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Chapter 1809: Solus Birthday (Part 3)

Boy, you really did it.

You make small men like me dream again. Zekell snapped Lith and Solus out of it as he stared at them holding hands.

From farmer to Archmage, then dating a Princess while also keeping such a pretty girl for yourself.

Weren\'t I happily married and content with my life, T would either worship you like a god or die of envy.

Lith and Solus blushed up to their ears and broke contact, but it only made Zekell have a good laugh.

No point hiding that now.

Everyone saw you sweethearts walking around.

If you need anything, just let me know.

They spent the morning visiting the shops in Lutia, going back to the tower only when not even the Sage Staff that Solus wore at her neck was enough to keep her body together and the pain started.

Even the most spiteful merchants were all smiles and niceties, referring to Lith as either Archmage or even Soldier Magus.

He would have gladly smacked that servile grin off their faces with a slap if not for the bargain prices they offered him.

A beautiful dress for a beautiful lady. They said every time they brought out their best items for Solus.

She bought in a single day more clothes and shoes than Lith had ever possessed his whole life.

The price didn\'t scare him, he had spent more on the date with Faluel, but the pile of clothing made his jaw drop in shock.

What the heck do you need all this stuff for The dresses I can understand, but the shoes Since when do you wear heels They are uncomfortable, impractical in a fight, and utterly useless in every day\'s life. He said.

Shoes aren\'t meant to be useful, but to look pretty! She pouted at his insensitiveness.

Besides, it\'s not my fault if I\'m paired up with a beanpole.

I needed to buy shoes with progressively higher heels to get used to them.

Lith facepalmed at her reasoning but didn\'t complain further.

It was the most feminine argument he had ever had with Solus and even though it was about a trivial matter, it was another step forward in her life.

She thought about what she wanted and stood up to him to get it instead of just worrying about what he wanted.

After Lith and Solus were done with the shopping, they moved back to the tower and Warped to Salaark\'s palace.

It was the middle of the night there but they knew that the Overlord had no need for sleep and she would rather spend her time having fun.

Another surprise was waiting for them since she wasn\'t wearing one of her cocktail dresses nor taking part in an artistic performance.

Contrary to her usual jovial character, Salaark was grumpy and in a bad mood.

She received them while wearing a canvas apron made of white Phoenix plumes over what looked like jeans overall and a dirty black shirt.

Her heavy working gloves were made of Dragon leather and covered in black scales that seemed to devour the magical light in the room.

Judging from the soot on her face and arms and by how she clenched her personal Forgemastering hammer, Salaark had been working on serious piece.

Even when she had reforged and enhanced Menadion\'s Fury into Solus\', she had just used her hands.

They had never seen Salaark wearing her full Forgemastering gear.

On top of that, based on what mana sense perceived, not a single piece of it was any less powerful than the hammer made from the Guardian\'s very flesh.

Whatever she was crafting, they didn\'t even want to think about what would happen to anyone who ended up facing its wrong end.

What do you want this time Be brief, because I\'ve been very busy and I\'m getting hungry.

Believe me, you wouldn\'t like me when I\'m hungry.

Between her vicious tone and overbearing aura, it was supposed to sound menacing.

Yet both Lith and Solus took her words as an unintended reference and started to giggle like children.

What\'s so funny Salaark asked in confusion.

Nothing. Solus managed to regain her cool quickly, yet she kept picturing the Mother of all Phoenixes as a green hulking figure.

I\'ve brought you a gift.

She handed Salaark a copy of Threin\'s painting, Springtime, that she had made in the alchemical lab of the tower.

I know that you are not technically my Grandma, but you were my Mom\'s apprentice and you helped me retrieve her legacy.

In my heart, it makes you part of the little family T have left.

That\'s why wanted to share this little piece of our common past with you and invite you to my birthday party tonight.

I mean tonight Eastern Griffon Kingdom time, not right now.

Really You want me at your party Salaark looked at Menadion\'s most beloved painting with eyes veiled with tears.

Phoenixes were creatures of passion by nature, pregnancy made them even more emotional.

Yes. Solus nodded emphatically.

There will be just a few people since I don\'t know anyone outside Lith\'s circle of friends so there will be plenty of food.

You are so sweet, my darling.

Of course I\'ll come.

May the Great Mother have mercy on that jackass, because I sure won\'t. The Overlord dropped the hammer and hugged Solus, lifting her as if she weighed nothing.

I\'m sorry what jackass Lith had no idea of Roghar\'s plans.

Just an idiot who thinks he can mess with me.

Nothing you have to worry about. She replied.

\'Mostly because there\'s nothing you can do aside from worrying about it. She inwardly added.


Call me Grandma. The Mother of all Phoenixes cut Solus short and ruffled her hair.


Grandma, do you know any Awakened who owns paintings made by my father I would like to buy them.

At this point, people should have given up on finding my mother\'s legacy.

Worst-case scenario, I can settle for a copy.

Salaark scratched her chin, pondering whether to answer honestly or not.

Look, those who pillaged your house didn\'t exactly leave their business card behind.

I think that they either kept the paintings for themselves or they threw them away once they understood those images held nothing but your father\'s love.

Please, I just need one name.

want to add at least another painting to my collection for my birthday. Solus said.

I know one person who possesses Threin\'s paintings.” Salaark sighed, giving up in front of those sad eyes.

Why didn\'t you ever tell us about them Lith asked.

Because he\'s a weirdo.

One of the rare Phoenixes that decided to become a scholar instead of a warrior.

I didn\'t want to embarrass you or me. The Overlord replied.

Please, we have dealt with Liches, Dragons, Phoenixes, and Abominations.

How could this guy be any worse than them Solus smiled at such silly worries.

Because he\'s my son and your ex. Salaark scratched her head in embarrassment, quickly followed by Solus.

I stand corrected.

That\'s much worse. She dreaded the idea of her past meeting her present.

Why is that We have already met people who knew Elphyn Menadion.

We have just to leave out the part about you being fused with the tower and everything will be fine. Lith shrugged, unaware of the reckless behavior of Solus\' past self..

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