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Excellent thinking.

I\'m proud of you. Jirni said.

\'Just when I thought that things couldn\'t get any worse.\' She actually thought.

Jirni could easily picture two young and bored people exploring the house.

Thanks, Mom.

Your approval means the world to me. Quylla said, obtaining a whimper in reply.

That said, I want to be fully honest with you.

I didn\'t come here just for a meal.

I need your help with something important.

Suddenly everything made sense and Jirni\'s mind pieced together all the elements of the puzzle.

What can I do for you She asked anyway with a warm smile on her face despite the knot in her stomach.

With all the recent chaos, the Kingdom had to call Manohar back in the field.

Professor Marth can\'t leave the White Griffon without putting the lives of all those who live there and received a Balkor card at risk.

Lith is unavailable and quite pissed off with the Royals for threatening his family which leaves me as the sole candidate as Manohar\'s assistant.

I\'ve tried my best, but he\'s harder to predict and does more damage than a Blinking fireball.

This is my only opportunity to make up with the Kingdom for quitting my job as Assistant Professor and maybe even become a Great Mage. Quylla said.


By volunteering, you have saved the Ernas household from further embarrassment.

On top of that, whatever mission requires Manohar must be big enough for you to achieve plenty of merits. Jirni pondered out loud.

The crazier he behaves, the more relevant your contribution will be and in turn the payoff.

Let me guess, you want my help to keep him in line.

Yes. Quylla nodded, making Jirni inwardly sigh in relief.

She would rather spend a month working with the Mad Professor than tell her estranged husband about Quylla\'s relationship with Morok and deal with its potential consequences.

Morok Ernas.

Just thinking the name made the food in her stomach take a second tour of her throat.

Kamila told me how much you want to leave your office.

This would be the perfect opportunity to spend some time together and to get you back in the field, two birds with one stone. Quylla said.

I don\'t think that the Royals will agree with this plan but I\'ll call in as many favors as I need to make it happen. Jirni replied.

They already gave their approval. Quylla pushed a document bearing the Royal Seal on the table.

They refused at first, but then I pointed out that both you and they owe me that much for \'killing\' me.

You have guilt tripped the Royals and me into doing your bidding. Jirni was moved to tears again, but this time she didn\'t hold them back.

I couldn\'t be more proud of you, pumpkin.

Thanks, I guess. Quylla knew that her mother used such words as a compliment yet they still stung at her conscience.

Since when are you close with Kamila Jirni asked, realizing the role that her assistant had played to bring the ploy to fruition.

Since Lith introduced her to us during your birthday. Quylla replied.

Also, even though we have been mad at you, we never stopped worrying about you and that damned Balkor card.

We kept in touch with Kamila the whole time to make sure that you were alright.

I was right.

Lith is an asshole and that poor woman deserves better. Jirni said with a hiccup.

Mom, not to ruin this moment, but-

I know.

The kettle called and said that he wants the pot to stop calling him black. Jirni cut her short, regaining her composure.

When do we leave


I took into account that if you accepted to help me, you\'d need some time to arrange the work in the office during your absence.

If I accepted Jirni echoed.

Not even an Archon could defy a Royal Order.

With that piece of paper, Quylla might have ordered Jirni to jump and she\'d have to ask how high.


I wouldn\'t force you to do anything you don\'t want to do, Mom.

I just want to try and mend our relationship, if you allow me to.

Jirni was at loss for words so she simply nodded.

\'I swear that as long as I draw breath, I won\'t betray my family\'s trust again.\' She thought as the void inside her heart was filled by the missing piece that she thought was lost to her forever.


Zedken Region, city of Ruham, the following day.

Good gods, my little Flower, why didn\'t you tell me yesterday that we have to deal with both the enemies of the Kingdom and Manohar Orion walked with fury at the idea of having to bear with the Mad Professor\'s antics for days.

His armor clinked at every step as if someone was shaking a sack filled with coins.

For the last time, stop calling me like that in public! Phloria scolded him.

Besides, what was the first thing you taught me about the Knight\'s Guard The who, where, and what are irrelevant…

The only thing that matters is the mission. Orion completed the phrase for her with a grunt.

By the way, you look lovely in the uniform.

Thanks, Dad.

The receptionist, the data analyst, and that cute Lieutenant we met earlier must agree with you since they slipped me their contact rune.

Too bad they were all women! Phloria snarled.

All the members of the Knight\'s Guard wore a full suit of light armor made of Adamant that covered them from neck to toe, leaving only the head exposed.

Both father and daughter sported a surcoat with the colors of the Kingdom, silver and gold. 

They also bore the insignia of the Royal Family on their shoulders and chest.

It depicted a triangular shield with on its center a prancing griffon wearing a crown on its head and holding two scepters in its front claws.

One scepter represented the authority of the Royals over the Mage Association and the other over the army.

Phloria wore Orion\'s magical pin that rolled and compressed her hair, turning her do into a pixie cut.

Long hair was nice to look at, but for a fighter, it was nothing but a nuisance.

The combined effect of the armor, her height, and the pin made her look like a young officer with delicate but beautiful features.

That\'s nonsense! Only an idiot would mistake you for a man.

It\'s just that you are so gorgeous that no one is immune to your charms. Orion said.

Thanks, Dad, but from now let me do the talking.

At least I sure don\'t sound like a man. She grumbled.

They reached their destination, the private apartments of Krishna Manohar.

The god of healing, the Never Magus, and the Royal Pain were only the most polite among the many nicknames he had earned during the years.

He was a man in his early thirties, about 1.74 meters (5\'9) tall with black hair streaked silver.

Thanks to his slender build and white uniform, he appeared to be slightly taller.

A stubble at least three days old was the sign of how busy he had been during the last few days dodging those that were supposed to make him behave.

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