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Chapter 1297 - Great Minds and Fools (Part 1)

Are we getting punished Leria traced a circle in the ground with her foot, trying to remember if she had done something wrong.

No, you are getting rewarded. Lith put his hands on their shoulders, using water magic to remove their sweat while darkness magic canceled bad smells and killed head lice.

This isn\'t funny, big bro.

How is fasting a reward Aran complained.

Remember what I said just yesterday That I can\'t reach a place I\'ve never been before Lith waved his hand and opened a Warp Steps leading straight to the Hot Pot.

Food Aran asked.

A real bath with some soap Leria was tired of smelling.

All the food you can eat, real baths and beds.

I know I\'ve been a bit strict with you, but this is a vacation, not a boot camp.

You deserve some fun

Thanks, you are the best! Aran and Leran said in unison while hugging him.

A split second after, they darted through the dimensional gate, quickly followed by their magical beasts who also demanded their due.

A sudden crash told Lith that an accident had happened yet no one yelled or cursed.

Two carriages had bumped into each other while their owners were arguing about who had the right to enter the stables first.

The Steps\' appearance had scared the horses, making them attempt to run away with predictable consequences.

Sorry, my bad. Lith said in reply to the stupefied gazes of the merchants.

They couldn\'t stop staring at the hole in the space nor at the lake that seemed to be in the middle of the road.

Or at least they tried to.

I\'m on vacation.

I offer my apologies but no compensation.

The next time, watch where you go. Lith\'s tone was kind but only because the kids could hear him.

His stone-cold face and his eyes blazing with mana left the merchants frozen in place, incapable to even draw breath until he walked through the inn\'s door.

Winter was drawing near and all cities needed to stock food and supplies before the first cold wave arrived, isolating them until spring.

The road at the base of Mount Sartak led directly to Xaanx, the nearest city with a Warp Gate, making it one of the busiest trading routes during fall.

The Hot Pot didn\'t accept reservation and worked on a first come, first served basis because after sundown there would never be an empty table or room.

When the kids stepped inside, most of the benches lined up against the walls were already taken by the merchants\' staff and the mercenaries protecting their goods.

Only a few tables in the middle of the restaurant were still open.

A table for three, please.

We\'re with my big brother.

He\'s an Ant Mage. Aran puffed out his c.h.e.s.t with pride, as if the title was his own, or at least it made any sense.

A waiter with his c.h.e.s.tnut hair greased with sweat was about to send them off rudely when the blonde waitress that had served them the last time recognized them.

This is no place for kids, go back-

Is your brother really a mage She cut her colleague short while making way to a still empty table for four people.

Yes, but don\'t listen to him. Leria\'s reproachful look was identical to Elina\'s when she scolded Aran for his poor vocabulary.

My uncle doesn\'t work with ants.

What does he do exactly The waitress handed them the menus while also taking an order from a nearby table.

The rush of blood from the work and her curiosity reddened her face, making her freckles almost invisible.

It\'s a secret. Leria did her best Jirni impression while trying to act like a lady to not repeat the poor figure of their last visit.

She sat as straight as an arrow and checked that all the cutlery was clean.

She had no idea why it was an important thing to do, but she still remembered Jirni\'s words.

It\'s the perfect cover to have your steak knife at the ready so that you can stab-

For the gods\' sake! She\'s five years old! Uncle Orion had never let Leria hear the end of it.

Is everything right with your steak knife Lith asked noticing Leria\'s odd grip that allowed her to switch from a dining to a combat stance at a moment\'s notice.

Indeed. Leria nodded with a soft smile that gave him the creeps.

Is there a room still available Lith asked without losing sight of the knife.

Only a few, but once the kitchen closes and we put away the tables, there\'s always plenty of space in the common lounge. The waitress nodded.

I\'ll take a suite or whatever you have as your best room. He made a silver coin appear out of nowhere, confirming Aran\'s words and making the waitress\' tip pouch flutter.

Of course, sir.

Is there anything else you need

I just need it to have three beds and at least one bathtub.

As for the food, we\'ll take a vegetable broth with dumplings, a stuffed blinker, and three servings of roasted potatoes.

What do you have for dessert

The apple pie of the house, a chocolate cake, and several kinds of pies with fruit jam. She replied.

Chocolate. The kids said in unison.

It was the only thing that could make them even happier than having a serving of potatoes each.

Does this cover for everything Lith handed the silver coin to the waitress.

With plenty to spare.

This is just a road inn, not a fancy hotel. She said it with an apologetic tone, as if it was somehow her fault.

Then just make sure that our rides get plenty to eat as well and keep the change.

A silver coin was worth 100 copper coins.

The meal cost 10 and the suite 50, but it was overpriced due to the season, leaving her a generous tip even if Onyx and Abominus decided it was a good day to die from overfeeding.

After dinner, they went to their room.

It was located on the second floor, away from the noise of the restaurant, and even though it wasn\'t very big it had everything Lith had asked.

The room consisted of a small hallway leading to three different bedrooms with a king-sized bed each and one smaller room containing only a solid wood bathtub and several large towels.

Everything was clean and the soft carpets that covered the floor muffled all sounds.

Chamber pots again I don\'t want my room to stink. Leria said.

That\'s why there\'s a window right in front of your bed. Lith shrugged.

Only noble houses have toilets.


I made your mom\'s home, Grandma\'s, and even Aunt Selia\'s.

They don\'t count.

As for aunt Jirni, she isn\'t a noble, she\'s the noble. Explaining to her that Protector had taken several blueprints from his memories was too complicated.

They took turns bathing and Lith had to use darkness magic to get rid of the by-products of their digestive system before ventilating the rooms and use fire magic to heat them again quickly.

Leria\'s pout disappeared the moment she discovered how soft her bed was.

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