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Chapter 1810: Solus Birthday (Part 4) 

Yes, but I would still need to come up with an excuse for not having aged a day and you know how embarrassing it is to ask an ex for a favor.

I guess have to give up on the painting. Solus said too quickly to be believable.

I don\'t think so. Lith shook his head.

I think you should go and meet this guy.

He could help you remember your past.

We\'ll come up with some bull** while we are on our way.

Worst-case scenario, just use your amnesia as an excuse.

He was happy at the idea of Solus meeting her ex and maybe even renewing their relationship.

It would have been a huge step forward in becoming independent from him and getting her own life.

Solus opened her mouth and then closed it several times, never saying a word.

On one hand, she wanted the painting and her memories back.

On the other hand, she was afraid of what her ex would say about her old self.

I agree with Lith here. Salaark said.

Aerth is a fine young man and a great Forgemaster.

He\'s one of the most promising members of my research and development team.

I know that you are working on the memory crystals and so is he.

You could get there, chat a bit about the past and your work.

You have a lot in common.

Fine young man Lith echoed.

Isn\'t he like one millennium old

Nah, just over 700 years old.

For an Awakened Phoenix, he is a lovely little runt. The Overlord said with a warm smile on her face, remembering the day her child had been born.

He has become famous as a problem solver and many mages seek him for a second opinion about their research.

You are lucky to have the opportunity to meet him.

I agree. Lith nodded.

Just one word of advice.

Aerth is a Blue Phoenix who became known as \'the bluebird of happiness\' since whoever found him went home with the answer they were looking for, but if you mention it to him, he\'ll kick you out.

Lith and Solus chuckled at the once glorious nickname.

In recent years, the bluebird of happiness had been chosen as the name of a potion of obvious color used to solve a recurring problem that some men past a certain age had to reach happiness in bed.

\'Your ex has unwittingly become the poster boy for Mogar\'s equivalent of Wyagra.\' Lith inwardly laughed.

\'Poor fellow. Solus chuckled.

\'In his shoes, I would get irritable as well.\'

Thanks, Grandma.

I think I\'ll follow your advice. She said with a sigh, unwilling to run away from her past.

Where can we find Aerth

His lab is several hundreds of kilometers to the west of here, but you can reach it directly via the Warp Gate.

Unlike my tribes, a mana geyser can\'t walk so the members of my nest all have their own transportation device. Salaark replied, handing them a traveling permit.

This way you don\'t have to waste time looking for him and you are free not to tell him about the tower.

The mana geyser should be more than enough to sustain you, Solus.

Off we go, then. Lith gave Salaark a bow and a few sweets that he had kept for the party before leaving.

Not so fast. The Overlord said.

I know that you guys went on a mission recently and I bet that you\'ve gotten yourself some loot.

Do you want me to recycle it for you

We thought you were in a bad mood and we didn\'t want to bother you further. Solus replied.

Sorry for earlier. Salaark sighed.

I\'m still pissed off at a rude jerk, and pregnancy doesn\'t help.

Since you are already here, there\'s no reason to waste your and my time with a second trip.

Lith had her use Creation Magic to turn all the armor he had collected into pure Adamant, keeping only one of them to study it.

The weapons, instead, he kept them as they were.

Lith, do you mind if we go back to the tower for a while before visiting Aerth There\'s something I need to tell you. Solus fidgeted with her hair, acting so awkward and embarrassed that Lith feared she wanted to confess to him.

Not at all.

It\'s your birthday and today I\'m at your service. He replied giving her a warm smile and a bow worthy of a butler.

Thank you.

Once they entered the kitchen, it took her a strong liquor spiked with some tea to find the courage to come clean with him about what she had learned about her past from Malyshka and Silverwing.

The part from Silverwing I knew because we fused right after you met her.

As for the rest, I didn\'t know about the memories you have recovered, but I figured it out by myself from your reactions. Lith shrugged it off, leaving her flabbergasted.

I\'ve tormented myself for so long and you already knew Why didn\'t you tell me Solus asked.

Because your past personal life is none of my business.

Back then you were a different person, but a good one nonetheless.

On top of that, T have no right to force you to open up to me.

I waited for you to feel comfortable enough. He replied.

What about the.. She couldn\'t finish the phrase, her cheeks turned purple.

You were a grieving angry teen. Lith chuckled.

You saw how I was after Carl died.

I used prescription drugs but drugs nonetheless.

Does that make you uncomfortable around me

Solus shook her head.

Then there\'s nothing you have to be ashamed of.

The past is in the past and this is your life now.

Anything else

No, but since we\'re already talking of personal stuff, vividly recall having boyfriends and girlfriends.

Which seems a bit odd to me since have yet to find a woman that I consider attractive in sexual way. Solus shrugged.

On the one hand, the piece of news reinforced Lith\'s determination to find a way to make her independent from him.

He didn\'t find it odd, because being bonded to him, Solus had never had anyone in her mind but him, clouding her judgment.

On the other hand, he couldn\'t stop picturing her with Kamila, both wearing nothing but a smile.

His expression was one of great concentration and focus, as if he was pondering the mysteries of life and death.

Why are you making your perverted face Solus\' voice snapped him out of it.

I need to get laid.

Big time. He replied, making her chuckle.

Thanks to the Warp Gate, they reached Aerth\'s lab in a second.

Salaark had announced their arrival and the master of the volcano was waiting for them.

Yet when he saw Solus, his jaw dropped to the floor and his eyes went wide.

Thank the Great Mother you\'re alive Elphyn, T thought I\'d have lost you forever. He threw away the book he was reading and hugged her, failing to lift her up like in the old times.

Aerth the Blue Phoenix looked like a man in his mid-twenties, about 1.86 meters (6\'1) tall, with a lean build, black eyes, and bright blue hair that looked out of an anime.

He had handsome features and eyes brimming with intelligence..

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