunity to speak before his words would become written down by the Royal Scribes and turned into law.

No one dared to utter a single word.

Even those who had opposed Lith\'s rise among the Kingdom\'s ranks like Archmage Kwart had been enthralled by the endless possibilities that Void Magic, Tablets, and the DoLorean\'s power core opened.

Yet none of them would see the light unless the war was won and Verhen fully disclosed his findings to the rest of the magical community.

Their hatred burned no weaker than just a few minutes ago, it was their greed that now overshadowed it.

Thus, it\'s my right and privilege to bestow upon you the title of Void Magus! Meron placed his hands on Lith\'s shoulder and the Saefel\'s armor emitted a pillar of violet light that engulfed them both.

The phenomenon lasted just a few seconds and when it was over, the deep blue of the Archmage\'s robe had turned into the deep violet of a Magus.

The crowd on the ground floor gave him a standing ovation while those in the opera boxes jumped on their feet so quickly that they knocked over their chairs.

Even though they hated the Royals\' guts, Elina and Raaz cried in joy.

They had to bite their lower lips to stop themselves from screaming at the top of their lungs.

Among the sea of clapping hands, Vastor\'s were the loudest.

For once in his life, the Master felt no envy nor bitterness seeing someone so much younger than him reach heights he could only dream about.

His research had brought forward incredible breakthroughs, but if he were to be foolish enough to share it, he would become a new Arthan instead of a new Silverwing.

His research would be burned, his family persecuted, and his name become a curse word.

\'I know that there\'s nothing between us but the relationship between a Professor and his student.

I also know that what I\'ve given Lith is nothing compared to what he has given me.\' Vastor thought while looking at Zinya and thanking the gods for the day she had come into his life.

\'Yet seeing another Abomination being crowned Magus, witnessing the achievements of someone who is more similar to me than my own children, I feel proud of Lith as if he was my own.

My only regret is to not have taken different decisions in the past.

\'Unlike Lith, I will never be able to step into the light without being hunted like the monster I am.\'

Quylla, however, couldn\'t say the same.

\'Fair enough.

I\'ve long dreamed about becoming the first Magus of my generation but I\'m still stuck being a simple mage.

I guess I\'ll have to settle for second place.\' She thought while clapping her hands until it hurt.

Kamila tried to run to him and Lith to stand up but the arrays of the Banquet Hall locked them in place like anyone else who didn\'t wear a Royal Fortress armor.

\'The ** What\'s the point of attacking me now\' Lith thought in confusion as four Royal Guards surrounded him in a square formation.

Enough! Queen Sylpha raised her open hand in the air before clenching it in a fist that canceled every noise in the room but her voice.

Meron stepped aside, leaving her the center stage.

I\'m glad that you all agree with our decision, but that\'s not reason enough for celebration.

While we are assembled here, our allies from the Council, our soldiers, and our mages risk their lives on the battlefield.

The War of the Griffons is still far from being over and to win we\'ll need all the help we can get.

That\'s why I firmly believe that the Kingdom has yet to pay its debt to Magus Verhen.

He is nothing like Magus Silverwing, who after entrusting her legacy to us disappeared without a care for the consequences that the abuse of that knowledge would cause.

Magus Verhen has strayed away from the path of the Forgemaster Magus.

Menadion taught us the secrets of the runes and of the power cores but refused to wield her very creations to protect the world she had contributed to building.

Magus Lith Tiamat Verhen has stood by our side from his infancy.

He helped Lutia County to develop first and then saved the heir of my late friend Mirim Distar.

May the gods rest her soul. Sylpha weaved her hand, making a spotlight appear over Brinja and Jadon Lark.

He helped us to defeat the plague in Kandria and there\'s no telling how many of us would be dead now without his contribution from the shadows. The Queen replayed the conversation between Lith and Varegrave in front of the Belius plains for everyone to hear.

Some claim that his crimes are as deep as his secrets, but I don\'t believe it.

He destroyed two lost cities. The hologram depicted the fall of Kolga and Kaduria, showing how those barren lands had come back to life.

He vanquished the Odi, the Bright Day, and the Black Night. The images transformed in the horrors of Kulah and the battles against the Horsemen.

Before the ploy of the traitorous Meln Narchat exposed his nature, Magus Lith Tiamat Verhen was our spearhead against the invading force of the Mad Queen.

Without him, we would have lost our lands before the Council intervened.

Without him, the Council wouldn\'t have even bothered contacting us, stuck in their old ways no less than we were. The hologram now depicted the fall of many cities that Lith had recaptured less than 24 hours later and of their people celebrating their renewed freedom.

As I said before, I don\'t believe that his secrets are as deep as his crimes.

His secrets were the source of his strength.

Without them, nothing of what you have just seen would have been possible.

His crimes are just the natural consequence of a man who lives in a society ready to hang him not for what he does, but for who he is.

Do I need to remind you what happened when Morn the Fool learned the truth The arrays projected the images of the attack on Lutia.

Instead of rejoicing for the lives saved, for the defeat of the monster who has killed our god of light, he didn\'t hesitate to disregard everything good Magus Verhen had done and sentenced his whole family to death.

Magus Verhen was forced to abandon his own home like a common criminal, his father tortured, and entire cities rioted in fear that their neighbor might have been a beast in disguise.

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