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\'I wonder how similar Skolls and Hatis are.\' Protector pondered for a second before following the Demon.

\'We both descend from wolves and are supposed to work in packs.

\'Maybe I have yet to discover my bloodline abilities because I\'m the only member of my species.

My kids are still hybrids, not Skolls.\'

Typhos had beaten Morok an inch from his life when a jolt of electricity forced him to let go of his prey.

Then his joints froze, a burst of light exploded in front of him, and a small ball of fire entered his mouth as he yelled in surprise.

Every single attack had been just a tier three spell, but aimed with such timing and accuracy to combine their effects to deal a devastating damage.

The Fomor didn\'t even notice Nalrond closing in and hitting him with a roundhouse tail.

The blow sent him against a wall from which he bounced at a side slash that would have cut an Emperor Beast asunder, but Typhos\' orange eye called upon the power of earth, making his body impervious.

Sunder cut a deep wound into his chest, but not enough to be lethal.

\'This is impossible! I am absorbing all of the surrounding world energy.

Elemental attacks should be sealed for anyone but me.

Where did those spells come from\' Typhos thought.

He had no idea that Friya had opened several Scopes with Spirit Magic, using the cantrip to restore the elemental energy in the corridor.

Then, she had used them to attack at the Fomor from a distance and aim for his weak points in quick succession.

Typhos\' red eye lit again, unleashing a stream of fire at the Rezar, but Lith stepped in front of him.

His emerald eye shone as he tried and failed to control the flames with Domination.

Then, he tried to use the red eye but his arm continued to burn.

\'Those are not Origin Flames but they come pretty close.\' Solus said while using Abyssal Gaze to study them.

\'Save the explanations for later.

How do I put them out\' He asked.

\'Water magic It\'s not like Domination is the only thing you can do.\'

\'Oh, right.\' Lith froze his own arm and then hurled a jet of Void Flames at the Fomor.

The world energy that Friya provided him wasn\'t enough for a full blast, but the black flames still fought those produced by the red eye long enough for the Rezar and the Tiamat to move away.

Typhos looked at Lith\'s emerald eye in envy, gritting his teeth so hard that his jaw popped.

If only I had the seventh eye as well, you\'d be all dead by now.

Neither you nor the traitor deserve its power! Light energy healed his wound while the flow of world energy restored his mana akin to a breathing technique.

Be careful, guys.

Mister Congeniality here is capable of using knock-off Divine Beasts\' abilities from each one of his eyes.

He even used something with the earth element that I\'ve never heard about before. Morok said as he healed his wounds with Invigoration.

The hole in his hammers and the dents in his armor, however, would take much longer to repair.

\'It seems that Quylla\'s hypothesis about the connection between fusion magic and bloodline abilities is right.\' Lith thought.

\'If only I could force him to show me what light and darkness do, I might find a clue about my own bloodline abilities.\'

\'And I wish I could use mana sense.\' Solus replied with a sigh.

\'If your eyes and his eyes work in a similar fashion, maybe I could understand what he does and teach you how to do the same.

\'Unfortunately, because of the mana geyser and the world energy he stored, I can\'t see anything.\'

\'Maybe we-\' Typhos darted forward, cutting their wish list short.

One sword comprised of pure world energy appeared in each of his hands, humming with power.

His first target was the closest enemy, Nalrond.

The Rezar raised Sunder\'s blades to block, but the energy swords passed through like the wind.

At the moment of the hit, Typhos\' red eye sparked, turning the blades into a living flame that bypassed the armor and burned Nalrond\'s flesh.

His scales charred and his blood boiled, blinding him with agony.

If not for the thick layer between the Rezar\'s skin and his internal organs, his lungs would have been steamed by the very air they breathed.

Typhos went for the finishing blow, but Friya shot him with a burst of darkness magic from Dreadnought, making him falter.

The sword took her own mana and converted it into an element of her choice.

That along with the Scope spell she used to attack from a distance allowed the darkness blast to not be affected by the Fomor\'s wings.

On the contrary, Friya exploited them to attack with the power of a tier four spell without detonating the nearby crystals.

Protector managed to rescue the Rezar and to move outside the range of the energy swords before Typhos could shake off the effects of the darkness.

Morok stepped in and threw his hammers in rapid succession.

The Fomor\'s yellow eye lit up again and more Life Maelstrom-like golden lightning coursed through his body, making him as fast as a bullet.

The blue eye flickered as well, and the energy that comprised Typhos\' blades turned into water.

The hammers overpowered the water swords, yet the impact sent them flying harmlessly past Typhos and covered them with a thick layer of mystical ice.

Morok called upon the enchantments of Grimnir to alter their trajectory and make them turn around to chase after their mark, but nothing happened.

Then, he recalled the hammers to his hands, but it failed as well.

The magic from Grimnir simply bled from its runes and into the ice covering them, reaching the outside in the form of multi-colored sparks.

What did you do to my hammers Morok yelled in fury, yet he kept his head cool and stepped back.

Come here and find out. Typhos replied with a grin as his blades became black.

Another burst of golden energy coursed through the Fomor\'s body as he bolted at Lith who could only Spirit Blink away.

Typhos snarled and moved on to Locrias who failed to react in time.

The black blades infected the Demon with entropic energies that triggered the spark of Chaos inside of him.

Locrias screamed in agony as his body imploded and his soul was forced back into Lith\'s feathers.

Why isn\'t this thing still charged Friya yelled, exasperated by her own helplessness.

Isn\'t that blood Lith looked in horror at the guts-covered railgun.

Do you really think that electricity can build up while the barrel is wet You just wasted a bullet!

Friya cursed her stupidity before cleansing Thundercrash with small pulses of darkness magic.

\'This is bad.\' Solus thought.

\'We can\'t use tier four Spirit spells or above without triggering the crystals, Origin and Void Flames are too weakened to be useful, and our enemy can bypass or neutralize our equipment at will.\'


That and the fact that he seems to be capable of using all kinds of Guardians\' abilities doesn\'t help.\' Lith telepathically nodded..

\'This place is the perfect battlefield for a creature like that.\'

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