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Chapter 1325 - Royal Summon (Part 1)

\'I can\'t risk someone in the Council discovering the truth about me with a breathing technique or spell and then blackmail me or use me as a lab rat.

Only Faluel can help me to prepare in the case something goes wrong.\' Lith thought.

\'As for Kalla, she might be able to understand my condition if not even help me to control the Chaos energy.\'

The Hydra opened her eyes wide when Lith told them the events that had taken place in the Mindscape while he was in Kolga and that his Abomination side was actually his real self.

Yet she said nothing while pondering the implications that news might have.

Oh, no! Kalla sounded genuinely surprised for almost one full second.

Anyway, I heard that you might have gotten yourself a big white crystal.

Can you give me a piece the size of an apple I would make a perfect phylactery.

The Wight was the only person besides Solus and Protector who knew about Lith\'s being from Earth and even about his reincarnation problem.

He didn\'t expect her to be shocked, but not her complete lack of care either.

I do have one, but it has been already cut.

I can\'t risk compromising its integrity until I\'m done with my own experiments. Lith replied.

Fair enough.

I\'ll have to keep looking, then. If Kalla was disappointed, it didn\'t show.

Based on what you taught us today, shouldn\'t you get at least a bright blue core before turning yourself into a Lich Lith didn\'t want Kalla to become an undead.

He could already feel her drifting apart.

Actually, I should.

You\'ve got no idea how thrilled I am at the idea of spending weeks just breathing and exercising. Kalla sighed.

Your kids sure could use their mother for a while.

Also, you could help me to accept my condition.

We might even study Chaos magic together. Lith said.

Did you take a hit to the head too many in Kolga or what Her red eyes lit up as the shadows that comprised her face turned back into her old fluffy features for a split second.

There\'s nothing to accept.

You\'re a beautiful being as it is and you shouldn\'t be ashamed of it, just like me and my Nyka.

As for Chaos magic, did you even bother listening to me It has no counterpart, it\'s dangerous, and it will rip your body apart at the slightest mistake.

Learning and mistakes go hand in hand, but with Chaos, your first will be the last.

What\'s so different with Lichhood Lith replied.

Lichhood you do it once and you\'re done with it whereas you\'d risk dying every single time you research a Chaos spell.

Are we clear Kalla said.

Crystal. Lith patted her head, glad to see a part of her caring self back.

I agree with Kalla.

There\'s nothing to accept and you should stay away from Chaos magic.

Many have tried and even those who succeeded died the moment they ran out of luck. Faluel said.

Meaning Lith asked.

The Council doesn\'t care about how you came to life or why you possess a specific life force unless you gained it through Forbidden Magic, which isn\'t your case.

We accept all kinds of hybrids and undead from all races, even those that are now fallen.

Then why do Nalrond and his people have to hide Lith said.

For what they know, not for what they are.

Knowledge of the Fringes is precious.

If he was an Awakened hybrid, no one would care even for his Light Mastery and he could choose if to join the human or the beast Council. Faluel replied.

Last, but not least, Chaos magic is too dangerous.

Only Abominations don\'t get destroyed at the slightest fluctuation of their spells.

That\'s why I said that practicing it requires too much luck.

Meanwhile, Nyka familiarized herself with the others and Nok acted as her wingman.

Being a magical beast, he had plenty of friends in the forest surrounding the White Griffon academy.

How does being a vampire feels like Quylla tried her best to act natural.

Just like being human, I guess.

I sleep, I eat, I feel lonely and unappreciated.

The main difference is that I need a bathroom only to get clean. Nyka said with a smile, killing the conversation.

She had said it to underline how they were not so different, yet the others could only think about what she needed to wash away.

Nyka holding Lith\'s blood as if it was a treasure didn\'t help either.

You\'re really cute, you know Do you have a girlfriend Nyka said to Nalrond, trying the lines she had read so many times in her books and hoping they also worked in real life.


I mean, yes, I have more than one.

I\'m a two-timing sc.u.mbag. He said while moving behind Tista and Friya.

The Rezar had misunderstood her social awkwardness for an attempt to hit on him that he wanted to nip in the bud.

Then you better stay away from my sister, you creep.

She\'s just five! Nok snarled, standing protectively between them even though he was the weakest of the three.

Age doesn\'t matter for vampires. Nyka appreciated his effort, but not his methods, making her feel like a child among grownups.

I was born as an a.d.u.l.t and my mind developed quickly to match my body.

It would be believable if you didn\'t spend most of your life in a cave with no one to talk but me. Nok snorted.

You need to get out more.

It\'s not my fault if we live in the middle of nowhere and I can\'t get out until sundown! Nyka couldn\'t mention her nights out with Solus because they were rare and because it would give out her nature as a tower.

Don\'t worry.

Now that we get a Warp Gate in the barn, you can get from the White Griffon to Lutia in the blink of an eye. Solus said, empathizing with the Vampire.

Just like Nyka, she lived as a prisoner in a golden cage.

As long as Tista or a member of Lith\'s family is with you, no one will bother you in the entire L.u.s.tria county.

That\'s great news! We can finally meet more often. Nyka, Tista, and Solus started to plan their new life with a Gate and soon the Ernas sisters joined them.

Their relationship with Lith helped them to consider undead like people rather than just bloodthirsty monsters and seeing Tista trusting Nyka to the point of promising to introduce the vampire to her family sealed the deal.

You must thank Jirni for that. Lith pointed at the group of women.

It was very kind of her providing us with a Warp Gate.

Kind I\'d rather describe her as careful. Faluel showed Lith a piece of paper that said Present, quickly followed by Kalla.

You got one as well When and how did you get those Lith asked.

I found it a few days ago, nailed to a tree in front of my house, right outside the range of my arrays. Faluel said.

Someone left it under Scarlett\'s door more than one week ago, but less than two years ago. Kalla said, making the others sigh deeply.

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