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Chapter 1203 Mana Geysers Part 1

Tista pondered her words in silence until they got to the Mayor\'s office.

Xoth the Nue helped Tista to pick a mission suitable for her skills and gave Phloria free rein over the human district.

Meanwhile, inside the tower, after checking his equipment, Lith started to organize what he needed to prepare lunch and dinner.

It\'s been a couple of lifetimes since I cooked without magic or Fire Vision.

If don\'t want to eat charred food, you\'d better give me a hand. He said to Solus, who seemed to be spacing out.

Sorry, I was making sure that the tower doesn\'t have any backdoor that Silverwing can use to get inside without me noticing or to track us down. She replied.

By the way, don\'t worry about War.

I checked it with Invigoration and the cracks are superficial.

It should return to mint condition in a couple of days.

What about the Scalewalker armor Lith asked while pointing at his clothes that looked like a patchwork between pajamas and a suit of armor.

Between the Puppeteer\'s Chaos magic and your Abomination side going awry, it went close to annihilation as much as you did.

The damage got this close to reaching the mana crystals so it\'s better if you don\'t shapeshift it until it recovers.

By the way, during our last fusion, I couldn\'t help but notice that you\'ve associated one of your favorite songs to all people you like the most.

Why did you pick Like a Rainbow of the Tumbling Stones for me She said while sitting on the kitchen counter and nervously swinging her legs, careful to not make eye contact.

If you read my mind deep enough to know that you should also know the answer to that. Lith shrugged while arranging the ingredients for a soup and a meat dish.

I want to hear it from you.

I picked that song after the first time you assumed your tower form because your emotions alter the color of the lights, like described in the lyrics.

Yet it was only after we fought because you came clean to me about your lie about Protector\'s death that it became our song.

While our minds were apart, I realized that without you, my world turned into a cold place.

I could still feel the sun, but not appreciate its warmth.

The same thing happened in Othre when I had to leave you behind to meet the Dawn Court.

You are my rainbow, Solus.

Like the girl in the song, you make my world colorful and magical. Lith said with a warm smile.

Thanks. She replied while finally meeting his gaze.

Does Kamila have one as well

Yes, but hers isn\'t very upbeat. Lith used their mind link to share the tune.

Solus found it fitting since it was a song about Demons written by Dragons, yet also very sad.

It talked about a man who had decided to come clean with the person he loved to not taint them with his darkness, even though it meant losing them forever.

I know you are a pessimist by nature and that my existence is a big secret, but Kamila chose to stay by your side after you told her about being a hybrid nor did she change her mind after learning about Awakening.

Why should it be different this time Solus said.

Because it\'s indeed different.

All the secrets I shared with her so far were all about me whereas now she would have to accept the idea that there\'s basically a third person in our relationship.

If she cares for me as much as Silverwing does for you, I don\'t expect her to react any better.

Kamila will ask me to leave you and when I\'ll refuse, she\'ll break up with me. Lith said.

I think you are underestimating her.

Kamila already proved to be a kind and understanding woman.

I\'m sure that after the initial shock, everything will be fine. Solus wasn\'t a big fan of Kamila, yet the idea of destroying Lith\'s happiness made her stomach turn into a knot.


After warning the security of the human district about what was about to happen, Phloria went there, hoping that something had changed from her last visit.

Unfortunately for her, everyone was still as stubborn as she remembered.

Unfortunately for them, this time she didn\'t care.

Phloria hogtied and dragged out all those who tried to slam the door into her face with Spirit Magic, assembling them in the district square.

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

My name is Phloria Ernas and I\'ll teach you the common language of the Garlen continent, whether you like it or not. She said while giving them a small bow.

I\'m not going to let a foreigner- A man from the late Gren Democracy attempted to say, before a strong push of Spirit Magic shoved his face in the ground and literally made him eat dirt.

Many others Grenians tried to verbally and physically assault her.

The former got their mouth filled with dirt as well while the latter was beaten an inch from fainting.

Even before being Awakened, Phloria would have needed but one hit to subdue an adult man.

Their numbers were pointless against an opponent that needed but a flick of her wrist to send them flying like paper dolls.

It seems there is a misunderstanding here.

The choice is no longer in your hands.

I have changed your arrangements with the magical beasts\' community.

From now on, to receive food, water, and medical care, you can only use the common language.

Those who are unable to speak it will receive every day the same meal, the minimum amount of water, and the bare necessary healing to let you keep doing your work.

To eat a different dish, you\'ll have to say what you want and how you want it.

If you want to be healed, you\'ll need to learn to describe your symptoms and to explain how you injured yourselves. Phloria said.

After all we went through at the hands of our enemies, after all we do every day for those beasts, how dare you try and strip us of what little dignity we have left A young woman from the Paclean Kingdom said in outrage.

She pointed her finger at her neighbors who didn\'t understand a word she said, yet they reacted to her tone with hostility, trying to thew stones at her.

Yet all the pebbles fell down onto the ground along with those who had cast them.

First, you have no idea who spread the plague, otherwise you would have joined your forces against a common enemy instead of attacking each other like rabid dogs.

Second, you aren\'t doing anything for the beasts because they have no need for your help.

What you are doing, you do for yourselves, to not forget your trade or to learn one if you didn\'t have a job in your previous life.

Yet all of it will be pointless if you are unable to communicate and help each other.

There\'s not enough of you to rebuild the human civilization on Jiera if you remain divided. Phloria said.

I\'d rather die as a free woman rather than live as a slave among those who caused the death of my whole city. Said a young proud man of the Torin Kingdom, unaware that it had been his own people to unleash the plague on Jiera.

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