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Chapter 1815: Void and Undeath (Part 1)

“l recently manifested a new power that almost further damaged my l ife force and l have no idea how its possible.

Also, even though Ive u sed Accumulation for quite some time and feel ready for the b reakthrough, it never happens.

“Whats wrong with me” Lith asked.

The Red Mother stood on her tiptoes, taking his face between her h ands and forcing him to stoop.

Lith and the rest of the guests held t heir breath, thinking that she was about to kiss him but she just used h er breathing technique, Sun and Moon.

Under the influx of her energy, his five hidden eyes opened one after a nother while his body shapeshifted back and forth from human to Tiamat.

“Wonderful!” Once she was done, Baba Yaga‘s lips briefly touched his f orehead and his body stabilized again into its human form.

“Care to elaborate” Lith asked.

“You are right.

You are close to a breakthrough and thats why your p ower manifested.

Yet your body and core are still too weak to bear t he burden of the Call of the Void.

Dont use it again unless your life is a t risk.” She replied.

“I will, but why no breakthrough My body is stronger than ever, l h ave no impurities, and my mana core is bursting with power.” Lith s aid.

“This might come hard to accept, but I dont think that your problem l ies in how much energy you accumulate.

You are not a normal Awakened, but a new form of life entirely.

“Necromancy, the art that l spent my life perfecting, is about fooling d eath to preserve life.

Even though they are called undead, no one of m y Firstborns ever died.

Higher Necromancy, like the spell that gave b irth to Nyka, breathed new life in her but in a form of Kallas c hoosing and at the cost of everything she was.

“Your power, instead, comes from death overcoming life.

You didnt l ose anything.

You are pure entropy that has turned into order by i tself.

Unlike a Necromancer, you dont conjure souls.

“They answer your call, their rage resonating with the Void that r esides where your heart is supposed to be.

Yet such power still d epends too much on your Abomination side, throwing your life force o ut of balance and bringing you harm.

“You must get rid of the shackles that bind you.

Its the only way to m ake the Chaos within you fully integrate with the rest of your life f orce.

Until that moment, always remember that the Void is your e nemy as much as it is your ally.” Baba Yaga said.

Lith knew that she wasnt vague to piss him off but because cryptic w ords were all that she could tell him without the risk of making him s tray from the right path.

The Red Mother couldnt choose the way f or him, only give him hints that would help him to recognize it in due t ime.

“Thank you.“ Lith gave her a small bow and went to mingle with the o ther guests to finally relax.

“Can I offer you a drink” Aerth offered the Red Mother a flute of wine t he moment Lith left.

“Cheeky brat.” She giggled.

“Do you have any idea how old I am”

“No, but after living for 700 years Im tired of foolish girls and find w ise women much more charming.“ He replied, offering her his arm t hat she took.

“That son of a bitch ditched you without a second thought!”

Silverwing said in amazement before realizing her blunder and turning t o Salaark.

“No offense.“

“None taken.” The Guardian chuckled.

“I cant wait to see his face when he realizes that shes the same Malyshka that was hanging out with you back when you and Aerth w ere together.” Silverwing said to Solus.

“Did they get along” She asked.


She always called him an immature brat and he called her a pain i n the ass.

This is going to be good.” After giving Solus her present, t he First Magus followed the Blue Phoenix.

“Exes always make a mess of everything.” Phloria said with a sigh.

“Thanks for inviting me.”

“We had a rough start, but I want you to know that l never interfered w ith your relationship with Lith.” Solus replied.

“I may feel like a s tranger to you, but to me, you are a precious friend and a dear s choolmate.

I wouldnt celebrate my birthday without you.”

“Also, if you didnt, my sisters wouldnt have come and its not like you k now that many people.” Phloria chuckled.

“Yeah, that played a big role in my decision too.“ Solus said with a l augh.

“You know, it took me a long time to realize that even though my and Lith‘s feelings were real, our relationship was bound to fail.

We were b oth too young.

I used Lith as a crutch to face my fears and he used m e to fight his demons, but neither of us really tried to make the o ther pan of their plans for the future.

“I want you to know that I dont resent you anymore.

Even if you w erent there, we would have screwed it up anyway.

Thank you for a lways being honest with me and a good friend.”

“And I want you to know that I appreciated your honesty as well.”

Solus replied.

“You never pitied me or hesitated to speak your mind e ven though you knew my story.

It hurt me, but it also made me feel l ike a normal person.

“While everyone else walked on eggshells around me, you have never s ugar—coated your words, helping me to realize how screwed up my l ife must seem from the outside.”

While Solus and Phlona were having a heart-to-heart, Nyka kept p estering Tista for her impossible standards about men.

“Why didnt you invite Bodya tonight That Nidhogg keeps asking you o ut and giving you time, but he wont wait for you forever.“ She said.

“lm sick and tired of Emperor Beasts treating me like a science p roject and that was before Lith turned out to be a Divine Beast.

I w ant a boyfriend, not someone who only talks about mixing b loodlines.”

“I dont remember you ever telling me that Bodya was insistent on t hat point, but lets assume he is.

Then why didnt you even take try t o talk with that stud or the other one” Nyka pointed at Nalrond and Aerth who had been politely dumped by Baba Yaga.

“l mean aside from the hair theres nothing wrong with him.”

“One is going out with Friya and the other is Solus‘ ex!” Tista replied.

“So you already lost your chance with a nice guy due to your h esitation and dont even consider the other one just because he has a dating history 700 years old” Nyka said with a sneer.

“Look, Nalrond is a great guy but hes always fixated on solving the p roblem of his life force.

As for Aerth, hes much older than me and h es a Phoenix.

I dont see it w0rking between us.” Tista shook her h ead.

“Oh, gods, Tista.

I finally understood what your problem is!” Nyka s aid.

“You do Because all I see is bad luck.”

“Its not a matter of luck.” The Vampire grabbed her shoulders forcing Tista to look her in the eyes.

“The problem is that you dont consider d ating as a way to have fun, but as a way to find a long-term r elationship.

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