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Chapter 1898: Necessary Adjustments (part 2)

‘That woman is weak, but her family is very dangerous. Night said, glad that Orpal had picked the easiest target again.

He needed a confidence boost and the Horseman could help him.

Jirni was just a human, she wasnt a Verhen nor did she live in Lutia.


We need a solid plan, like usual.” Orpal nodded.

“Jirni Ernas is the reason I failed getting back in my mothers grace.

She treated me like garbage and protected that Yehval wench from my subordinates.

“Shes the one whos fighting for Leech in the Court.

Once shes dead, hell never return to the Kingdom and what he owns will finally belong to me.”


Meanwhile, back to the beach.

The second day of the honeymoon went by like the first.

Lith taught Kamila how to swim, then they would spend the time during lunch catching up on the lost time.

The couple would get back home for the afternoon nap and return to the beach later.

On the third day, they started to feel bored of that routine so they went to Yrma for dinner.

The city was a lovely place, its buildings made of red bricks that shone under the sunset, making Yrma look as if the sun had set it ablaze.

That and the ocean made the landscape magical.

As Salaark had promised, once they had shown her insignia, the people of Yrma had treated them like Royals and had been caring hosts.

The food was great as well and Lith was happy not having to cook for once.

They spent the night in a hotel built on a hill from where they could watch the sleeping city from above.

When the moon set, its light and that reflecting on the ocean painted the city silver.

“Your Grandma sure picked for us a romantic place.” Kamila enjoyed the cold air of the Deserts nights because it allowed them to embrace each other without sweating bullets like it happened during the day.


We must definitely spend a bit of time here and visit more than the restaurants.” He chuckled.

The following day, Lith received a pleasant surprise.

Kamila had woken up before him and had prepared breakfast for both of them, serving it in bed.

No one else in the Desert knew his recipe for the pancakes or the hot chocolate cream she had covered them with.

“I asked permission to use the kitchen for a while and they reluctantly agreed.

The chef looked at me like I was trying to kill her baby.” She chuckled.

“Yet she didnt dare defy Salaarks seal.”

“Let me guess, her attitude changed when she saw the result of your work.” Lith said.

“She wanted the recipe but I sent her off.

No one steals my husbands secrets.” She arranged the trays and their holders for both of them before joining him back in the bed.

“To what do I owe this delicious surprise” Lith took a bite and the taste was as good as if he had prepared the pancakes himself.

“No reason.

I just wanted to be the one to pamper you for once.” She replied while enjoying the fruits of her work.

“Also, I thought we could use something sweet before facing a bitter topic.”

“What do you mean” He asked.

“Lith, I noticed how you reacted when Selia mentioned your father and Solus.” She put down her cutlery, taking his face in her hands and forcing him to look at her.

“I dont care how many times Ill have to repeat that I love you to make it sink into that thick skull of yours, Ill continue until you start behaving like they are more than just sweet words.

“I love you, Lith Verhen, with all my heart.

When something troubles you, you dont hide it from me.

You dont lie about it to me.

You tell me and let me share it with you.

Whatever happens to you happens to me.

“Loving someone is about sharing your happiness to double it and your misery to halve it.

Otherwise, you are better off single, dealing only with your own problems.” Kamila borrowed Zinyas words after giving them her own spin.

Lith put his own cutlery down as well and told her about what had happened between Solus and Bytra during Vastors wedding.

Then, he told Kamila about how deep Solus trauma was and the distress it caused her.

“Good gods, poor Solus.

Mogar sure is cruel for putting Bytra and Solus together during my sisters wedding.

Zinyas happiest day must have been Solus worst.” Kamila said.Want to see more chapters Please visit p a n d a -n o v e l.c o m

“Indeed.” Lith nodded.

“Also, theres something else you should know.”

Then, he told her about the tortures that Orpal had inflicted on Raaz and the pitiful state he had been to that very day.

How his cracked psyche could barely function, needing Salaarks presence just to have a semblance of normality.

“Does he really not know that Trion is al- I mean, one of your Demons” She asked.


Trion asked me to hide it from Dad.

He thinks that Dad is too weak to face his dead son.

That if Dad knows how Trion died, his condition will worsen.

I agree with him.” Lith nodded.

“Well, this kind of ruins our honeymoon, but I cant stand the people I love suffering while I spend my days having fun and eating delicious food.” Kamila took a bite, discovering that everything had gone cold.

“Do you mind heating them” She asked and Lith made the breakfast steaming again with a wave of his hand.


Also, what do you say if we go back home right after breakfast and invite Solus to spend the day with us”

“Really During our honeymoon” Lith was flabbergasted.

“Lith, I know how important she is to you.

I never thought that after we married Solus would magically disappear.” She replied with a serious yet sweet tone.

“Shes now important to me as well and if she needs our help, we have to give it to her.”

“Gods, Kami.

I dont deserve you.” Lith wrapped his arms around her before kissing her.


Never forget that.” She kissed him back, giving him a warm smile.

“Now finish your damn breakfast because I worked hard for it and I dont want it to get cold again.”

“Yes, maam.” He replied with a chuckle, giving her the salute.


Once they paid the bill, Lith Warped them back to the cottage.

He walked right in the middle of the mana geyser, eager to put Salaarks words to the test.

‘After all, the tower is a part of me as well.

I should be able to mark the mana geyser by myself and allow the tower to Warp here. He thought.

Lith placed his hand on the ground, activating Demon Grasp to absorb as much world energy as he could until he became one with it.

Then, he felt something click inside of him where the bond with Solus was.

‘Come to me, please.

She answered his call, Warping with the tower and walking through the door with her weapons in hand.

“Where is the enemy” Solus asked after noticing that aside from seagulls, there was no one around.

“There is no enemy.” Lith replied, holding her hands and using their mind link to show her his conversation with Kamila over breakfast.

“We just wanted to make sure that you are alright.”

That “we” struck Solus harder than any punch she had ever taken.

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